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Unbelievable, Sensational Growth of Pumayana on eBay!

Unbelievable, Sensational Growth of Pumayana on eBay!


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With its stellar performance over the last few quarters, the growth of eBay has been the talk of the town. Nowadays, sellers understand that selling only on Shopify is not enough. The thought process inspires them to look out for more selling options in the global marketplace. Increasing the number of sellers who have repeatedly shown interest in the marketplace. As a result, the eBay Shopify integration has become a thing to look out for. 

Pumayana, a home to artwork, decor, clothing, and spiritual items and accessories, is one such store. It came forward and decided to embark on this journey of multichannel selling with eBay and Shopify. Let’s sneak a peek at the journey of Pumayana and Aurelien Pumayana Floret (owner) to find how was their road to Growth on eBay paved.

Pumayana: Home to Visionary Art

Keeping sustainable development in mind. Aurelien designs and crafts the products with utmost care to keep them environmentally friendly. He has been a visionary and gets recognition for his art pieces in various forms, including digital art, installation art, live VJ performance, and painting.

Crafting a fascinating artwork through the perfect blend of color tones, notifs, and symbols, Aurelien creates a tranquilizing effect and transports the viewers into multi-dimensional worlds.

Doing great on his Shopify store since 2014, Aurelien decided to provide his artworks to the masses. To accomplish the dream, eBay was taken as the preferred choice of marketplace.

Selling on eBay through Shopify

Multichannel selling is a tiring responsibility. It was no different for the team of Pumayana. However, after the initial few days of blissful selling, the difficulties started eliminating their smooth sailing experience. Inventory management, Order management, and product listing (listing one product at a time) were the worst-hit areas due to mismanagement that needed immediate attention.

With a team of fewer than ten members, the workload became too overwhelming. Aurelien sensed his business needed either two more people or new tools to handle things when upscaling to eBay to get the growth he envisioned. The requirement sparked the need to seek a solution that could provide immediate relief from the problems. The team of Pumayana was looking for a reliable solution to give the much-needed assistance in the long run.

The Relief: eBay Marketplace Integration

Putting cost efficiency, app quality, and customer service as his priority to filter the apps. Finally, the app, eBay Marketplace Integration is what Aurelien found after his due diligence. It ticked all the checkboxes set by the Pumayana team amidst all the other applications. It resulted in eBay Marketplace Integration becoming unrivaled and ultimately getting employed in the services of the Pumayana team.

Firstly, the Pumayana team noticed the easy-to-navigate user interface after installing the app, which was pretty simple to learn. Apart from the excellent UI and having satisfying UX on the app, the compelling features got Aurelien to seal the deal with eBay Marketplace Integration. Once satisfied with the app, a demo got scheduled. The team of experts from CedCommerce briefed and explained the work process to Aurelien.

Pumayana and ebay marketplace integration

Utilizing the App Features

The eBay Marketplace Integration app, as promised, came loaded with features that assured a hassle-free and smooth selling process. The team of Pumayana transformed managing multichannel selling with a worn-out outlook towards it to getting a fresh and happy experience with it. Let’s dive deeper and look at how things changed with these features.

Bulk Listing

The biggest problem became listing products one at a time. However, it seemed to be a simple chore in the beginning. Listing numerous products soon turned into torture. The application makes listing in bulk a reality. Taking away the large number of person-hours that got invested into the task with its bulk listing feature.

Managing Orders

Order management and the troubling thoughts it brought for the team of Pumayana got its much-awaited solution. The real-time synchronization makes sure the orders received on eBay get created on Shopify almost instantly. The app eliminated the need to update the order status of fulfilled orders through Shopify manually. Long story short, the app automated every aspect of Order management for Pumayana.

Managing Inventory

Inventory management was a big issue. It triggered a sense of frustration in customers that led to bad reviews. The culprit behind all the commotion was overselling due to bad management of inventory.

Now, it was not on purpose that the team of Pumayana was not managing the stock. But keeping tabs and updating the inventory level on busy days like the holiday season can make things go south in a jiffy!

The app provides real-time synchronization between the inventory levels on both Shopify and eBay, keeping track of the inventory. The app also comes with a feature where Pumayana gets a chance to set the Threshold Value.

As its name suggests, the feature lets you set a threshold level that acts as a barrier. When your inventory reaches the pre-set value, the product goes Out of Stock without you changing the status manually, keeping you safe from Overselling. And it helped Pumayana in a big way.

Key Takeaways

Selling can be challenging. However, managing multichannel selling on eBay and Shopify doesn’t have to be. The story of Pumayana makes us go through the journey of Aurelien.

Furthermore, what do you learn from it? eBay and Multichannel selling require an application that can handle and simplify the selling process, making things manageable.

Now what I want you to do is comment!

Comment and share how your experience has been with growth on eBay and Shopify. However, if you’re already managing multichannel selling, shed some light for your fellow eBay seller into the world of managing multiple channels of sale.

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