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Holiday PPC Campaign Optimization Ideas Amidst The Uncertainty!

Holiday PPC Campaign Optimization Ideas Amidst The Uncertainty!


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Holiday PPC Campaigns Optimization has a major role to play when concerning ecstatic shopping experiences rising with a festive mode on. Accompanying the Holiday Marketing season is the feeling of festivity, but things would be slightly unusual in the entirety this season. Just for a small reason that 2020 has witnessed some tragic developments. Yes, looking back and analyzing some of the previous year data would significantly help, but it cannot be solely relied upon. Situations this year are different and there would be no crowds amassing in front of physical stores, rather, the shift to online for all the needs and necessities would be the new normal. Say for instance…According to Statista, there has been an unusual global retail eCommerce site traffic increase marking a great transition in the 2019-2020 period. It says that as of June 2020, retail websites generated almost 22 billion visits up from 16.07 billion global visits in January 2020. So, the pandemic has forced the marketers to consider data as their solution for knowing the current eCommerce trends for preparing their Holiday marketing strategy, especially with their Holiday PPC Campaigns.

Things have taken a subtle makeover with the ongoing crisis

Businesses have been hit terribly. The non-stereotypical shift in consumer behavior has delivered a sense of stagnancy to the ongoing marketing some certain industries for e.g. tours and travels, etc thereby leading to an economic downturn. Such a tragic change with the shift towards the fulfillment of human necessities and daily life requirements has taken a toll on creativity’s flavors. From a layman to the businesses, sustainability has been defined as the need of the hour. Following it, streamlining is the next step. This would undoubtedly disrupt and lead to misadventures with PPC Holiday Campaigns if it is not dealt with cautiously.

The subtle change is a challenge for brands and their marketing campaigns. Not only this, but this change would also change the course of the Holiday marketing campaigns, especially with the very competitive Pay Per Click Advertising, as mentioned earlier. The optimization of the PPC campaigns as per the Holiday marketing season would depend upon a lot of many factors, where the new consumer concerns would affect searches the most.

New Consumer Concerns have risen, affecting the Advertisers concerning their Industry

The outbreak of the pandemic and the shift in consumer concerns have nullified the feeling of festivity altogether. Though on the flip side of the coin, the holiday marketing strategies from the perspective of the PPC Advertising strategy would have to support the customer base as the first priority. For the pivotal Holiday PPC Advertising campaigns, the marketing efforts should account for a response to the key changes with respect to the pandemic. Though the shift in consumer behavior may imply negative changes in the ad performance, it still is dependent upon the Industry you deal with. With this let’s now see where consumer’s concerns are:

  • There have been loads of changes in search trends and we have witnessed searches mostly around Covid related products or rather the Covid related terms.
  • The work from home related search queries have been on a sudden rise. Say for instance…tech devices are being searched heavily including laptops and mobiles for the past 6-7 months in particular.



    • Since we are advised to stay indoors, casual wears are the new trends. Say for instance…the searches for shorts have been on a sudden high rise in the past 6-7 months. On the other, the search trends for the party wear have been suddenly decreasing.



  • How to adjust to the daily routine, thus raising immunity levels, have been immensely searched. ( FITNESS DEVICES AT HOME).
  • Daily requirement items and essentials are on priority as compared to the fancy and creative shopping accessories.

The manner of searches has also changed; this could lead to better targeting, budgeting, and bidding options via the Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns. It targets users via Ads to build a brand awareness campaign that could later be capitalized with retargeting. Searches with misleading intents are also quite common these days and so targeting your ads for the wrongly intended searches could lead to unnecessary exhaustion of the budget. Additionally, there are changes recommended in the Google Ads policies (including the services, resource, and support options) in the wake of the pandemic. There have been some considerable updates in the misleading content part and that should be well dealt with to create numerous opportunities. On the other hand, when we talk of opportunities, here’s one with to…


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Industry-wise distribution of the ongoing crisis’s effects would also play a determining role

traffic growth and decline


Source: Neil Patel

The industry-based specification of the ongoing crisis’ effects would determine how industries would deal with the changes this upcoming Holiday season. Choosing the industries with higher search volumes, higher click-throughs, and higher conversion rates give you better targeting options within a restricted budget. Nonprofits, health and medical, business management, greeting gifts and flows, personal body care, etc. are the industries that have registered higher CTR’s and CVR’s.

On the other hand, some industries feel the heat of the pandemic’s adverse effects. They are travel and tourism, bars and restaurants, live entertainment, sports and fitness, etc.

Just look at the global business travel sector, the virus is expected to lose 820 billion dollars. Not only this, if we talk about some of the heavily populated countries like India, but there has also been a loss of approx.85000 crore rupees(approx . 11,54,70,71,500.00 United States Dollar) alone in the aviation sector according to The Economic Times.. Going deeper we find that, the losses in the automobile industry keep adding up on a daily basis

All in all, data will be the key to serve your purpose and take you through the mess. To propel your PPC campaigns for the Holiday marketing season, you have to analyze the data and trends, set realistic goals and expectations, and stay abreast of growth opportunities with ongoing campaigns. To add to the tally of data, we have to understand various metrics and key performance indicators. When we analyze the metrics industry-wise and monitor inch by inch, we conclude various other strategies to optimize Holiday PPC campaigns. This includes the Usage of Proper Holiday Keyword Match Blends, targeting shoppers seeking offers, significant usage of Ad Extensions, Retargeting the “already visited people” by evaluating remarketing lists, and so on…

Let’s look into each factor that would optimize your Holiday PPC Ad campaigns to meet the last-minute shoppers’ prerequisites.

Here are a few steps looking at which the Holiday PPC campaigns can be optimized…

1)Incorporating Holiday Oriented Keyword Match Blends

Using the long-tail keywords, the broad phrases, or the exact match, it’s your own wise choice to target the best keyword formats accompanying Holiday marketing season trends. Making your ad copy as targeted as possible is the key to earn conversions. Targeting the broad match keywords includes the total traffic that isn’t intended or has a different search intent. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or Halloween, whatever the festive spirit is, you never want your products to appear in front of the wrong set of audiences altogether. Your ads would surface for irrelevant queries that increase the Bounce Rate and lower the Quality Score in case of the broad match keywords being targeted, thereby decreasing the Ad rank and the Ad performance.

In the exact Match case, the Ad would surface for queries that have a predetermined search intention. This shows that the searcher has put in the precise question for precise results. Here your ads could dictate the searches. This improves the various key performance indicators, and you could serve a better conversion rate.

Whereas with the Phrase match, the ads will end up surfacing for queries in a phrasal manner. If seen with the perspective of targeting accuracy, they are midway between the broad and the exact match keyword targeting options. For your Holiday PPC campaigns to blister with potential and convertible prospect base, the keyword targeting should be a mix-match of broad, phrase, and exact match keywords. This should be in equilibrium for getting targeted yet generous coverage of audiences.

Note that here you have to ensure that you take a look back to the previous data for making a choice for the best suited Holiday keyword match blends targeting your prospects. This should be done with the assistance of the Keyword research tools and the search trends.

2)Pull more visitors with the best suited Ad Extensions-Target the Overwhelmed Shoppers Seeking Last Minute Offers

For a purposeful optimization of targeted PPC Campaigns for the holiday marketing season, the last-minute deals are the most suited for. Especially in the ongoing scenario, shoppers wouldn’t want to empty their pockets unless and until they have a deal to savor. The eleventh hour is what is most suited to shoppers today. Now what’s most interesting with the last minute deals is the urgency they create. They bring in the sense of hasty decision making wherein the shopper with the purchase-oriented decision-making will fall for special offers.

Here comes the usage of the Ad Extensions. Extensive deployment of Ad extensions would ensure maximized conversion rates in the eleventh hour. This implies scarcity marketing techniques to target the intention and get a purchase out of the same.

  • the clock’s ticking
  • few hours left
  • you wait, but offers don’t
  • the countdown timers
  • catch before its too late
  • an early bird catches the worm…

These are some phrases that instill in the sense of urgency. Apart from this, there could be coupon codes, vouchers, discount offers, and percentage offs that help last-minute purchases. To top it off could be the exclusive timelines associated such as “the same day order delivery”, “delivering just before the festivals “approach, “fulfilling the last minute changes and conditions”, etc. are some techniques that boost the click-throughs and the conversions.

3)Ad Extensions take the urgency to the next level

Businesses, mainly eCommerce, can take it to the next level by incorporating the Ad extensions. The effect of the application of scarcity marketing for your PPC Holiday campaign can further be enhanced with the various extensions, including…

Call Extensions: This can lead to the adverts connecting directly with the customers since its Holiday time. People want a bit of personalized connection that could also lead to expertise handling the particular customer. They act as a powerful thrust in generating sales connecting customers directly to the company representatives.

Sitelink Extensions: Add that cherry needed on the cake by shifting the customer’s focus towards your website’s overall structuration. WIth site link extensions, the visitor could travel through the different landing and product pages through your website and navigate through the insights for a decision making intending a purchase.

Promotion Extensions: Lets you call out the offers, coupons, vouchers, and discounts that act as an integral part of targeting last-minute shoppers. It’s the Holiday marketing season, and the explicit addition of these promotional add-ons rise up to the occasion favoring a sale.

Ad extensions are the opportunity to grow with your Ad Copies and when we talk of opportunities. You have a lot more to discover with…


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4)Start an early preparation and reevaluation of the Remarketing list to retarget intended customer

Starting early and preparing the Holiday campaign calendar in the very early days serves your profits in abundance. Businesses, especially eCommerce, should anticipate events dependent upon the Holiday campaign calendar and react proactively. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the December Holidays, etc, the marketing efforts from the perspective of the Paid search campaigns, the email marketing campaigns, the social media marketing campaigns, and so on should start as early as July.


Note that you should lay emphasis on increasing the Ad spend just a month or two prior to the approaching holiday season as a mark of reevaluating the ongoing Ad campaigns. This may turn up to be a major factor in populating the Remarketing lists of yours.

This preparation beforehand has a major impact on your Remarketing campaigns. The PPC optimization techniques should employ the Remarketing campaigns to emphasize the click-through and conversion from your Ad Copies. This ensures targeting of the already visitors to your websites with the intent of making the purchase. Customizing the advertising techniques based on the behavior and website interaction helps you settle for the best in the future. And when you are settling in for the best, you just cannot miss any opportunity passing by, and here’s one with…

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Well, that not all, there’s much more coming from the PPC Expert corner!

Keyword match blends, Ad extensions, Holiday marketing calendar, holiday-centric landing pages, etc. are some of those techniques that have to be looked primarily. There’s still a second half to it that suggests some practices performed by the PPC Experts that strengthen the core of the PPC Holiday Advertising campaigns; let’s look at them, in brief, go through…

1)Allocation of the campaign budget with respect to the Holiday PPC Campaigns

Increased click-throughs, conversion, and enhanced sales are the only reason why the Holiday season is considered the best for marketing via the Pay Per Click. This year has been the year of unprecedented circumstances. The budget allocation for the upcoming holiday months has to be well judged regarding past performances. Being data-driven, the budget allocation has to align with the areas that earned maximum revenue. The budget and the bidding procedures have to go hand in hand for getting anticipated revenue. Reading the competitor is also very important to see how others are taking it forward.

To know which section of keywords works the best for you to generate maximum revenue, and how your competitors are making decisions, you have to go through the Google Ads Auction Insights Reports. While comparing your Ads Performance reports with particular competitors, some key metrics need to be studied in detail…

  • Impression Share
  • Average Position
  • Overlap Rate
  • Position Above Rate
  • Top of Page Rate
  • Outranking Share

For eCommerce sellers, in particular, it’s better to look into these metrics and compare them in terms of Holiday marketing months to those of the typical months. This would ensure an estimated budget allocation to keep up with the competitive changes.

2)Bids strategization to maximize profits

Holiday season ad spending is that resource that helps you comprehensively evaluate the historical data. Then comes the keyword search volume that determines the loopholes and the bidding and targeting opportunities. These bid strategizing efforts help you tackle the unnecessary budget exhaustion with the ongoing campaigns. They are sure to help you with the Holiday PPC Campaigns.

Note that there can be an implication of Seasonal bid adjustments to all your campaigns when their changes are scheduled in the expected conversion rates or the conversion rate adjustments for estimated changes for an event approaching seasonally.

Increasing bids for particular targeted keywords, thereby getting increased impression shares and clicks, depends on the past search trends. The search volume for a particular keyword has to be checked in with Google trends to determine the bidding opportunities and redistribute the ad spend based on non-performing Holiday centric keywords.

3)Being well aware of the product feed-Specifically for the Shopping Campaigns

Implementing the integrated inventory data suggest the application of automated bid adjustments. This is typically suited for “out of stock” products. With paid advertising for Holiday marketing campaigns. make sure that the inventory is full and its not running short of products at all in any case. Also, consider an error-free feed so that this does not lead to a disapproval of the product feed by Google on account of missing or incorrect data.

Also if talking about the Google Merchant Centre, offers are in application only when there is an active product feed in the GMC. Here exclusive offers shown exclusively via the Shopping Ads boost your Click-throughs, enhance conversions, and capture multi-screen traffic. Here’s a look at how to get a plethora of chances of creating exquisite promotions on GMC.


Make sure to keep the product feed upto the mark when you consider the PPC Holiday Marketing Campaigns. This calls for an overall clean-up with feed optimization, including the optimization of the product attributes. For your PPC Advertising Campaigns to flourish, you also have to think Omnichannel and uncover all aspects of Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns to support maximized conversions as a part of the Holiday Marketing strategy.

Try these PPC Holiday Marketing Tactics this time to earn the unexpected

Take a step ahead with your Holiday PPC campaign optimization ideas. It’s a game of tactics, and you need to keep well aware of the circumstances around. Unearthing all aspects of your PPC Advertising strategy in coordination with the other marketing strategies, including the social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, etc, would support and complement the Optimization of the PPC Campaign for the Holiday Season. So, keep in mind that getting the expert touch is always needed since the PPC experts guide you towards getting great Returns on Ad Spends and assist your business to scale heights.

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