growth of an app market
Growth of an app Market and Things to Consider while developing an app.

Growth of an app Market and Things to Consider while developing an app.


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The mobile app market is a fast-growing industry. As mobile devices are increasing every day, organisation are building innovative apps to attract and engage users. Now most small and large businesses are using mobile apps to reach their target audience. These apps help you to connect with your customers engagingly. Mobile applications are now used in every sector, whether in education, entertainment, social media, or shopping. Businesses use mobile applications to reach their target audience and to increase their sales and revenue.

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What are the most prominent mobile app stores worldwide?

As of the initial quarter of 2021, Android app users were around 3.48 million, making Google Play store the largest play store with the most significant number of available mobile apps. Then comes the apple play store on the second number with 2.22 million available apps for iOS. Furthermore, the number of mobile applications is increasing consistently over the years.

Average app Price

There are numerous ways in which mobile apps generate revenue for businesses. For example, the cost of downloading an app from users and using a premium version of the app from users. As of March 2021, the average price of an app in the app store was 0.91 USD per app. More apps may be available for download in the Google play store, but the apple stores perform better at monetising their mobile content. App market is expanding exponentially. In the 3rd quarter of 2020, worldwide consumer on apps through the Apple apple store was around 19 billion USD, which is much as compared to google play, i.e., 10.3 billion USD.

Other app stores

Google and Apple are amongst the top stores regarding spending and downloads. There are numerous other players with a certain degree of market relevance and success. The App Store by amazon offers around 460,000 android apps to the audience across the world. This shows that, with the increasing number of app users, mobile apps and app stores are also increasing each day consistently.

Things to consider when looking for an app development company

If you are looking for an app development company, there are many options available in the market. Thus, you need to figure out the best app development company for your online store. Below are some points you need to consider when choosing an app development company for your organisation. The most used app categories in the Amazon app store are education, gaming, and utility apps. Also, there are numerous more third-party android app stores like the Tencent app store, etc.

App market research and their Past work experience 

Suppose you are looking for an app development company for your business. You need to do an app market research past projects, portfolio, and work samples.

Designing process

An appealing design can significantly impact the viewer’s mind and hook them on the application. So, ask the app development company to provide you the complete outline of the detailed design. Also check, whether the UX of the template is optimised or not. Are they giving secure code, so your data will be safe and private? It will be better if they provide multi-layered security to guard your information.

Want to convert your online store into an interactive mobile application?

App services

The main thing that matters the most is the customer service you offer to your users through an app. Ask the development company to integrate chat and in-app calling features to assist the users when they need assistance. The app should be easy to use, responsive, and easy to install.

Interaction with the app development team

A great app cannot be developed until you get involved with the development team and give them proper inputs as per your requirement. So, you need to keep in touch with the development team and organization throughout the app development process and provide them with all necessary details.

Developing a Wireframe

Ask the development company to provide you the wire frame development before starting the project. It will help you look over their experience and whether they have understood your requirements.

Cost of the services

Do the app market research and ask for package cost in advance. And then check different features provided by various app development companies and their prices. Then compare each component and cost before making the final decision. Go for that app development company that offers you the most valuable features at a cost-effective price.

Testing and release

Before the final launch of an app, it is essential to test it on various devices. Ask your technical team to check the quality of an app and check if there is any issue or bug in the app.

Maintenance and Customization

Proper customization and maintenance of an app is an essential part of app development. After releasing the app on numerous app stores, you need to update it consistently. Try to fix bugs, and add new thrilling features to engage users. Hence, it is essential to check if the development company is providing you these services or not.


There are numerous reasons why you need to convert your online store into an app. But for picking an app development company, you also need to consider some points as discussed above. This will let you create an outstanding mobile application at the most affordable price. So if you want to build an app for your online store, you can start with a free trial. A free trial lets you thoroughly understand the complete working of an app without investing any money.

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