how to improve shopify store
Learn how to Improve Shopify store | Revamping buyer’s journey

Learn how to Improve Shopify store | Revamping buyer’s journey


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It’s never been simple for entrepreneurs to start their online business and it’s, of course, next to impossible to create it without initial loopholes. For a newbie, however, Shopify has made the process a piece of cake, but still, there are so many things that have to be done from the seller’s end.
Following this, I have decided to bring you all the necessary tips on “How to improve the Shopify store”. These tips will help you to improve the buyer’s journey of your customer.

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The must-haves to improve the Shopify store are lined-up below, have a look-

Let’s be honest, it would be wrong to promise to grow your sales, as it completely depends on how your business is impacting lives. But one thing for sure is the traffic, these are the tried and tested tips to improve your Shopify store and generate quality traffic.

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Tips to improve the buyer’s journey of your Shopify store

A typical Shopify store should take the seller from the awareness stage to the consideration and decision-making stage and should pamper their customer upto the Post-purchase stage.

Awareness stage

1. Use logo and favicon

A favicon is a short form of a favorite icon. It helps in identifying your store and make your store stand out in the cluster of tabs opened in the browser.

Favicon provides brand awareness, and it increases the credibility of your store.

According to Shopify, The ideal size for a favicon is either 16×16 pixels or 32×32 pixels.

2. Sliders with CTA buttons

As observed in the top-performing stores and even in the eCommerce giants like Amazon & eBay, a minimum of 3 sliders are placed at the top of the home page along with the CTA buttons on it.

These sliders are good at attaining the attention of your customers. This directly means that you can add your “popular product category”, “today’s deal”, “recommended for you” etc. to get higher sales.

improve your Shopify store


3. Activate Daily deals and timer

Daily deals & timer activate a sense of urgency among your audience. You can trigger impulse buying by activating daily deals and scheduling the discount for a limited time.

Dealing the popular products or the unique products in the daily deals can quadruple your sales as they will grab the instant focus of your customers.

4. Featured collection

Many Shopify store owners take this section for granted. However, a smart seller will never neglect this as this is a catchy headline to attract the first-time customer or the customers looking for something new.

As I’ve said “something new”, it clearly means that this section should include something new in your niche, which has the potential to attract customers again and again.

5. Build a section for testimonials

Testimonials make people feel safe from buying products from a new store, they feel comfortable knowing other people have also purchased and they are happy.

Customer testimonials add value to your site, and they help you to look more valuable and more believable to those who are exploring it for the first time.

Simply ask your existing customers for the testimonials, and they would definitely give it if you have earned their trust and heart.

6. Leverage your Store with Language & currency converter

With the help of language and currency converter, your customers can convert the language & currency of your store instantly.

This gives personalization to the customers and they can estimate the final rate of the product in their own currency and language.

7. Embed High-resolution and compressed images

Pictures play a very important role when it comes to decision making for customers.

According to, the quality of images was the most important factor in an online sale for 90% of its users!

Shopify store SEO

Source: Etsy

High-quality images are a really important factor, but always consider compressing the size of the image. Heavy images may leave your Shopify store loading for long, which is generally not acceptable by the shoppers. You can compress the size of your images from

Uniformity among the size of your product image is a very important factor. All your product images should be of equal sizes to give your store a proficient look.

8. Build a Blog section

The most important aspect of adding a blog section on your website is to get higher rankings on SERP. It gives the so-called non-living Shopify store a voice and widely helps in building a relationship between you and your customers.

Blog pieces empower you to share your new and updated products or inventory, you can share your brand story and can break the barrier between you and your customers.

9. Build an About-Us and Contact-Us page

Having a Contact-Us and About-Us page solidifies your brand image, so, ignoring these pages may give lemons to your store.

The about-us page simply shows-off why you are unique, so why leave a chance to show your uniqueness?

You can display your brand story, share your company’s face and also put a light on behind the scenes. Also, the contact-us page builds a trust factor among your customers that they can come in touch with the brand anytime related to any product.

Also add the following pages to make your store perform the best- 

  1. Shipping policy.
  2. Terms of service.
  3. Return and Refund policy.
  4. Privacy policy.

Consideration/ Decision making stage

1. Product videos

The major importance of product video is to bring your products to life.

Improve your Shopify store

Statistics show that 90% of consumers find videos useful when deciding to make purchases online, and 64% of users say that they are more likely to buy a product online after viewing a video.

2. Add the wishlist option

Timing is everything, consider a condition in which a product on your store got the attention of the customer, but that wasn’t the right time for him to buy, will you just let this customer go? Of course not, so here comes the role of the wishlist through which the customer will instantly add the product to the wishlist and he will be reminded about the desired product.

By adding a wishlist, you give your visitors something to come back for. Also, you can notify them of time-to-time about the products they have added in it.

3. Enable guest checkout option

The benefit of adding the guest checkout is simple: It takes less time and of course, everyone loves the fast checkout process.

improve Shopify store

However, it may impact your business as you will not be having the customer data and email to update for future updates and products. Therefore, you can allow guest check-out up-to a certain amount. For example, you can restrict the guest check-out option up-to the check-out amount of $1000.

4. Activate live chatting

This feature widely helps in building a customer-business relationship which is very important for a store if you want to generate some loyal customers.

Your customers can connect with you at any time of the day and can ask you related to any product or about any order related doubts. You can send recommendations to your viewers and inform them about the upcoming products directly.

5. Add option for product reviews and ratings

Product reviews and ratings are important for buyers and sellers both. Buyers get most of their queries resolved by the reviews only and generate the trust factor among them which is at the end beneficial for sellers.

Customer reviews

PowerReviews research finds that 95% of shoppers consult ratings and reviews while they’re shopping. And 86% consider reviews an essential resource when making a purchase decision.

So, why leave the chance? Let them express what they feel about your products through reviews.

6. Add Social media links

There are tons of power which social media holds, having the Social media accounts for your Shopify store can widely help in building brand reputation and exposure.

Along with this, you can improve your reach to your targeted audience and these things collectively help in influencing SEO.

7. Add compare at price on Shopify store

Compare at price simply means the price your product would originally sell for.

For example, So if you’re selling it for $20 on sale, and it’s typically $35, you would put the $35 as the “Compare At Price”. The “Compare At Price” always has to be higher than the actual price you’re selling for, or else it won’t show.. Have a look below,

how to make good Shopify store
This will obviously let the customer buy as he is getting a good deal for the product you are selling or he is looking for.

8. Enable Free Shipping

Free shipping attracts the customers just like flowers do to the bees.

Last year, Stitch Labs found “that retailers who always offer free shipping can directly increase revenue by 10 percent.”

Customers love free shipping especially your loyal customers. It ignites them (also to the new sellers) to buy the product with no shipping cost.

Post-purchase stage

1. Throw Customer loyalty programs

The customer loyalty program is very effective when it comes to retaining customers.

In this competitive market, where customers are switching in a snap, retaining customers is very important.

69% of customers say that loyalty programs influence their choice of retailer.

Loyalty programs break the barriers between your brand and your customers, which is very important if focusing on revenue as loyal customers spend more than others.5. Featured collection

2. Use Marketing apps to capture emails

Are you having an email list? Are you aware of its benefits? If not, then you are stabbing your benefit unknowingly.

Email list empowers you to grow or initiate your email marketing, building an email list is the basic essential if you want to build some loyal customers to whom you can update about all the new updates of your store, updates for your inventory, etc. You can share the newsletters, offers and many more to keep your customers warm.

A lot of apps are available on the Shopify app store which allows you to enable some games like “Spin the wheel” through which you can put offers on different slices of the wheel. Customers can spin it to get one offer, but only after submitting the email. In this way, you can grab their emails.

how to improve Shopify store

3. Quick delivery

Quick delivery is a crucial factor in the success of online stores. Because people want their new items as quickly a possible. And if it will take time, they would definitely never get to your store again.

Fast delivery improves customer satisfaction, which can help you to gain a competitive advantage. In addition, same-day delivery can also save your money.

4. Gift cards

Everyone loves gifts, including you and your customer right? So, why don’t just offer it, knowing it would benefit you at the end.

Gift cards are a good way when it comes to retaining your customers for the long run, and also work as a magnet when it comes to attracting new customers.

Gift cards

5. Emails and newsletters

Email marketing provides the best ROI.

According to an eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%. That’s four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

Use your email list, send email or news time-to-time about anything you want them to know about your store ot products. Send them and analyze the conversions, don’t worry if you are not getting up to the mark results, as it may take time.


The above-mentioned aspects are very important to improve your Shopify store. Achieving them will help your store to answer and readily navigate your customers on every stage. You’ll be able to nurture your customers towards making decisions, and if done right, the decision to buy from you.

So, get ready with your laptop and snacks and implement all of the tips to make the most of sales in 2020.

Drop a comment down in the comment section below regarding any query, we would be more than happy to help you.

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