import listing from eBay
Import Listings from eBay: eBay Product Import Plugin (For Magento)

Import Listings from eBay: eBay Product Import Plugin (For Magento)


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As understandable from the name itself, Import listing from eBay Product Plugin enables sellers to Import listing from eBay to the Magento (1 & 2) stores. Easily import all the data, image and other item details of your eBay catalog to your store.


             Product with variation is known as configurable products.


How Import Listings from eBay work:


The plugin, in a 3 step process, works by connecting Magento and eBay account. The 3 steps, namely, are – Token Generation, Product Detail Fetch, Import on Magento.


Token Generation –> It enables eBay to identify the request coming from sellers Magento stores through unique eBay Seller ID. Thereafter it permits the mechanism to process enabling next step of the process – product detail fetch – to set up.


Product Details Fetch –> In this step, the real task – to import listing from eBay starts and all the item details – image, content, physical dimensions, shipment information takes place, all of the information is fetched


Import on Magento —> This the ultimate step to import listings from eBay. In this step, all of the imported products from eBay are created on the Magento Store.


Features to which Import listings from eBay plugin supports:


1. It enables sellers to Import simple and configurable products (products with variation) to their Magento stores.

2. It enables sellers to transfer the complete data – Product Name, Image, SKU, Price, and Qty – of items in their stores.

3. It is a one-step process comprising 3 stages – Token Generation, Product Detail Fetch, Import on Magento – already explained in the aforementioned text.


All of the stores on Magento 1.5 and later are supported by this plugin(s).


High Utility Point:

Another very intriguing factor about this import listings from eBay plugin is that Marketplace admin(s)/operator(s) can enable vendors listed on their marketplace also to import their products from eBay to the marketplaces.



Import listing from eBay plugin Advantages:


Remove manual work – The most daunting task when it comes to importing listing from eBay is the amount of manual work attached to it. The data transfer part may include the details of thousands of items which otherwise will be even intimidating.


Saves Time – As consequence of the removal of manual works it enables sellers to save their time which otherwise would have been wasted in data transfer.


Category Mapping – Another advantage which import listing from eBay plugin support is Category Mapping. It means the products can be created on your Magento Store under the same category created on eBay.


Attribute Mapping: Not only does it creates the same category, it also maps the attributes of an item as well or in-short, sellers can duplicate the same products of eBay on their Magento stores.


Bulk Product Imported – Last but the least, all of the products at once, isn’t it the most desirable feature among all of them.



     Visit eBay Product Importer (for M1)         Visit eBay product Importer (for M2)


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