Are You Ready for the very thrilling MEET MAGENTO ASIA 2018?

Are You Ready for the very thrilling MEET MAGENTO ASIA 2018?


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The year 2018 has proven out to open great prospects for development in e-commerce business. Consumer Experience has been a major focus of most of the companies which now see it as the most important aspect of competition. Meet Magento Asia 2018 is all set to be held to throw light upon all aspects of business like marketing upgrade, marketing automation and much more.


The Event is going to be held on 8th of November, 2018 at Avani Riverside Bangkok Hotel. This event is a lifetime opportunity for any enthusiast to treasure experiences and knowledge of great business influencers from Magento and other such e-commerce platforms.





Key Participants of the Event:

meet magento asia


The event can be seen as a  chance for leading e-commerce dealers to :

  • Exchange ideas and come up with Real time Solutions.
  • Let People know about each other’s product and learn from each company’s growth and development
  • Converge upon the concept of customer-experience driven business and try to find a larger scope around it.




Agenda Of the meet and related sessions:


The meet seems to cover the following aspects of NEW AGE Business –


1. Offline to Online Shift of Marketplaces and Stores:

Anyone familiar aligned with the concept of enhancing consumer’s comfort must be aware of the very obvious shift from offline culture to online culture which has a lot to do with the consumer’s convenience .

Today business holders aim at making their consumers happy thus the “online market culture ” is soaring high.


CedCommerce’s take :


Need for offline to Online Shift : Why would you want to go on browsing about a car , if you are aiming to buy a bike, right ? A consumer today is very smart and is very specific about his choices. Moreover a consumer today wants his needs to be met as soon as possible.


marketing automation

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The Shift from offline to online is rising because all the more today’s consumer does not want to visit stores and choose from the options available rather they would not mind choosing and ordering a product online while collecting it from the store, a practice called BOPIS  (Buy Online Pick In Store) .


A leading Company BRONTO, in a study mentioned that starting BOPIS yielded them 72 % more sales than ever, which proves the fact that a buyer today loves navigating online.


CedCommerce has been to Magento France 2017 , where different leaders outlined the growth and importance of the online culture and how its exceeding structure is the base of the growing companies.





Transformation of Traditional Retailer in the Era of Omni-Channel Retail :

To be convened by :


Bhavin Patel, Group Omni-channel Director – Kanmo Retail Group



All-Star Panel: Omni-channel – Blurring The Line Between Online and Offline Commerce

To be convened by:


Pawoot Pongvitayapanu (Pom), CEO & Founder –
Santit Jirawongkraisorn, Regional Director, City Operations – Lalamove Thailand
Nicholas Kontopoulos, Head of APAC and EMEA Commerce Marketing – Magento, an Adobe company
Bhavin Patel, Group Omni-channel Director – Kanmo Retail Group
Stan Kim, Group COO & CIO – COURTS Asia


From Offline To Online: Creating A Personalized Customer Experience

To be convened by:

Kittinon Oywongpaisan (Tozt), Head of Digital Marketing – 24 shopping

Clement Burghart, Country Manager – Emarsys





2) Growth Based on User Experience:

Today user is the real owner of a company. HOW?

Studies reveal that on improving consumer experience you can increase your sale remarkably.


CedCommerce’s take:


You can improve user experience by working on the following grounds.


Prioritize personalisation – Successful businesses recognize the unique, real-time needs of their
customers and not just their past shopping behaviors. While this may sound complex , with right technologies and partners in place you can make the process effortless to the end user.


Focus on mobile – More holiday shoppers rely on their mobile devices than ever before. Put in place a proper strategy to leverage UX site design, mobile apps (if appropriate), and device-specific capabilities including geo-location, camera, and notifications. This will build upon your customers’ brand loyalty and engagement.


Invest in social marketing -Modern businesses understand the influence that social media has on the buying behavior of holiday shoppers, and how to leverage it. It’s essential to utilize social media
platforms and marketing platforms to target your desired seasonally or regionally- use the data to give the customer what she wants at the time she desires it.


If statistics are to be believed a company named Sugarfina introduced a product named Bento Box which provided a customer to make their own box of candies in their stores. Soon they started this service  of customization of candy boxes online which became a huge hit and increased its sales to manifolds.


meet magento


[Source :]




Driving Growth With Experience-Driven Commerce:
To be convened by:Mark Lenhard  – VP, Commerce Strategy & Growth, Experience Business – Magento, an Adobe Company



The Future Of Customer Experience: Engaging The Channel-less Customer:


To be convened by:


Nicholas Kontopoulos – Head of APAC and EMEA Commerce Marketing – Magento, an Adobe company



3) Upgradation in Marketing:
Another major aspect which the meet seem to put beam of light is marketing and recent upgrades in it.



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Marketing is the backbone of any business. Today marketing upgrades like Marketing Automation is aimed as business holders being focussed at other aspects of their business and marketing to be largely held in an automated manner .


As inbound marketing is taking over, buyers seek information and relevance before they buy a product:

Different formats of Marketing such as :

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • multi-channell Marketing
  • Cross-Channel Marketing

Seem to let a new community emerge altogether which understands their buyers and are capable enough to convert leads into happy customers on emotional grounds as well.


CedCommerce’s take:


consumer experience




The path to any product ‘s purchased crosses five stages or say a buyer can lie in any of the five stages of path to purchase, these are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideratin
  • Purchase
  • Post Purchase
  • Repeat Purchase

What remain constant in each of these stages are Search Engines, hence Path to Purchase with Google happens to be a major agenda of every business campaign today.

This can better be explained with the help of an example:


meet magento asia 2018


[Source :]


The above descriptive image makes it clear that most of the buyers like Stacy rely upon Search Engines to but a product and most of these searches are done on mobile phones which outlines two things:


  • The path to purchase with google makes sense for any company to incorporate it.
  • You need to provide correct information about your product as a part of Inbound Marketing.
  • Your website’s each page much be an AMP Page.


Sessions :


The Path To Purchase With Google :


To be convened by :


Monisha Varadan, Global Product Partnerships, APAC – Google



People Buy Experiences not Products :


To be Convened by :


Scott Rigby, Head of Digital Transformation, APAC – Adobe




How AI Will Alter The Digital Marketing Landscape


To be convened by :


Kosuke Sogo, CEO & Co-Founder – Anymind Group



Conclusion :

Events such as Meet Magento 2018 are helpful in providing insights to business holders about the recent trends that work and are very helpful in generating leads , nurturing leads and closing them as customers. Thereby , one must take out time to participate in such events which would accomodate necessary brainstorming and real-time solutions .



More from CedCommerce :


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