eBay Fall Seller Update
eBay Fall Seller Update 2021 – Everything you need to know!

eBay Fall Seller Update 2021 – Everything you need to know!


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The much-awaited eBay Fall seller updates have been finally announced. Owing to the sellers’ expectations, the update brings numerous changes throughout the eBay marketplace.

Starting with Item Specifics updates, Tera Peak Reports, eBay Seller Hub performance and research, introduction to Coded Coupons, and Promoted Listing, the updates include significant updates in best spaces like eBay Storefronts. It’s not only exciting but also makes the entire idea of selling on eBay much more appealing.

The updates have been divided into three significant areas by eBay,

  • Listing & Promotions
  • Running Your Business
  • User Agreement

eBay fall seller update tracker 1

A. Listing & Promotions

The Fall seller brings with it various changes and updates for the Listing and Promotions. You can find the detailed updates below.

#1. eBay Fall Seller Update: Item specifics

Item specifics are the descriptive texts that define your product and make it easy for the customers to identify and differentiate your product from thousands of other products on eBay. The item specifics provide the information about your product and give the much-needed boost by making it appear on the search results.

To sum it up, when you add item specifics to your listings, you increase the chances of making sure the buyers can find them easily. The more item specifics you add/provide, the better chance your listing stands of making it to the search engine’s result, whether it be Cassini or any external search engine.

#1.1 Updated item specifics: October 12, 2021

eBay is all set to introduce a new item specifics update for you to assign the respective products to them. Required from 2022, eBay lets you add or edit new listings from October 12, 2021, itself. It would be best to utilize the buffer period’s benefit to assigning the item specifics to your listings.

Updated Item Specifics fall seller update

#2. Discount offers with coded coupons

Coupon codes have enabled the sellers to find an easy way to encourage and reward your repeat and potential customers for buying more from you. The coded coupons work wonders when you need to target a specific customer demographic.

However, it would be best to remember that you can not send a coded coupon to the same buyer twice within 14 days.

#3. Monitoring Campaign Performance

The eBay seller updates bring access to data related to your campaigns on the eBay Seller Hub Marketing tab. The data will ensure you get complete knowledge about the performance metrics to measure the success of your campaigns. eBay also plans to introduce more features to the section soon to facilitate its sellers.

#4. eBay Promoted Listings Advanced (BETA)

The eBay Promoted listing will be upgraded into Promoted Listings Advanced (BETA) for sellers eligible for Promoted Listings. Once you become eligible, you can move ahead and start bidding for the best spot in the search results. Also, once you upgrade, all the active campaigns will automatically get transferred to the eBay Promoted Listing Standard. The only change you’ll notice is the name and the attribution logic for it.

Although the Promoted Listings will get upgraded into Promoted Listings Standard, it’s still a cost-per-sale model. It means just like before. You pay the commission only when you sell.

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B. Running Your Business

Running your business brings in the updates related to the eBay stores that provide you an excellent shot at impacting your shoppers and converting them into loyal customers.

#1. eBay Store

eBay stores have constantly been upgraded to provide a user-friendly experience through simplified designs. Owing to that, eBay introduced a Stores tab in the eBay Seller Hub. It makes stores more manageable for the buyers.

ebay fall seller update (2)

#1.1 eBay Store customization

The customization of stores is a new addition in eBay store updates through which you can create custom branding for your Store.

Under the Store design, you can now include your store logo and a unique banner update to your Store. eBay also introduces an “About” tab to add content for your brand and share your business’ story with shoppers

eBay will now display your Store link and logo on your listings, making it easy for them to find your Store.

#1.2 Get Featured on Store Hub

The new eBay update 2021 is excellent for the Stores. You can get your Store featured on the Store Hub. Firstly, It’ll make the stores more visible and easier to find than ever. Secondly, eBay says your Store stands a chance to get featured once you customize it completely.

#1.3 Newsletter

The shoppers on eBay get to save your Store to their favorites list. With the eBay fall seller update, buyers also get to decide if they wish to subscribe to your newsletters.

eBay store newsletter becomes much easier to use with the seller update. The new tool lets you build newsletters within minutes. All you need to do is select a ready-made template, customize it, and when to send it.

#2. eBay Seller Hub Performance

The eBay seller hub gets updates that bring more clarity to how you do your business. eBay is introducing a Listing Quality report and Sales report to keep you on track with your performance metrics.

#2.1 Listing Quality Report

The Listing Quality report is a downloadable document. It comes with suggestions and specific actions you should take to optimize the listings. The update also lets you compare your performance with that of competitors.

#2.2 Sales Report

The eBay fall seller update now lets you filter purchases by “Year to Date.” You also get to filter sales through Promoted Listings or offers and analyze sales records from up to 1 year.

Soon eBay plans to include Sales insight based on the auction and fixed price and Buyer insights giving you access to view the number of new buyers, repeat buyers, and total buyers you get.

#3. eBay Seller Hub Research

eBay Seller Hub gets a significant update that lets you refine your product search and grants you more permission for your account manager than you could before.

#3.1 Terapeak Sourcing Insights

eBay has introduced a new tab that goes by the name of “Top Categories.” The Terapeak Sourcing Insights gives you the top 20 searched categories on eBay, based on sales from the previous 30 days.

#3.2 Terapeak Product Research

The eBay fall seller update has brought with it a slight tweak here and there. Something that proves the change can be seen in the Terapeak Product Research. Now, it has got a new look.

You also get to permit your account users to manage,

  • Refunds
  • Requests
  • Disputes

However, the above mention permissions won’t affect the already existing permissions that enable the account managers to,

  • Create and edit drafts
  • Publish and revise listings
  • Research products using Terapeak (subscription required)
  • View orders
  • Download order reports
  • Add postage tracking
  • Print postage labels

Above all, your account users will soon get access and take actions based on their permissions within its launch in the next few months.

  • Scheduled listings
  • Unsold listings
  • Manage ended listings pages

C. eBay User Agreement Update

The updated eBay User Agreement will be applicable for all existing sellers from October 8, 2021. Also, it’ll be an update to the previous eBay User Agreement applicable since April 2, 2021.

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While we know the Spring Seller Update 2021 was grand, the eBay fall seller update 2021 turned out to be better than expected with its fantastic updates.

The most promising eBay fall seller updates include the Promoted Listings Advanced, making it the most striking new upgrade that looks assuring, helping sellers market the products. Meanwhile, the Stores’ updates make it a more alluring option for sellers thinking about expanding and increasing their brand awareness on eBay. With these updates, now you definitely should think about getting a store!

The updates focus on making you stand out from the crowd and set your brand apart. Also, eBay introduced an update to the eBay user agreement updating the previous amendments made on 2nd April 2021.

It’ll be really great to know what you think about the update. Please share your views and opinions in the comment section below!

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