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Robust Digital Marketing solutions helped BodyJewelry increase revenue by 404%

Robust Digital Marketing solutions helped BodyJewelry increase revenue by 404%


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BodyJewelry rose with the power of a dynamic Digital solutions by CedCommerce. Read further to know how!

Ask a woman, and she will tell you the importance of jewelry. You may look magnificent in the dress you drape, but a piece of jewelry always finds its way to sharpen your entire look. Keeping this in mind, BodyJewelry, a US-based jewelry store, has been adamant about making you feel good every day. They have been producing the most delicate pieces for your skin. Whether it is for a regular Monday or fancy dinner on weekends, this online store has everything for the occasion.

BodyJewelry has evolved the entire meaning of jewelry by introducing the audience to a fantastic collection of jewelry from nose studs and navel earrings to gems that shine in the dark. They have always believed that their products should be versatile for both classic and bold appearances.e

BodyJewelry has always maintained to not compromise on their customers’ quality and trust and provide the best service to its audience. This e-commerce store had planned to expand more than just body piercings and, with the same intention, has included other merchandise too. A

The “No Normal” Ride

Bumpy, but worth it

A ride that originated from selling body jewels door to door soon transformed into owning a Jewelry store. This journey has been incredible for Avi Godin, CEO of one of the renowned companies named Bodyjewelry.

He believes any company can sell jewelry, but his company wishes to go beyond and present to the globe various products of great value that give people satisfaction.

Interestingly, the motto of Bodyjewelry is “No normal people allowed.” The whole team believes in standing up to their individuality and being quirky whenever required. Their quirkiness reflects in their choices of shaping polished jewels for their store.

BodyJewelry X CedCommerce

Because we make a good team

“We have not only established a brick-a-mortar store of BodyJewelry in the US, but its presence is also online. When we started off our online store, the primary goal was to maintain a refined and outspoken website that would express itself. We hoped to make the customer experience as simple as it could be.

People have many questions and fears about body piercing, and to address that confusion, we have created a separate blog section that educates the readers on all the dos and don’ts. The customers require to be informed about the products they are trying to purchase.

Now that we would be in the game, it was essential to arrange for some assistance to grow. I wasn’t sure about how and where to begin. I started looking online for suggestions when my acquaintance with CedCommerce happened. Their prospects were suiting the company needs. Soon, we hired them for our integration services”.


Increase website traffic for conversions

“It was good until we started to face difficulties associated with the number of visitors reaching the website. This drop-in traffic was affecting our conversions. BodyJewelry could not improve without traffic and visitors.
Despite attempting to the best of our knowledge, we were suffering in terms of figures. CedCommerce then suggested that we use their Digital Marketing services to settle the issue.
Their Digital Marketing solutions included a free trial of google ads, which was a bonus. Since they were already aware of our business and rendering good services, it was a sound idea to rehire them to build up our marketing”.


Digital marketing services revenue

The “ Digital Marketing solutions Roadmap”

With the right approach and adaptability through dynamic Digital solutions

Since BodyJewelry was struggling with visitors and needed help with marketing , our experts suggested they use our Digital Marketing services that would include planning around Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Walmart Marketing, and Amazon Marketing that could help the website advertise on many platforms.

Social Media Marketing

In terms of social media marketing the offers and themes were changed on a regular basis to maintain freshness and uniqueness when compared to the competitors Digital solutions. All the campaigning plans were strategized towards increasing the visitors and conversion on the website

Google Ads

Our experts’ main marketing strategy was to target the right audience with the help of multiple campaigns that focused on offers, Video campaign, Search campaign, Shopping campaign, Search remarketing campaign, Branded, Non-branded campaign and Dynamic campaign to make the visibility of BodyJewelry strong to reach the goals.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads worked along with multiple campaigns which included shopping campaigns, remarketing campaigns, search campaigns, and dynamic campaigns. There are many more campaigns being planned by our experts to excel in

Amazon and Walmart

Marketplace experts focused on optimizing the listing quality of BodyJewelry along with creating multiple brand campaigns in the ads accounts. They also provided a detailed description of the products to improve the ranking of the products and to increase sales.

Results after implementing Digital solutions

BodyJewelry, with the help of our Digital Marketing experts were able to accomplish an increase in the number of visitors, sales and most importantly, achieve a pro seller badge on walmart and be able to earn the highest revenue from google ads including other parameters. Overall, It has been a great journey.

But…..This is not the end

Still going strong with Digital solutions

The good news is that BodyJewelry is still going strong with CedCommerce and making improvements day by day. Our Digital marketing experts are working every day to adapt and introduce different Digital Marketing solutions and roadmap while being true to the brand and trying to achieve better and bigger results. Let us say that the collaboration has just begun.


Building your Ideas

If you have an idea, our Digital marketers are always ears. Let us hear what you have to say and shape your ideas with our customized Digital Marketing solutions that would suit your needs and budget.

About Cedcommerce

CedCommerce’s results-driven approach and skillful mindset help its clients live their dream goals. With more than a decade of experience, CedCommerce swears by its motto to satisfy its clients by offering them the best industrial Digital Marketing solutions.

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