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The Simple Anatomy of Dropshipping Best Product for Success

The Simple Anatomy of Dropshipping Best Product for Success


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Are you looking for the dropshipping best product but have been pondering over a while where to find it? The important thing to remember is to find the right product that is unique to your online store in some manner.

The best example of dropshipping best product is selling in high numbers on different dropshipping stores. Before considering a winning product for the dropshipping store, please take into consideration then below parameters.

  • The Product must have a wow factor. It will differentiate it from ordinary products. Innovative products are best suited to wow your audience.
  • Does it solve the problem of people with special conditions (suffering from specific medical conditions)? Such products send a clear message that your store is bothered about the needs of people suffering from severe conditions.
  • Does the product help in making the holidays more enjoyable? The demand surge during the holiday season is too high. Customers being in a festive mood will not compromise on products that will make the festival a cherishable memory.

What Makes Up the Anatomy of Dropshipping Best Product?

High Demand

High demand in the market throughout the year. But you have to be an early bird to get it available for customers before your competitor. As a result, you will be able to maximum benefit from it.

Appealing and Convincing

Is the product appealing enough to convince customers to go for purchasing more than one? This way, you will be able to increase the average order value. Offering huge discounts will help you achieve it without sounding salesy or using aggressive marketing techniques. Above all, customers must not feel they are being pushed to buy something.

By selling items that customers will require in large quantities to fix the issue or get things done, they will purchase more than one product.

Another good technique is to put a limited-time offer. It will psychologically create a FOMO (fear of missing out) situation. Therefore, customers will be buying multiple products finding the deal to be a lucrative one.

Lightweight and Small

The product must be small and lightweight. Certain shipping services will allow more than 1 (upto ten items) to be shipped in the same package if it is light and small in size. As a result, you save a lot of bucks on shipping.

Perceived value

The perceived value has a crucial role to make customers feel they are buying something with high value. Hence, conversion rate will certainly increase. The best way to boost perceived value is by smartly increasing the price to an extent that makes customers feel it results from better product quality.

Improving the design aesthetics, packaging and emphasizing the use of high-quality ingredients/materials will easily convince customers to believe it has very high perceived value.

Rightly Priced

Reasonably (or moderately) priced products are suitable for all sorts of dropshipping stores. Moreover, less costly items are more frequently bought than expensive ones owing to the fact the majority of customers are cost-conscious.
Another benefit being it is easy to sell reasonably priced products in high volume than products with high-profit margin

The Pro Tip: It is recommended to keep pricing slightly on the lower side than on leading e-commerce platforms. As a result, it will highly increase the chances of your conversion rate.

Shipping Charge

Low Shipping Charge or free shipping is one of the   that makes a product lucrative to buy. Hence customers believe they have found the best available product and are interested in purchasing it.

It is an important attribute that can’t be ruled out while deciding the anatomy of dropshipping best product.


Unique products (mostly handicrafts) that remind customers about your brands are superb for your dropshipping store. Moreover, selling products exclusive to your store means gaining a competitive advantage because these products are not available to be sourced from anywhere else.

Hence, customers have a reason to visit your store to avail of the product.


Products that can be upgraded with better features are best fit to be offered as upsell during the checkout process. Therefore, it is recommended to sell products about which you can elaborate on how if it is enhanced will be a great product for the customer. 

Best Example of Dropshipping Best Product

dropshipping best product

What Should not be in List of Dropshipping Best Product

  • Fragile products like glassware or sensitive electronics gadgets
  • Perishable products like meat, poultry, dairy, seafood, cooked foods, and eggs. Because they have a short shelf life
  • Software products without a free trial
  • Huge products like furniture that are tricky to to transport safely and their shipping cost will eat away the profit margin

Good to Know Points to Know Before Deciding Dropshipping Best Product

Market Size

Always a huge market is not mandatory, but a sufficient size will also work. You can get a fair estimate of the market size using Facebook Ad Manager. Refer to the below image

market size of audience

Image credit: wisemerchant


Giving full attention to feedback by your target audience is of utmost importance. It will help you figure out problems with products and how improving it will enhance the experience.


The product should be easy to ship. A heavy or fragile item will be expensive to ship. Hence, if possible, avoid it to eliminate chances of initiating a return.


Another vital factor to consider is demand for products. Is it seasonal or constant throughout the year? In case a product has a seasonal demand try targeting new locations during the off-season.


Check out the trends section of your competitor’s website. Here you will find a few products that are common in every store or present in the majority of websites. Therefore, these products are one of the best dropshipping products.

At eBay, watch count helps in finding what’s the popular product. The best part you get to see product pics. Input the keyword and get relevant results.

popular dropshipping product Image credit: watchcount.com

The Pro Tip: It will be in your favor to avoid branded products at the start of dropshipping business. Especially from those brands whose replicas are flooding the market. Usually, customers tend to stay from such products out of fear of falling prey to buying fake ones.

Using Facebook’s advanced search option, you can view ads that have the highest engagement level. Using product-specific keywords will show up refined results.

advanced search option

Image credit: fb-search.com

Google Trends

Google trends will help you gauge the popularity of a product and figure out will a product demand increase or decrease in the future based on historical data.


Try to choose the target audience that is located in a particular geolocation. Hence, you need not spend too much on the marketing budget.


Keep in mind that the sweet spot of price is between $10 and $40. The majority of sellers are willing to pay this much on average purchase

All Things Considered

The points mentioned above will help you identify dropshipping best products that are popular among the target audience and will not require you to spend a fortune on its marketing. Above all, you are targeting the right product to the right audience.

Therefore making it easy to develop a long-term relationship with customers. Hence, making it highly likely that you have a significant amount of repeat customers.

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