do and dont to sell on lazada south east asia
Expert Tips on How to Sell on Lazada Easy & Effortlessly

Expert Tips on How to Sell on Lazada Easy & Effortlessly


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Simply knowing how to sell on Lazada is not sufficient nowadays as the competition to be the top seller on Lazada is very high. Does the thought, how to sell more bothers you? Here is a comprehensive list of do’s and don’t by experts to help you sell things on Lazada. Follow these religiously before your competitor occupies your spot, grabs your share and becomes a top seller on Lazada.

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How to Sell Online on Lazada?

Well, it is easy and quick to onboard Lazada. Here is a comprehensive list of all that is required to kick start your e-commerce seller journey on Lazada.


The Important Do’s – How to Increase Sales on Lazada

Do an in-depth analysis of keywords used by the competitors in the product description. It is also important to ensure the product image is more appealing than competitors for the same products. If the image is still not appealing, rework on it. I personally find these as an important parameter that differentiates someone interested in only how to be a seller on Lazada from someone very keen about how to be a top seller on Lazada. 

Do the management of customer feedback as early as possible it is foremost skill expected from a passionate online seller who is keen on how to sell online on Lazada for maximum sales. Feedback act as the backbone of running a successful e-commerce store. Regularly checking feedback and improvising on its behalf is a good idea to provide the highest level of customer service.


 Feedback is the breakfast of champions. – Ken Blancha



Do increase the rate of product sales by providing discounts during the product launch. Due to zero reviews and sales records at the beginning of the online store, the discount will drive huge traffic and give you a chance to make customers trust the product. Trust building with the customer plays a key role in how to sell online on Lazada.


Do keep an eye on your inventory as an updated inventory will never let you bother about running out of stock on products. This is one of the major reasons many talented online sellers missing on opportunities to be a top seller on Lazada.

Do consider different channels to market your products. Some popular and fruitful options to help you how increase selling online on Lazada include


  • Paid advertising (Fb and Google)
  • Blog Posting
  • Social Media Posting


Do keep a tab on product rankings for keywords receiving maximum search volume. This is important as well as basic for sellers eager on how to increase sales and be a top seller on Lazada.


Do the proper optimization of the product listing for a good impression of the product. Always ensure every product description is well optimized in the form of readable bullet points. The inclusion of keywords in a natural manner within the title boosts the chances of the product appearing at the top upon search. This will increase your chance for how to be a seller on Lazada. 


Do opt for an order management software application. An order management software is an ideal choice to sell not only one but over several marketplaces. In this manner, various tasks like order fulfillment, billing & payment, returning product, and the refund management will be easy.


Another advantage upon opting for order management software is the elimination of manual error elements. Zero manual involvement means data is very secure. An advanced order management system will also equip an online merchant with centralized data information.


As the business grows so will the demand from various geographic locations. This will call for the need of storing products across different warehouses spread over different locations. Advanced order management software will help e-commerce store owner to assign a suitable warehouse for product pickup and delivery based on quantity ordered and shipping address.


Do leverage Lazada seller picks (efficient tool for product promotion) to boost the chances of product sales by boosting product visibility.


Do submit the SKUs through Lazada seller center on the Chinese new year, Lazada birthday campaign, 11/11, and 12/12 to make most of these big sales opportunities.


Always think like a customer. It is very important and there’s is no alternative to it that could fetch as many benefits as stepping into shoes of the customer.


Do include a wide range of products in your online store to ensure your regular visitors are not getting bored by looking at those same items whenever they visit the store. It is a natural customer behavior to choose from a huge number of products. This way buyers feel they have made the best choice.


When an online merchant will add diverse products to his e-commerce store then it will increase the number of sales. The poor number of product sales is often on account of a small inventory of products listed by online sellers. They also tend to differentiate their store for being most affordable but, by doing this they, unfortunately, hurt their profit margin by a significant amount.  


The idea behind uploading more products to be specific products that are diverse on account of important features like color, size, style, usage and more parameters that actually affect customers buying decision is creating a good user experience.


The Important Don’ts – How to be Top Seller on Lazada

Don’t  convince a Lazada customer to shop from your website as Lazada will never entertain it on any ground rather, upon identification of such activity the account of the merchant will face suspension. This gesture doesn’t suit those who want to sell online on Lazada.


Don’t add any products from the list of prohibited items as it will lead to account suspension immediately. It is highly recommended to avoid these at every cost as it won’t increase sales on Lazada.


Item Prohibited from Lazada are:

  • Duplicate or malicious software
  • Gambling & Gaming Products
  • Chemicals/Toxic/Acid
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Food items that violate guidelines set by the Food Regulation Authority
  • Anything related to vulgarity
  • Any sort of weapons
  • Counterfeit products/ unauthorized replicas of original
  • Second-hand stuff
  • Specific religious or political items
  • Liquid items with volume over 20 cl
  • Products with very huge size (larger than 300 cm (L + W + H))


Don’t let your stress or anger get reflected on the customer or on the Lazada seller profile. This will hamper product sales chances as no customer likes to interact with an angry merchant. It leaves a very negative impression about you not being well versed with how to sell on Lazada in a customer friendly manner.


Don’t believe that your product needs no more improvement once it is uploaded on Lazada.  Improve it for the best user experience based on product stats revealed on a timely basis. This will stem from your passion to increase sales on Lazada


Don’t complain about the issue faced during online selling to your friends rather bring it to the focus of Lazada support.


Don’t sell a wide array of products spawning over several industry verticals. It is rather recommended and easy to be niche specific and merge all your marketing efforts to overcome competition for selling more and more.


Don’t keep the name of the product too technical to guess the purpose of the product. If a layman struggles to connect with the product then he will definitely neither buy nor recommend the product to anyone else. This means you are not putting sufficient efforts to increase sales on Lazada.


There ain’t any benefit of using code like E-4105CR in the product name (you will find it at the end of the product name). This way you are also making it difficult for a product to appear on the Lazada search.


Don’t miss on using keywords from customer search queries in the product title. The more details conveyed in a product name the more are the chances it will get displayed on the Lazada search bar. There ain’t any alternative to it if you want to be a pro in how to sell on Lazada


If you are starting out on Lazada as a seller then apart from keeping in mind the above point to help you expertise the art of how to sell on Lazada, it is also likely to know about most sold products. Upon adding these products on your Lazada store, you will witness a sharp rise in the form of traffic and conversion rates. These products are among customers most favorite products that are purchased more often hence these will increase the sales on Lazada


These products which will be your best bet for how to be a top seller on Lazada include

  • USB drive & Power Bank – The exponential growth in technology leads to the constant need to remain connected. It has increased demand for portable devices multifold times.
  • Watches – Customer favorite brands include SMAEL, Yuero, Sanda, Michael Kors, SKMEI and more
  • Apparel – Focus especially over cufflinks, scarves, bow ties, and pocket squares
  • Woodcraft – Wooden products like wooden kitchen utensils, Malay style engraved panels, twisted walking sticks, and similar wooden craft designed for decoration.
  • Earthenware – Despite the uber lifestyle, the charm of pottery decoration is still warm and vibrant.
  • To leverage it in the form of sales, start selling below items.
    • Belanga
    • Labu Soyang
    • Terenang

More is always better! whether you want to begin or even if you are already selling in Southeast Asia, you can go multichannel and sell your products on different affluent marketplaces of Southeast Asia in a more centralized way.

The Conclusion
I hope after going through these points how to sell on Lazada will seem quite easy.  No one is an expert and knows ins and outs about how to sell on Lazada right from day 1st but, to become one it is necessary to adhere to the above important do’s and don’ts.

These important points are based on the experience of online merchants who opted for the Lazada marketplace to launch their products and are well versed with the science behind how to increase sales on Lazada.

Let me know your query or anything else you want to share regarding how to be a seller on Lazada.
                                     Hope it Helps online sellers interested in How to Sell on Lazada!!

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