eBay Global Shipping Program is now eBay International Shipping!

eBay Global Shipping Program is now eBay International Shipping!


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eBay, the renowned eCommerce platform, has undergone a significant transformation with its global shipping services. Formerly known as the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP), it has evolved into the eBay International Shipping program. This new program aims to simplify the process of shipping internationally for eBay sellers.

With eBay International Shipping, sellers can now reach millions of buyers in over 200 countries. This program offer a seamless shipping experience along with cost savings. In fact, eBay International Shipping can reduce selling costs by an average of 13%.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of eBay International Shipping. It includes the program’s countries of operation, cost structure, handling time, and fees. So, let’s explore how eBay ships internationally for online sellers worldwide.

eBay Global Shipping Program Replaced?

eBay has introduced the eBay International Shipping Program (EIS). It replaced the US Global Shipping Program ( eBay GSP) and eBay International Standard Delivery (eISD). With EIS, sellers can now expand their reach and ship internationally. And access buyers in over 200 countries.

This transition aims to simplify the international shipping process. Moreover, it offers sellers a seamless experience and significant growth opportunities.

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Benefits of eBay International Shipping

eBay leverages Avalara software for tax compliance. And has now partnered with Easyship for logistics support. It strives to provide a comprehensive solution for international shipping.

With eBay Standard International Shipping, you can quickly expand your business globally. Let’s dive into the benefits you’ll love when you join International Shipping.

#1. Increased Sales and Global Reach

You can showcase your products to millions of buyers worldwide by participating in eBay standard International Shipping. Imagine reaching customers in Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

#2. Hassle-Free Shipping

One of the most significant advantages of eBay International Shipping is the seamless shipping process. When you sell an item, you simply ship it to eBay’s domestic shipping hub. From there, eBay international shipping tracking handles everything, including customs paperwork.

You can rest easy knowing that your package is in safe hands. It allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

#3. Streamlined Returns Process

Returns can be a headache for sellers. Especially when it comes to international transactions. However, with eBay standard International Shipping, eBay manages and pays for returns on your behalf.

If a buyer opens a return, eBay handles all communications. It ensures a smooth resolution. This not only saves you time but also eliminates the costs associated with international returns.

#4. Seller Protections and Enhanced Reputation

eBay International Shipping provides several protections to sellers. Common claims such as lost or damaged items during international transit won’t affect you. eBay makes sure to safeguard you against them. You won’t be responsible for such a situation, ensuring your reputation remains intact.

Additionally, eBay removes any negative or neutral feedback related to item handling during international transit from your account.

#5. Cost Savings

Selling internationally can come with additional expenses, but eBay International Shipping offers cost-saving advantages. Sellers using this program reduce their selling costs on international transactions by an average of 13%.

eBay International Shipping is, on average, 5% cheaper than eBay’s pre-negotiated USPS international rates.

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Eligibility and Program Requirements

To participate in the eBay International Shipping program and enjoy the benefits of global selling, there are a few eligibility requirements and program guidelines to keep in mind. Let’s explore the criteria and what you need to know to qualify for this program.

#1. Above Standard or Top Rated Seller Performance

To be eligible for eBay International Shipping, it’s important to maintain above-standard or top-rated seller performance.

#2. eBay Account Registered in the US

Currently, eBay International Shipping is available for sellers with accounts registered in the United States. If you meet this requirement, you can take advantage of the program to reach buyers worldwide.

#3. Eligible for Seller Protections

To participate in eBay International Shipping, you must be eligible for seller protections. This means complying with eBay’s rules and policies and maintaining a good standing on the platform.

#4. Low or Average Service Metrics

Having low or average service metrics is an additional requirement for the eBay International Shipping program. This ensures that you consistently provide good service to your customers. By delivering items on time and maintaining positive feedback, you demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Shipping and Tracking Process

Shipping your items through eBay International Shipping is a straightforward and efficient process. Understand the steps involved and being aware of any exclusions. Awareness about restrictions will ensure a smooth shipping experience for both you and your international buyers. Let’s explore the details of shipping and tracking your items.

#1. Adding Tracking Details and Reference Number

When shipping your item to the domestic shipping hub, including tracking details and the reference number on the label is essential. eBay Shipping labels include that information.

However, if you don’t use an eBay shipping label, make sure to add the tracking number provided by your preferred carrier and include the reference number on the label.

#2. International Tracking for Transparency

Once your item reaches the domestic shipping hub, eBay will add international tracking to it. This allows both you and your buyer to track the shipment’s progress. International tracking helps build trust and ensures a positive buyer experience by providing visibility and transparency.

#3. Refunds for Lost Items

eBay has you covered in the unfortunate event of a lost item during international delivery. You will receive a refund for your buyer and still retain the sale. This demonstrates eBay’s commitment to protecting sellers and buyers throughout the international shipping process.

#4. Shipping Exclusions

Suppose you have established exclusions for specific states, territories, countries, or regions where you don’t offer shipping. In that case, those exclusions will still apply to eligible listings under the eBay International Shipping program.

#5. Restricted Items and Categories

eBay International Shipping has restrictions on certain items and categories to ensure compliance with safety regulations and international trading policies. These restrictions include items listed in eBay’s hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials policy and items not complying with the international trading policy.

Some categories, such as collectibles, electronics, and personal security items, also have specific limitations due to export regulations.

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Returns and Refunds

When it comes to international transactions, returns and refunds can be a concern for sellers. However, International Shipping simplifies the process. eBay keeps your interests and reputation protected as it handles everything. Let’s explore how eBay manages returns and refunds through the program.

#1. eBay International Shipping Returns

eBay takes the hassle out of international returns by managing them on your behalf. If a buyer opens a return request, eBay handles all communications and facilitates the return process. This ensures a smooth and efficient resolution for both you and the buyer.

#2. Refunds at No Cost to You

eBay issues a refund to the buyer at no cost when it approves a return. This means you won’t incur any additional expenses related to international returns.

#3. Seller Protections

Through eBay International Shipping, eBay protects you from adverse consequences that may arise during the return process. eBay also removes any negative or neutral feedback about item handling during international transit from your account. Additionally, eBay will remove defects, including opened cases, from your service metrics, ensuring your reputation remains intact.

#4. Simplified International Refunds

Handling international refunds can be complicated, but eBay takes care of the process for you. eBay manages refunds for all international transactions on your behalf. This simplified refund process helps maintain positive buyer experiences and fosters trust in your business.

User Tip: To streamline the returns and refund process, clearly communicate your return policy in your listings. Provide detailed information about international returns and the steps buyers need to follow to initiate a return request. This transparency helps set expectations and reduces any potential misconceptions.

eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP) vs. eBay International Shipping

If you’re familiar with eBay’s shipping options, you may have encountered the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP). With the introduction of eBay International Shipping, you might wonder how these two programs compare and which is right for your business. Let’s delve into the differences between GSP and eBay International Shipping.

eBay Global Shipping Program (GSP)

The eBay Global Shipping Program has been popular for sellers looking to expand their reach internationally. With GSP, you ship your item to a domestic US shipping center, and eBay takes over from there. They handle international shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to the buyer’s location.

Also, eBay’s global shipping program cost is higher when compared to eBay’s International shipping.

eBay International Shipping

International Shipping is an evolution of the GSP, providing a simplified and seamless international shipping solution. With this program, you ship your item to eBay’s domestic shipping hub, and they handle the rest, including customs paperwork, international shipping, and tracking.

International Shipping offers enhanced buyer and seller protections, making it a favorable option for many sellers.

Selecting eBay International Shipping for Global Selling

From the buyer’s perspective, both programs offer similar benefits. They enjoy competitive shipping rates, enhanced tracking capabilities, and the convenience of handling customs processes on their behalf. By utilizing eBay International Shipping, you can attract international buyers with lower shipping costs, making your listings more appealing and increasing your chances of making a sale.

If you’re already using the eBay Global Shipping Program and are eligible for International Shipping, it’s worth considering transitioning to the newer program.

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International Shipping is a game-changer for sellers seeking to tap into the global market. By leveraging this program, you can overcome the complexities of international shipping. Moreover, attract international buyers with competitive rates, and enjoy peace of mind with enhanced seller protections. Embrace the opportunity to expand your business internationally and provide exceptional customer service worldwide.

Remember, as you embark on your international selling journey, keep informed about shipping regulations, customs requirements, and any updates from eBay.

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