WooCommerce eBay Integration
Speed Freak is Seamlessly Serving Overseas Customers with eBay Integration for WooCommerce

Speed Freak is Seamlessly Serving Overseas Customers with eBay Integration for WooCommerce


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Short Summary

A quick peek into how eBay integration helped Speed Freak store embark successful journey on eBay marketplace. 

Challenges Faced

Speed Freak found it hard to scale business to the next level. The reason being targeting overseas customers from brick and mortar shop.


A user-friendly feature-rich WooCommerce store and its integration on eBay. Using eBay Integration for WooCommerce enabled Store Freak to target and cater to overseas customers. The best part was more customers were managed in a hassle-free manner.


Store Freak witnessed a 5X rise in sales figures within a month. The store owner found no issues with the solution. Moreover,  he is satisfied with our expertise to integrate e-commerce stores with leading marketplaces.

The Journey of Speed Freak and Speed Breakers

Speed Freak JDM imports is a reputed seller for JDM (Japanese domestic market) engines and cars in Malaysia. They are a leading supplier of high-quality JDM engines, transmissions, suspensions, and accessories. Mr. Amri (Speed Freak store owner) takes pride in claiming all their products are meticulously tested for outstanding performance and imported exclusively from Japan.

speed freak store But a small team of few individuals last year (Feb 2020) found it utterly difficult to cater to overseas customers. The reason was only relying on brick and mortar shop. Speed freak enjoys good business connections in Japan and offered a wide variety of JDM motors for top-notch brands. These brands include BMW, Honda, Mercedez, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, and more.  This was sufficient to visualize an outstanding performance in the international market.

This idea was excellent, and the store owner was in desperate search of a solution to take his business online, or it wouldn’t be wrong if we say to the next level.

How CedCommerce Helped Speed Freak Reach Overseas Customers

store owner review

Mr. Amri scoured internet for a marketplace integration solution provider. As a result, landed on cedcommerce.com, He discovered CedCommerce as a truly client-first company. Above all, our excellent Trustpilot ratings (a globally renowned consumer review website) made him confident about our professionalism. He was overwhelmed upon finding our expertise and experience in developing marketplace integration solutions.  Moreover, he was elated to find solutions are packed with seller-friendly features and available for all leading e-commerce marketplaces.

Considering his idea of developing a website for his business and selling to global customers. We offered eBay Integration for WooCommerce and developed his WooCommerce store.

The store was equipped with the below features for a personalized shopping experience.

  • Advanced in site search options to save time
  • Easy navigation for customers to find products without getting lost
  • Easy to locate Call To Action button at the right position
  • Fast load time, so customers don’t have to wait too long
  • Seamless checkout experience for enhanced conversion rate
  • A fully mobile responsive site to broaden the business reach
  • SEO optimized to get ranked at the top in SERPs

As a result, he is selling seamlessly on eBay. Now, Speed Freak store owner can target overseas customers. Hence, capable of catering to their needs of quality tested JDM engines, cars, and other related accessories.

He is glad to have encountered no issues during the entire process. Be it product upload, order processing, order shipment, or anything else. Therefore, it strengthened his belief in CedCommerce’s tech expertise to integrate woocommerce store on the leading marketplaces smoothly.

Mr. Amri sums up the account manager’s assistance during training to get familiar with the solution’s ins and outs and afterward as excellent and helpful.

How eBay Integration For WooCommerce Helped Speed Freak Win The Race

The eBay Integration solution for WooCommerce equipped Speed Freak with essential features. Above all, these features ensured hassle-free selling on eBay. Let’s see how these features helped achieving high sales.

  • Inventory Synchronization
    A very useful feature. Because it kept the inventory auto-updated in real time between Speed freak store and eBay marketplace. As a result, it saved the store from the embarrassing situation of accepting the order and then denying it due to low stocks. Therefore, it did not hamper customer experience at all.
  • Order Management
    It enabled quick and easy order processing from centralized dashboard and seamless order tracking. Hence, all orders reached the customer on time. Moreover, this feature enabled zero-order delay, an important factor in delivering a superb customer experience for overseas customers.
  • Bulk Product Upload
    For listing all products (with variants) on the marketplace in a matter of minutes. As a result, saved a lot of time. Moreover, eliminated any chance of error due to manual product upload.
  • Product Repricer
    Setting the right price is vital for maximizing the selling opportunity. The product repricer feature allowed the store to increase/decrease price percentage-wise and by a fixed amount. As a result, store products price was competitive. Moreover, it helped in achieving a high conversion rate. as the price was neither too high nor too low for any product. After all, price has the potential to influence a buyer’s purchasing decision at the last moment.
  • Product Category Mapping
    It ensured all products are in the appropriate category. The credit goes to product category mapping. This feature enabled the mapping of multiple categories from the Speed Freak store to a single category on eBay. Hence, customers found products under the right category avoiding any confusion.
  • Product Validation
    Helped Speed Freak to ensure products comply with guidelines set by eBay. 

Summing It Up – eBay Integration for WooCommerce Made it Easy To Trade With Customers Around the Globe

Mr. Amri’s store Speed Freak is able to ship orders to customers beyond the borders. Customer support by technically skilled professional played key role in ensuring it. Hence, he rates our customer service as top class.  In conclusion, he is busy selling JDM engines globally without resistance. Therefore, his sales figures jumped by 5X within a month.

He is happy with our responsive customer support role during store development and marketplace integration. And is planning to approach CedCommerce as first choice for marketplace solutions in the future. 

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