How Can A Multi-Language App Increase Your E-Commerce Business?

How Can A Multi-Language App Increase Your E-Commerce Business?


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This era is an era of digitization, especially after the covid outbreak most of the people are going online. Whether, for shopping, education or entertainment, people prefer online mediums. So the online channels are global. However, with the rise of online trends, it is becoming increasingly crucial for all online businesses to offer multi-language app. Now it has become much easier for sellers online to sell their products globally. This makes it easier for them to increase their customer base and make organizations easily accessible to every customer regardless of their language.

Advantages Of Multi-Language App

A multilingual mobile app has numerous advantages, especially when you target audiences across different corners of the world. A recent report by Statista revealed that in 2019 global revenue for the mobile app was around 462 USD and is anticipated to generate more than 935 billion USD via In-app advertising and paid downloads. Another research by distmo revealed that apps with multi-language options experience a growth of 20% in their revenue.

Multi-Language apps Are For Global Audience

English is considered as the most widely spoken language in the world. But still, it cannot address more than 30% of the global population. However, 70% of online users do not speak English as their first language. Attaining a global presence is crucial for the success of any business in this digital era. Mobile applications that target a global audience through multi-language applications drive conversion rates and build long-lasting relationships with end-users. Multi-language apps are shareable and likable, which helps increase brand visibility. The more the number of users, the more successful the app will be.

Expand Your Online Business To A Global Audiences With A Multilingual Mobile App.

Every Shopper Wants To Shop In Their Native Language

Connecting to your shoppers means that conversing with them in their native language. And this could be done only with the help of a multilingual mobile app. However, the majority of the people across the world can speak English, but still, they find it more convenient to speak and understand their native language. So it is evident that having a site/app in the consumers’ native language is essential. When people shop, they want to feel connected and comfortable with an organization they do business. Including multi-language features in your app will make your online presence more favorable to the target region.

Leverage the Advantage Of Localization

Localization has numerous advantages when it comes to increasing the chances of your success. Depending on the business location and audience, language act as a catalyst. By developing a multilingual application, you will be able to cover a larger audience base and reduce every demographic barrier due to the language barrier.

Reduces bounce rate and abandonments

Even when you have good exposure, visibility, and ranking, you will not attract or retain them for a long time without proper communication. Not assisting your visitors in their native language can be the primary reason users leave your site or uninstall your application.

Conversely, if you add multiple languages to your app, you can engage a broader audience base belonging to numerous languages, social backgrounds, and ethnicity. This will reduce your abandonment, bounce rate and increase conversion rate.

Enhances Customer-Experience

A shopper-centric approach that crafts its business decisions based on the preferences and convenience of its customers has the most potential to succeed and grow. Offering your audience the content in their native language or the language they prefer will significantly impact the image of your business. This will let you communicate more effectively with your users in the language they understand and enable them to recognize your brand instantly. Offering content in customers’ native language enhances the user experience by better understanding the information. Consequently increases the chances of conversion.

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Earn Trust and Credibility

Normally, shoppers feel comfortable and trust the brand offer information in their native or preferred language. CSA’s “can’t read, won’t buy” hypothesis shows that 72.4% of shoppers believed they would be more likely to purchase an item from the site that had information in their native language.

Offering an application in multiple languages will help you develop a stronger brand image. And cultivate more trust among your customers. Apart from this, it will make your brand consumer-friendly and easily recognizable across the globe.

Helpful in Marketing Efforts And SEO

Multilingual digital infrastructure and Multiple language support will be beneficial in expanding your targeted customer base and potential market area. Multi-Language will affect the footfall on your site and, consequently, directly affect your app ranking on mobile app stores.

It will enable you to run your marketing campaigns in multiple languages and let you present your product in front of your customer in their native language. Multilingual will help in the branding of your product and brand.

Multi-Language App Helps In User Retention

While the number of app downloads is crucial for every business, owners and developers should also improve the retention rate of an app. App retention rate refers to the percentage of people who keep engaging with your app after downloading it. If more users retain your application, there will be more chances of more in-app conversions. And the users will automatically engage with your app for a long time if your app has engaging and easily understandable content. Offering content in the user’s native language lets the user retain your site for a long time. So one of the essential advantages of a multilingual app is increasing the app’s active users.

Build Brand Image

If you use localization in your business, it will help build a better brand image by adapting the culture of your target audience. This way, you will be able to build rapport with your prospective customers and build trust among your customers, encouraging them to interact with your brand. Through this marketing tactic, you will create a sense of familiarity within your mobile app, which influences your buyers to utilize your program. So utilizing a multi-language app helps in building a brand image for your business.

Stable Global Presence

In this globalized world, it is crucial to present items to an international market. Through the advantages of localization in international business. Even small companies can quickly launch their applications without any hassle. This way, you can get a competitive benefit over your top competitors and experience global investment opportunities. Hence your organization can easily attain a global presence, which lets you gain more quality lead for your business and increase sales.

Introduction To New Markets

If you want to increase your market reach, you should try localization strategies for your application. Localization is essential, especially for small businesses, because it takes your business to a larger audience base. Localization enables you to capture buyers from different geographic locations by building any separate platform.

Create marketing campaigns in multiple languages

Once you are done with your mobile application, start making your promotional efforts to get noticed by potential efforts. You can create a campaign for new, lapsed, and existing customers. You can send push notifications and personalized emails to the users in their preferred language. It will become much easier for you to target the audience based on their language and serve the appropriate and suitable content. You can begin by targeting single or multiple languages and then gradually increase as your business scales and grows to bigger heights.

Wrapping Up

The online market is much broader. Creating a multi-language mobile app is crucial if you are running an online business. If you are building a multi-language mobile application, you are targeting a global audience. Targeting a global audience means global users understand you. And for this, you need to produce content in the native language of every visitor. Which can be done with the help of a multi language mobile app. So if you are planning to create an app for your global audience, try it with a free app trial by MageNative.

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