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CedCommerce Cenia Pro PWA Theme Out Now

CedCommerce Cenia Pro PWA Theme Out Now


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March 21, 2020

CedCommerce out with its Cenia Pro PWA Theme and features that make shopping a better experience.

Portland, Oregon (USA) – March 21, 2020 – CedCommerce announced the availability of new Cenia Pro PWA Theme. It comes with some all-new fresh features making shopping and eCommerce a better experience.

Customers are now accessible to visit CedCommerce’s official website. Cenia Pro Theme for Magento 2 PWA comes with a price tag of $499 where the first 10 customers will be given a FLAT 40% price slice-off offered at $299.

About Cenia Pro PWA Theme

Cenia PWA is undoubtedly a positive development taken by CedCommerce in order to make online stores turn in the form of applications. This won’t totally require fewer updates and enhancements, thereby making it a wholly powerful and independent platform.

How is CedCommerce Cenia PWA better?

Our PWA for Magento utilizes the robust technology of Magento PWA Studio, ReactJS & GraphQL. Several designs and feature improvements have been made in the Venia storefront to facilitate improved user-experience and traction on your website.

  • Easier to use than a web-native application.
  • Works extremely quickly whenever contrasted with the site.
  • Supports message pop-up for Android gadgets.
  • Totally responsive on all the stages.
  • Dispatches without the web or low-quality web.
  • It closely resembles a local application.
  • Clients don’t have to refresh the dynamic web application.
  • No application store requires dealing with the application.
  • Builds client commitment in the store.
  • Builds store income because of client commitment.

Cenia Pro Theme for Magento 2 PWA

Cenia Pro Theme

CedCommerce Cenia PWA Theme comes with a plethora of top-notch features which are a step towards making shopping online with eCommerce an excellent experience. We at CedCommerce have made a custom Cenia theme that offers some additional features from that of stock Magento PWA. Our Cenia Pro offers features that are as follows.

My Account

Cenia Pro comes with the feature of My Profile/Account where the user can make changes and settings to its respective personal details. This portion mainly focuses on UI improvements, color/style tuning, and appearance refreshments.

Product Page Tabs

Cenia Pro allows the merchant to create tabs using headings in your product page descriptions, assign tabs to collections and/or products thereby making it all a time-efficient procedure.

Related Products

Related Products is a section that will pull products from your store that share the same tags or categories as the current product in order to make the customer come across a pool of similar products that he/she can purchase.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are used on shopping sites to give customers an opportunity to rate and comment on products they have purchased, right on the product page. With Cenia Pro, the merchant can add a separate product review section making your customers engage better with you.

Customized Cart

Cenia Pro allows access to add a custom shopping cart to fit your business needs and branding, be flexible enough to scale as your business grows, be secure and support industry standards and provide solid integration with payment gateways.

One Page Checkout

The one-page checkout section displays all elements of a standard checkout including basket contents, billing and shipping address, shipping options, and payment information on one page. This is a step put into practice in an effort to simplify the checkout process with fewer clicks and fewer pages making shopping a faster experience.

Order Success Page

Order Success Page in CedCommerce Cenia will intend to provide a post-purchase experience that will display a purchase success page once the order has been placed.


The wish list section allows a registered user to create a wishlist, add their favorite products to it, and then may share a link to the wish list via email or social media.

CMS Pages

The role of CMS pages indeed mostly is to enhance the visibility of products to shoppers. Besides, while frequent CMS pages such as “About us” or “Contact” grasp helpful information, Cenia Pro allows the merchant to add numerous CMS pages that direct to various portions of their website at the footer section of the website pages.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce specializes in E-commerce Solutions, SEO, Web Development, Theme Development, Mobile Application Development, and excellent support. It has been helping customers sell and expand their business to a wide variety of platforms including Magento, WooCommerce

Deloitte, in its Technology Fast 50 India edition, declared it amongst the winners for four consecutive years in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Over 2,500 satisfied sellers are associated with us, with a large number of them spread across Europe and North America.

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