multivendor marketplace Order Addon
Order Addon for Cedcommerce Multivendor Marketplace with Comprehensive Fulfillment Information

Order Addon for Cedcommerce Multivendor Marketplace with Comprehensive Fulfillment Information


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Order Addon (for Magento 1 & Magento 2)is an important element is the fulfillment chain. Making account of orders to be fulfilled remains an integral part of streamlining the fulfillment process. Generating invoices against the orders placed, creating shipment label (shipping orders and assigning tracking numbers), notifying the customers via e-mail and generating credit Memo are some of the most integral parts of any fulfillment addon which Order Addon accomplishes successfully.

Developed for enhancing the features of highly popular Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace (basic version), used by 5000+ customers, product addon comes as a great tool as it empowers vendors to accomplish all the aforementioned (emboldened) fulfillment related information.


Easy Invoice Creation:

One of the major problem for Vendors selling on marketplace has been the creation of invoice. Product Addon for magento multi vendor tackles this problem, and, that too, very effectively. It enables vendors to create invoice for the orders placed for their products. The vendors can review the orders placed on their stores verify and generate invoice to begin the fulfillment process.

Credit Memo Functionality:

As refund remains the integral part of an excellent customer services, empowering vendors to perform the same is utmost priority for the admin operating the marketplace. With this addon, vendors can initiate the REFUND requests and add comments – reasons for the refund or other necessary information. Thereafter, initiate the request to which admin has to respond. Once Admin accepts the request, the amount against the order, can be debited.

Create Shipment:

As without shipment there is no completion of business cycle, vendors can assign tracking numbers and manage the delivery of the order being placed. However to use this functionality Multi Shipping Addon is a must. With Multi Shipping Addon vendors can choose the shipment company of their choice and initiate the fulfillment process.

E-Mail Notification:

To ensure seamless delivery uninterrupted communication channel is secondary to none. It provides all the necessary information about the orders being placed and cancelled to vendors. These e-mails are sent to vendors from admin to vendors so as to keep them in loop about the status of orders against their products.

Vendor Friendly Transactions:

Consider for example a customer places an order which consists some products from vendor A and others from Vendor B. In the Basic marketplace both the Vendors don’t get the money from the Admin until WHOLE order is completed. But for this addon, if vendor A has acknowledged his quota of order then admin can transfer the money into his account. Similarly for the refund process, in the basic marketplace the entire order has to be returned for the refund whereas in the product addon only a part of the order can be returned and admin can take back the money from the vendor ONLY for the part of order returned.

How to Manage Vendor Order Addon:

To manage the Vendor Order Addon configurations

Select Stores > Configuration > Vendor Configuration, from the left menu section in the admin site

See Image (below)

multivendor marketplace Order Addon

Also, in the image options for enabling vendors to create shipment (Can Vendor create shipment); generate invoice (Can vendor create invoice) and create credit memo (Can vendor create credit memo) are mentioned.

For other details such as Merged Orders and Advanced order view: Read Vendor order addon guide

As the cedcommerce marketplace provides all NECESSARY feature to start the operation, it is the product addon that streamlines the operation by encompassing all the necessary elements of product addon.

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