Top 10 eCommerce sites in Malaysia!

Top 10 eCommerce sites in Malaysia!


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Amidst so many top eCommerce platforms in Malaysia, the real challenge abides in opting for the Top 10 eCommerce Sites in Malaysia to sell your products and rake in substantial monetary benefits.

Google and Temasek forecasted that, the digital economy of Malaysia is to reach US$300 billion by 2025.

Moreover, SMEs, as well as prominent vendors, are already having their Lion’s share of Malaysia’s eCommerce industry. Are you aware of the best eCommerce websites in Malaysia where you can start from scratch and make a fortune out of it?

How about tapping into the most alluring eCommerce market of Southeast Asia with the top eCommerce sites in Malaysia? The dynamic economy and developed infrastructures of Malaysia have laid down several opportunities for all the newbies and veterans out there.

    Automate your multichannel selling in Southeast Asia

    Besides, the eCommerce landscape of Malaysia is growing speedingly along with the number of online shoppers. Along with its sales volumes in terms of categories of products bought online.Top 10 eCommerce sites in Malaysia

    While the top 10 eCommerce sites in Malaysia have been continuously improving the online retail experience over the years, the convenience and lucrative deals offered by the top eCommerce platforms in Malaysia are helping people shop effortlessly in Malaysia.

    Why should you sell on the top eCommerce sites in Malaysia?

    1. Expanded product visibility.
    2.  Zero or minimal listing fee for retailers.
    3. Trusted and loyal customers.
    4.  Increased customer base.
    5.  Ease in payment methods.

    With the pacing of eCommerce in Malaysia and its rising potential of selling online. One is compelled to wonder:

    Which online shopping platform should you Start with?

    Here is the list of the best eCommerce website in Malaysia & how can you make money online with them.

    Top 10 eCommerce Sites in Malaysia | A Look-out!

    The top 10 eCommerce companies in Malaysia according to their visits are: (according to data from SimilarWeb)

    1. Shopee
    2. Lazada
    3. Lelong
    4. Zalora
    5. GoShop
    6. eBay
    7. Hermo
    8. Qoo10
    9. PrestoMall
    10. Fashion Valet.

    Let’s see the detail about each one of them.

    To 10 eCommerce Sites in Malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 28.38 M
    Average visit duration: 00:10:51
    Bounce Rate: 27.42%

    How about getting an immediate order for your products? The mobile app of Shopee enables your customers to get a quick overview of your products from anywhere and anytime.

    Having launched in the year 2015, Shopee raked 3681 million U.S. dollars till September 2019 and is one of the top eCommerce websites the most popular marketplace in Malaysia.

    Enabling sellers to automate their online selling process, Shopee charges no commission to online retailers. Hence, offering them list their products for FREE.

    The fact that Shopee offers free shipping invites hoards of customers to your products. Are you ready to maximize your product outreach with Shopee?

    Giving more power to WooCommerce Sellers, CedCommerce enables retailers to outreach their products’ in the SEA market.

    WooCommerce Shopee Integration is now live on Official WooCommerce Marketplace

    Top 10 eCommerce sites in malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 18.39M
    Average visit duration: 00:06:58
    Bounce Rate: 32.60%

    Lazada marketplace charging zero commission rate for all categories attracts 15 million online shoppers as of writing this article.

    Helping over 35,000 sellers grow their business; Lazada is one of the top eCommerce websites in Malaysia.

    As per March 2019 reports, Lazada features 300billion+ products on the site.

    Yet another perk with selling on Lazada is its massively influential logistics and shipping terms, which has also crowned it as the best online shopping website in Malaysia

    Catering shoppers with fast and reliable shipping, Lazada attracts a vast audience base to its store.

    Top 10 eCommerce sites in Malaysia

    Delivering quality and gaining the trust of millions since 1998, Lelong is one of the most visited eCommerce websites by millennials.

    Despite the competitive scenario, Lelong helps you sell your products to millions of customers now and then by conducting several training classes.

    You can use your own Courier Account while providing the Shipping Service.

    Besides, helping you save your time, update inventories, and sell more conveniently, the integration extension here provides you seamless selling experience.

    Lelong marketplace further tends to drive massive traffic to your products by providing its shoppers with increased security.

    Top 10 eCommerce sites in Malaysia

    Zalora was formed in 2012, headquartered in Kuala Lampur Malaysia, the site usually deals in Lifestyle Fashion and Apparel Products.

    It is one of the fastest-growing and best eCommerce websites in Malaysia, encouraging Small Business owners to come upfront with the products.

    Zalora has the options of Consignment and drop-shipping tailored to your business needs.

    The critical part of why you should give Zalora a try is, you don’t need to spend thousands on marketing and promoting your store. Zalora provides specialized services start from advisory, warehouse, and production to grow your business.

    • GoShop

    top 10 ecommerce sites in Malaysia

    GoShop is an eCommerce platform based in Malaysia, that is also featured 24×7 on the TV shopping channel. It is one of the emerging shopping sites receiving a vast customer base and gaining a high visit rate. 

    Other than the website, it also offers 24hrs shopping experience through satellite channels. Due to their omnichannel presence by mean of the customer phone lines, you can expect to sell more.

    Tune in to Astro Channel 118 now & see what are your options!

    GoShop offers an exciting array of electrical, electronics, home, kitchen, fitness, beauty, fashion accessories, and other products. You should try out selling on GoShop, fill in the form & they will figure out the rest!

    top 10 ecommerce sites in malaysia

    eBay is one of the top 10 eCommerce companies in Malaysia, grabbing a large bunch of customers. eBay is a trendy name in the US and another part of the world. eBay has marked its presence in Malaysia very firmly.

    Reach 171 million buyers all over the world in just a few clicks.

    All new sellers have a default limit of 10 items or USD500.

    With one single eBay seller account, you can sell across Malaysia, updating it according to the Malaysian Landscape. Though if you are selling on the local SEA marketplaces, you can also onboard to eBay Malaysia in a go.

    Furthermore, eBay gets an edge over other SEA marketplaces as it offers the easy cross-border selling option and also a wide range of product categories. 

    top 10 ecommerce companies in Malaysia

    One of the  eCommerce platforms in Malaysia dealing with body care products. henceforth, It features the top brands offering amazing products in Skin Care, Make-up, Bath & Body, Hair, Health & Wellness, and other products streamlining the same industry.

    Hermo is kinda popular on Instagram. Find out!

    If you own a beauty brand with specific USP, you can compete with the other top-selling brands on Hermo. To join in, you need to ping an mail, and their quick customer support will get back to you asap.

    Top 10 eCommerce in Malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 304.97K 
    Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:28
    Pages per visit: 2.66

    Possessing a big name in Malaysia’s eCommerce market, the Qoo10 marketplace tempts large customer-base.

    Once successfully registered as a seller, one needs to buy 10,000 Qcash (virtual currencies) amounting to $100, which can be later used in promotions.

    Qoo10 acquires ShopClues — an Indian eCommerce Company. Something big cooking inside!

    With that being said, Qoo10 effectively promotes your online shopping website’s products through sales and daily deals. No matter if you are already selling, there is always a room to integrate your shop and earn more.

    Top 10 eCommerce sites in Malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 264.89K
    Average Duration: 00:05:00
    Year of Establishment: 2014

    Offering a secure and trustworthy environment for both sellers and customers, PrestoMall marketplace covers a wide range of categories. Thus, attracting millennials to sell hoards of inventories.

    Enabling sellers to provide reduced or even FREE shipping to their retailers, PrestoMall being among the top 10 eCommerce companies in Malaysia, helps retailers attract ample traffic to their products.

    PrestoMall today boasts of more than 40,000 sellers catering to over 30 million customers.

    Unlike other marketplaces, PrestoMall helps you in buying ads that push your products on the front page.

    Get started with selling on PrestoMall, with FREE seller registration.

    top 10 eCommerce companies in Malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 247.95K
    Average visit duration: 00:05:37
    Pages per visit: 7.69

    Founded in 2010, Fashion Valet is one of the top eCommerce sites in Malaysia famous for fashion wear & apparel. It features most of the loved brands of the Southeast Asian region and also some local Brands.

    Fashion valet has its Offline Stores in: Pavilion, KL, Bangsar Village II, KL, Publika, KL, IOI City Mall & WP Putrajaya.

    The enticing thing about the marketplace is, it provides free worldwide express delivery and also store pickups.

    All set to list your products over the giant marketplace? How about leveraging the quick bulk upload of products in a go?

    Were you counting to 10 ? Wait! we have even more, just for YOU!

    top ecommerce platforms in Malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 43.41M
    Average visit duration: 00:03:25
    Pages ver visit: 4.53

    Groupon marketplace a.k.a. a daily deals website attracts millennials to your products by offering the best price to users and offering them huge discounts.

    Moreover, there is no denying the fact that it is different from marketplaces like Lazada, Shopee, and others.

    Save up to 70% on 1000s of awesome Chicago deals! Groupon will always have tons of Coupons

    Eventually, Reach tons of customers with Groupon and generate massive ROI by upbringing your products amidst them.

    Experience hassle-free selling with the splendid integration solution, helping you automate your orders effectively.

    top ecommerce platforms in malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 10.42M
    Average visit duration: 00:08:34
    Pages per visit: 11.93

    Mudah being a popular classified online listing website in Malaysia, offers goods, services, and jobs.

    In the so competitive eCommerce arena, where every other seller is fighting to get his product on the top, ensuring potential customers see your product’s ad.

    By their easy selling process, You can just take a snap and sell.

    In addition, get more exposure of the items by selling on Mudah Malaysia and optimize your ads to get them featured on Mudah’s #DealOfTheWeek and #DealOfTheDay.

    Stay notified with the status of your products on Mudah by leveraging the quick syncing of your inventories.

    top ecommerce platforms in malaysia

    Engagement by visits: 504.09K
    Average visit duration: 00:05:10
    Pages per visit: 5.72

    Ezbuy is one of the best eCommerce websites in Malaysia. It usually features lots of offers and promotions throughout the years. To point out, if you are a lover of deals and vouchers, you should shop on Ezbuy.

    Founded in 2010, it is a Singapore based online store offering a full lot of product categories and range of collections.

    Ezbuy 11.11 Sale is here. You should definitely check out!

    Moreover, you can easily register to sell on Ezbuy through their helping selling center. Ezbuy has its wholly-owned warehouses, and it also charges very low platform service and delivery fees.

    Having known all of it, take a break and check out how you should prepare for Singles Day and Doubles Day Sale.

    How to get your Products listed on the top 10 eCommerce Companies of Malaysia:

    The process of listing your products into the specific categories over these marketplaces and updating every stock one by one might sound no less than a nightmare.

    Well, how about getting facilitated with automated syncing of your eCommerce store?

    When speaking of connecting your store with marketplaces, the following features offered by these integration extensions proof to be of great help:

    -Bulk upload of all your products,
    -Centralized management of your products,
    -Profile-based listings,
    -Getting notified about your stocks, and more.

    Are you ready to kick-start selling over the top eCommerce sites of Malaysia?

    Before choosing the best eCommerce website in Malaysia, you should consider reading: