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How to Sell Online for Free on Global Marketplace | Fruugo!

How to Sell Online for Free on Global Marketplace | Fruugo!


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Have you ever thought about how to sell online for free on the global marketplace of the e-commerce world?


What if we tell you there is a way that can lead you to sell from a platform while you have to pay nothing to sell on one of the biggest marketplaces across the globe? 

It’s no illusion as it is now possible for sellers to sell on Fruugo – one of the world’s exciting marketplaces – from their framework that too without paying a penny.

Moreover, If you feel opposed to the long process of onboarding to Fruugo, Make it Simple with totally free eCommerce Integrations. Moreover, Enjoy single-click product uploadings and synchronized order management on any framework. Now before you start wondering how to sell online for free, have a look at what Fruugo exactly does.

A Brief Review: Fruugo

Before going live with Fruugo, Dominic Allonby and Darren Naylor joined in 2000 to come up with an online marketplace for financial companies like American Express, Lastminute, eDirectory, and many others.
Later it came into operation in Helsinki as Finnish eCommerce company in 2008 before growing into a full-fledged eCommerce Marketplace in 2012.

sell online for free on fruugo

Source: Fruugo

Fruugo has always been a fresh choice of small and medium level sellers because of its irresistible three features;

  • Fruugo is an e-commerce website that has a network in 46 countries, namely: the United Kingdom; Ireland; France; Germany; Spain; Portugal; Belgium; Netherlands; Luxembourg; Poland; Austria; Italy; Denmark; Sweden; Finland; Czechia; Estonia; Greece; Hungary; Latvia; Lithuania; Romania & Slovakia, Non-Europian Countries: Norway; Switzerland & Russia, and the Rest of the World: South Africa; United States; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; China; Japan; India; Saudi Arabia; Qatar; Bahrain; United Arab Emirates; Egypt; Kuwait; Israel; Turkey; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore & South-Korea.
  • Fruugo deals in 28 languages, namely: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Hebrew, Korean, Turkish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak & Romanian.
  • Fruugo enables sellers to process their work in 31 currencies, namely: Great British Pound; Euro; Polish Zloty; Danish Krone; Swedish Krona; Norwegian Krone; Swiss Franc; Russian Ruble;- South African Rand; United States Dollar; Candian Dollar; Australian Dollar; New Zealand Dollar; Chinese Yuan; Japanese Yen; Indian Rupee; Saudi Riyal; Qatari Rial; Bahraini Dinar; United Arab Emirates Dirham; Egyptian Pound; Kuwaiti Dinar; Czech Koruna; Hungarian Forint; Romanian Leu; Israeli New shekel; Malaysian Ringgit; Philippines peso; Singapore Dollar; South Korean Won & Turkish Lira.
sell online for free on fruugo

(Source: Fruugo)

With such a comprehensive network, this big e-commerce marketplace has specifically been a platform for sellers where they may find a vast customer base to expose their products to.

Some Lucrative Statistics (sourced from

  • Fruugo has more than 100,000 customers around the world.
  • Fruugo features about 1000 brands.
  • As many as 100s of retailers sell on Fruugo.
  • With an affluent international customer base, Fruugo has an equal number of male and female shoppers.
  • 28% of shoppers are aged 25 to 34, which is the largest age group.
  • Two-thirds of all sales are cross border, with an average order value of €50.00.
  • The Conversion rate of Fruugo visitors to the site is 2% to 3%.
  • Fruugo has grown its annual sales by 116 percent over the last three years.

Online retail platform Fruugo, in Fountain Street, was ranked 24 on the annual Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table, which ranks private technology, media and telecoms companies with the fastest-growing sales.

How to Sell on Fruugo & Unlock the Perks!

You must be wondering, how you can sell online for free that too at a global marketplace?

It must be a cumbersome process. There will be so must restrictions. Furthermore, It will require a lot of certifications and permits.

Well not really, to make you clear about Fruugo. There isn’t any. On Fruugo, you can sell online for free, without paying a single penny.
To register on Fruugo, you need to go through 4 steps:

  • Kick-start your selling journey on Fruugo by filling up the Registration Form.

    how to sell on fruugo

  • Integrate your Product Listing on Fruugo. You can choose from the three options available: Fruugo CSV and XML Feeds, Partner Integrations, E-commerce Plugins (Magento; Shopify; WooCommerce; Big Commerce; and Prestashop)
  • Finally, you need to complete our simple Fruugo Shipping Template. Fruugo offers four methods of calculating shipping. As a result, you can choose any one of them.

    how to sell on fruugo

  • Once you are done with the setting, You can decide how you want the Payment from Fruugo. Fruugo makes payment to the seller weekly.

    sell online for free

    Fruugo’s vast currency conversion support over 46 countries. You can choose any one of the payment methods accordingly.

  • Fruugo let you sell online for free, so you can go through the Commission Rate that you get from the order you make. It just charges the VAT, nothing else.

how to sell on fruugo

You can get all the pre-requisite and requirement of selling on Fruugo through this detailed guide.

Sell Online on Free Extensions 

Now comes another key point, the most interesting and exciting part for the sellers who are eager to know how to sell online for free on Fruugo! For instance, you need not worry as you can do so by the Official Channel Integration Partner of Fruugo it presents you a broad spectrum of *FREE EXTENSIONS* to sell on Fruugo. With extensions based on different frameworks, know how to sell on Fruugo in just one go! 

Here’s a list of all the Fruugo framework extensions offered by Fruugo Partners’:

1. Fruugo Magento Integration

5. Fruugo Shopify* Integration

2. Fruugo Magento 2 Integration

3. Fruugo WooCommerce Integration

 4. Fruugo OpenCart Integration

6. Fruugo BigCommerce* Integration

7. Fruugo PrestaShop Integration

Features of  Fruugo Extensions

Bulk Product Upload Mechanism: The merchants can upload as many products as they want to sell on Fruugo, uniquely in bulk, using the Bulk Product Upload Mechanism.

Profile-Based Product Upload: With this feature, it becomes helpful for merchants to upload products on Fruugo easily as they can upload the products based on the profile they have created for a particular type of product.

Product Category Mapping: Furthermore, experience the Many-to-One Mapping Mechanism with this feature, the seller can map multiple categories of stores to the single class of Fruugo together with utmost convenience.

Profile Based Pricing: On the positive side, you can get the price of the products increased or decreased comparatively based on the pattern.

Rejected Product(s) Notification: In the meantime, if a product gets rejected by while uploading due to some invalid details, at the same time the information is fetched automatically with the error that’s the cause of the rejection.

New Order Notifications: Additionally, Get notified of every new order placed on, which is fetched from Fruugo to your store.

Inventory Synchronization: The product inventory, together with the details, keeps getting in sync after a regular interval of time between your framework and

Archive and Unarchive Products: Surprisingly, this feature allows the sellers to enable and disable products on easily. While archive disables the product(s) on Fruugo, unarchive enables the archived product once again.

Low Stock Notifications: Receive a notification frequently when the stock of products that you sell on Fruugo diminishes below the set threshold.

3rd Party Fulfillment – Also, integrate leading 3rd party fulfillment services like ShipWorks, Shipwire, and ShipStation with our app to ensure seamless shipment experience.

Note* The app for Shopify and BigCommerce marketplace is paid. It is a SaaS based app.

From Scrap to Star — A Notable Journey

When Virgin-Teez came into being in 2012, it was merely a website selling T-shirt, Mugs, and Mobile-covers. Owner Moeez just was not satisfied with the store as he has high expectations with a creative idea. However, he had severe problems: Low Revenue & Low Traffic

Moeez started selling on Fruugo with the help of CedCommerce. Now he offers more than 1200 products and owns a website, a store and a dedicated App.

What More You Get at CedCommerce?

In addition to the free extension to sell on Fruugo– A Global Marketplace, CedCommerce one of the official Fruugo Partner renders the sellers who sell on Fruugo the exclusive services to make their selling experience smooth and uninterrupted like every seller wants it to be. Take a Glance over the features below that you get while knowing the answer for how to sell online for free:

  • As soon as you buy the extension, we align an Account Manager to you instantly to help you sell on Fruugo.
  • The expert Account Manager makes you familiar with the Fruugo Operations and Processes to sell online quickly.
  • We will guide you throughout the API activation process and will also assist in enabling the Fruugo Live API, so that you may sell online quickly.
  • The Account Manager gives support while going through the Configuration Settings, Product Critical Data, Product Upload Process, etc., until you complete a live order successfully.
  • Summing it up, we are there to help you round the clock to sell on Fruugo, till your business reaches the soaring heights.

See the image below to see what else is in store for you.

how to sell on fruugo

(Source: CedCommerce)


Is it needed? We know that now you know how to sell online for free. Consequently, we believe that you must have made your mind to sell on one of the best global marketplaces Fruugo by now. Moreover, such a combination of trading on a global marketplace not to mention with its integration partner for FREE by and large with multiple services is a rare occurrence!

Don’t just read Reach Us Now and we will be there to help you sell on Fruugo with utmost ease and convenience.

You may also reach us 24×7 via Live Chat or Skype!

Stop Thinking. Go Global. Start Selling. With Fruugo.

Note The fields marked in (*) states that offer applies to all the frameworks except Bigcommerce & Shopify where sellers (who buy the extension after February 4th, 2019) are entitled to pay for the extension.

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