Expand your Shopify print-on-demand store this Thanksgiving!

Expand your Shopify print-on-demand store this Thanksgiving!


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Like every year, global e-commerce is shooting up this holiday season. However, the hyper-growth of e-commerce sales has made the holiday season 2020 more competitive than ever before. But the opportunity is shinier for all online sellers this time, due to the increased demands. In this blog, we will be addressing how Shopify print on demand stores can expand their reach to a wider audience this holiday season!

Shopify Print on Demand Stores

POD has made life convenient for everyone. Especially in the era where we are witnessing a new trend every day! And luckily, the consumers want to be a part of it all, making print demand products popular all over the web. The freedom to choose and the flexibility that a print on demand product offers, has made this product type earn much popularity in recent times. Making it an ideal business to invest in during this period of eCommerce surge!

While Shopify is an excellent platform to build your store and market your products, we need some extraordinary efforts at this time of the year to maximize the gain from the holiday season sales.

3 simple steps to level up your print on demand business

Plan for the season

Planning ahead of the holiday season is crucial to ensure you make good sales. Here are some last-minute essentials to add to your existing plan for your Shopify print on demand store.

  • Update Inventory: Print on demand products are not required to be stocked, as you only start working on the item once you receive an order. Hence, instead of stalking, we would suggest you organize all your resources required to fulfill an order without any mess or delay.
  • Store Setup: Look into all the aspects of your store that effects the customer experience. Focus on optimizing your product pages, and delivering an enhanced checkout flow. Store optimization, done right, will make your products reach more people and get you more sales while ensuring a great customer experience for your buyers.
  • Discounts and Sales: It is a must! Introduce new discounts and offers frequently during this time. Introduce, new and attractive sales during each occasion. Make sure you are advertising these sales aggressively during the peak selling time! To know more about effective ways to plan offers and discount visit here.
  • Return and Exchange: Let your shoppers feel safe while making a purchase decision. This will be ensured by offering a generous exchange and return policy at your store. Offering free shipping during this time will also make the deal feel satisfactory to the buyers.

Marketing and Advertising

Increase your store and product visibility on all platforms. Optimizing your store for organic searches is not enough during the holiday season. You will also need a special marketing strategy to reach your customers, and make the most of the last quarter. Utilize social media platforms to engage your audience. Make them aware of your product and the different ways they could use it. Since personalized, custom made and pod products are popularly used in gifting supplies, address the need of your audience focussing your product. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are great to advertise your products too. Keep your buyers in the loop so your offers, discounts, and sales are always in the limelight! Paid promotions on these platforms will help you reach a larger audience as well.

Find some useful marketing tips and tricks for the holiday season 2020.

Target Your Audience

It will be a smart move if you move where customers already are, instead of waiting for them to come to you. This can be easily done if you sell in places where the buyers are looking for products similar to yours. Print on demand sellers has a great scope on websites that engage people looking for unique and personalized products. The most popular marketplace in the category is Etsy, having a massive army of nearly 70 million active buyers. Etsy has also recently announced that it will be working towards making it the go-to place for holiday shoppers and giving you all you need to prosper this holiday season.

 Learn about the best selling products on Etsy.

Another good news is that you can literally replicate your entire store on the Etsy marketplace instantly with the Etsy Integration App. The app allows you to upload and manage inventory on Etsy effortlessly through your existing Shopify store. Order management will also become seamless as you will be notified of all related activities on your Etsy store in real-time. You can ensure that each product is visible to buyers on Etsy by assigning categories and attributes to your products in bulk through the application. Learn how can you sell on Etsy today!

Popular print-on-demand products on Etsy

Custom Wall Decor

This particular item makes a perfect gift, as well as suits those who want to decorate their houses with unique interiors. So why not! Go on get some designs ready and start printing for all new orders you are about to receive on Etsy.

print on demand products on etsy

Check out this unique piece from Etsy

Personalized Clothing

Trust me or not, it’s a major trend right now. People these days want to flaunt their initials on almost all of their possessions, including their pajama suits! There is so much scope when selling personalized print/made on-demand clothing. You can experiment with various designs and ideas without investing a penny!

print on demand

This pajama suit is one best-seller on the Etsy marketplace

expand shopify store

Have a look at this piece of clothing on Etsy


Another very popular product on Etsy. This belongs to the digital products category, where you create the design and sell digital files when receiving an order. The shopper then takes the print out of the same. Print-on-demand papers are used for various craftworks, wall decor, and packaging supplies as well.

shopify store on etsy

Digital product on Etsy

Greeting and Visiting Cards

Greeting cards and visiting cards are always in demand. Since Etsy sellers are known for their creativity, you can find beautiful, unique, or personalized cards on the marketplace.

print on demand product

A best-seller on Etsy

Print-on-demand Mugs

Kitchen and homeware items have been reported as one of the most popular categories on Etsy for the past two quarters. We assume that it will continue to grow even during the holiday season. 

pod mugs

The last quarter brings a pool of opportunity for online sellers! So what are you waiting for, go, and work on your designs! Since buyers are looking for everything online, especially right now, make sure that you are increasing the visibility of your online store and best selling products with the right strategy and support! Expand your store this season and sell to a larger audience on Etsy, and unlock the doors of success this Thanksgiving!

If you need help or guidance with setting up your online business, reach out to us today!

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