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Beat the Competition this Thanksgiving with 3 Best Selling Categories on Shopify Stores

Beat the Competition this Thanksgiving with 3 Best Selling Categories on Shopify Stores


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Thanksgiving is one of the most happening times of the year for both merchants and shoppers. However, this month is busy for sellers, and many sellers are wondering how to handle the Thanksgiving sale. That’s why we have compiled a list of best-selling categories for Thanksgiving. Here is a list of top-selling Thanksgiving items that you can sell from your Shopify store.CTA - Looking for higher conversiion on your Shopify store

But the question is, is your Shopify store ready for the Thanksgiving traffic? Well!; If not, we at CedCommerce Experts will optimize your Shopify store. That will help you handle the high traffic and increase your storefront’s conversions.

Manage High Traffic During Thanksgiving as a Pro

Before you stack up your storefront with trending products to sell online and Thanksgiving gifts; get yourself a smartly designed and well-optimized website. A fast and optimized storefront is a must during festivities to increase conversions.

Most buyers look for a quick and easy fulfillment of their demands; most will look for discounts, coupons, & offers on festive month, and free shipping, while some will have a taste for high-quality branded products; hence, you need to work accordingly.CTA - Optimize your Shopify store thanksgiving

Also, getting your store festive-ready with an attractive Thanksgiving or festive theme is the first thing you must do to attract more buyers. Here are a few points to consider before you list the best-selling categories and top-selling Thanksgiving items for sale on your Shopify store.

  • Get your stocks ready beforehand.
  • Get your Shopify store optimized by experts.
  • Strategize your offers and discounts.
  • Speed up your last-mile fulfillment services.
  • Draft your return and cancellation policy.
  • Get your marketing strategy ready.
  • Send emails to your potential customers.

While it’s not easy to manage everything for sellers, we at CedCommerce Experts can help ease the burden with an optimized and smartly designed storefront that can attract and retain your customers.

CTA - Enjoy festive discount on optimizing your store

Generate High Revenue with 3 Top-selling Product Categories for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a moment to enjoy with friends and family. Also, it’s an excellent time for consumers to enjoy shopping and grab deals on their favorite products. The data compiled by various agencies suggest that despite inflation, we can expect stockouts for some product categories during the holiday season.

If we look at some of the highest-selling categories from the previous years, toys, foods, kitchens, and home decor are some of the most popular ones.  Here we will discuss these categories and help you set up your store to bring more traffic, resulting in more conversions and revenue.

  • Toys/ Games
  • Toys have always been best sellers in the market, and buyers prefer them throughout the year. However, during the festive month, the toy demand is higher, and it’s a safe choice for sellers.
  • Thanksgiving is all about fun and family and enjoying the harvest month. Children love to play with various toys, while teenagers and adults love to hang out with friends and play video games.
  • You can boost sales by adding new toys and demanded games to your counters. Games like Lego, LOL Surprise!, Playskool toys, Barbies, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox games are in demand.

Toys and Games Product Categories

  • Kitchen and Home Decor
  • Kitchen and home decor items are a must-buy for most consumers for Thanksgiving. People love to decorate their kitchens and homes with fancy items. Hence, showcasing them in your store can help increase your sales.
  • Most kitchen and home decor items go up on sale during Thanksgiving. People buy new cushion covers, doormats, and garden flags, during this time. While kitchen utensils and appliances, tableware, sofa covers, and other home decor items also make up into majority of the list.
  • Home decor items sell like hotcakes during the festive season, as most of us will decorate our homes. To gain more consumer conversion, you must have well-designed product pages or collection pages for decorative items and a good pricing strategy to attract buyers.
  • You can feature the best-selling products on your homepage and offer irresistible deals on your products. CedCommerce Experts can help redesign your store’s look and feel for the holiday season and revamp your product pages for higher conversions.

Kitchen and Home decor Product Categories

  • Food and Drinks
  • The quote “Don’t be a jerky, eat some turkey” has significance on Thanksgiving. This festive day is mostly about food, fun, and family time. And we could not resist this best-selling category for Thanksgiving.
  • Turkey, oyster pie, white wine, pumpkins, etc., are essential dishes during Thanksgiving. While these are in high demand, most customers will also look for heavy discounts on these products.
  • Customers will also look for products to prepare for desserts, drinks, turkey, and much more. You can list all the required herbs and spices. Which are in demand during the festivity. Offering good discounts on them will bring more traffic and close maximum transactions on your storefront.

Food and Beverages Product Categories


While we anticipate these bestsellers categories to outperform other product categories. Though, you can also try catering to print-on-demand products and general Thanksgiving merchandise products in high demand during the month.

CTA - Get shopify store thanksgiving ready

So, now you know what to sell on your Shopify store for Thanksgiving, let’s read about how to get your Shopify store ready for the BFCM sale with proven tips and tricks from experts.

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