Dropshipping with aliexpress
The Definitive Guide to Start AliExpress Dropshipping with BigCommerce

The Definitive Guide to Start AliExpress Dropshipping with BigCommerce


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Dropshipping with AliExpress is abuzzing the e-commerce arena. It is such a fascinating business model due to strong statistics suggesting rise of online sales from $2.29tr to $4.08tr by 2020.

AliExpress being an e-commerce giant allows the online seller to sell their products without any upfront cost. If you own a BigCommerce based online shop and desire to sell products the way to automate AliExpress dropshipping? Here is how to start AliExpress dropshipping?

Delightful facts about Dropshipping

Dropshipping with aliexpress

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Dropshipping has emerged out to be one of the hottest trends in 2019 with lots of potentials to stay and grow. If you are also the owner of BigCommerce based e-commerce store very keen about how to set up AliExpress dropshipping. Here are all the steps to start AliExpress dropshipping with BigCommerce.

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If you haven’t tried dropshipping on AliExpress it will be profitable as well as smooth once you stick to the way mentioned below.


BigCommerce website owners should use reliable integration solutions to automate AliExpress dropshipping. Dropshipping with AliExpress will help you explore opportunities to earn.


Once you need to integrate it on your online store. It will help you scale your dropshipping business on a global scale.

This guide will definitely help you to dropship like a pro

Dropshipping with aliexpress

How will BigCommerce Integration Solution Help You?

AliExpress dropshipping plugin is helpful to import products in a hassle-free manner. Do it either one by one or all at once. The choice is yours. This one is among the important feature to automate AliExpress dropshipping.

Features of Dropshipping plugin for Bigcommerce store integration with AliExpress


  1. Order pushing will save time by letting you enter shipment information once with a simple click.
  2. The price markup feature is very useful to increase your profit margin by increasing it in either multiple or by a fixed amount.
  3. Real Time Sync is one of those features that will avoid facing the embarrassing situation of not able to fulfill the customer order.
  4. Personalization builds trust with the customer. Every possible way to get closer to the customer is possible using the BigCommerce integration solution.  
  5. Customer support is available for 24/7 every day.
  6. Solution learning is also provided by experts to help you understand the intricacies associated with the solution.
  7. The advanced search feature is great and will boost your chance to find the best product in hardly a few seconds.

These features in AliExpress dropshipping plugin will automate AliExpress dropshipping. It will help drop shippers with little technical expertise get on board and start dropshipping with AliExpress.

Dropshipping with aliexpress

Product details in-depth

dropshipping with aliexpress

Trending Products 

The Extra Bits to Earn Extra…..!

How to be a Smart Drop Shipper

Smart work pays more than hard work. It is good to go for AliExpress dropshipping plugin. The smart way can be incorporated in your dropshipping business in form gathering crucial insights from the competitor.

This is neither time taking nor very complex. Make a list of all your competitors who are running a successful dropshipping business as well as earning a lot of good reviews.

Now, half the job is done and you need to place an order with them. As soon as you receive the product, note down the shipping details (mentioned for product return purpose).

Google the address to find the supplier name of your top competitor. Repeat the process several times to cover up all your competitors  You will now have sellers who have been playing an important role in making your competitor an ideal choice for buyers.

Contact these suppliers and collaborate with one whose term and condition is most appropriate for you and your customers.

Another cool technique to be a smart drop shipper on AliExpress is paying regular visits to trade shows. Here you will find all types of sellers and an opportunity to interact with them.

The best part about these shows is building a strong personal relationship with suppliers. These trade shows are organized several times a year therefore, you have multiple opportunities to meet suppliers.

It is recommended to ask them for the product catalog. During discussion ask about the nature of their business model as these details will help you adding products to your shop accordingly. This is an effective technique to start dropshipping with AliExpress.

These out of the box tips are rarely shared in an article related to how to start Aliexpress dropshipping. These smart ways will reap better and bigger benefits in dropshipping with AliExpress despite not being an expert.  

Why Dropshipping with AliExpress?

The first step to sell more via dropshipping is to choose from one of the widest product ranges. AliExpress is one of the giant in the e-commerce marketplace in the world. AliExpress hosts around 100 million products as of now.

Major categories include clothing, stationery, gadgets, toys, gadgets accessories and more.

  • It is free. No need to pay any monthly/yearly membership fee or some sort of restocking fee.
  • Sellers on AliExpress will never force you with a maximum cap on the markup price. You can put the markup price as you wish and still you would be at ease with the supplier.
  • AliExpress is able to arrange shipment to every corner of the globe. You can leverage it to capture customers in large volumes.

To sum it up, you will find it interesting to know that there ain’t any need to even notify the supplier. As as a drop shipper need not reveal about you interested in products for the purpose of dropshipping.

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How to Choose your Dropshipping Supplier?

AliExpress is awesome and so it dropshipping with AliExpress. It is quite important to choose the best dropshipping supplier. The AliExpress is user-oriented that also ease the job for drop shippers. Here are a few points that play a vital role in ensuring the best dropshipping supplier is chosen.

Seller statistics (take the pointer to seller name to see stats about seller activity). Information like ratings, year of operating and more will help you better decide to go or not for a particular seller.

The search result is an ideal place to filter out an ordinary seller from an ideal seller. Simply place your query after setting the filter to 4* and more. In this manner, you will find the best items in a particular category.

In this way, you will save a lot of time that would have otherwise wasted upon putting aside poor products.

Shipping Terms and Conditions is another point not to miss out while hunting for the seller. It won’t be wrong to say watch it before any other parameter. It will help you determine does the seller ships products to the country from where you are planning to get orders.

After performing the seller search as above it will be easy to sort a few from the sea of thousands of sellers. Now you will be able to make the most appropriate decision and will offer a high level of customer service.  Customer service is undeniably the final parameter to decide the success rate of dropshipping with AliExpress.


Best AliExpress Products for Dropshipping

Among thousands of products, only a few are able to stand out in terms of being purchased in huge quantity comparatively to rest of products on AliExpress. Here is a list of products that will fetch your more orders upon starting your journey of dropshipping with AliExpress.


  • Scalp Massager – It is one of the top-selling products during Black Friday season under the dropshipping category. Now that’s a good reason why to include it in your online store.
  • Pocket Language Translators – It is popular among travelers and helps them translate within seconds.
  • Portable Mini AC – If you are targeting customers from countries with hot climate most of the year then this will fetch you most conversions.
  • Magnetic Face Mask – Everyone at some point of the time wants to look fresh, young and vibrant. This face mask is very helpful in fighting anti-aging. It is very popular in every country hence, you will find lots of customers.
  • Wireless Charger – The smartphone penetration rate is an all-time high. The same goes for wireless chargers. It is bound to give you more sales in less time.


Now you are well versed with how to setup AliExpress dropshipping. You have a fair idea about the benefits to automate AliExpress dropshipping. These products are more you need to skyrocket sales in less time.

The Conclusion

There are obvious advantages of starting Aliexpress dropshipping with BigCommerce. The competition in dropshipping might be more for a newbie interested in it. In such a case, it can be made easy with the point and solution mentioned above.

Are you confident enough to start dropshipping with AliExpress?

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