5X Increase! How Voltyc Managed Astonishing Feat on eBay

5X Increase! How Voltyc Managed Astonishing Feat on eBay


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An online store is the building block when marking your presence in the multiverse of eCommerce. Especially with the Covid-19 on the loose since early 2020, online stores have become an inevitable part of any seller’s life. Creating an online store has helped sellers with their operations while providing them with the much-needed expansion. Voltyc is also one such business that sells Portable Power Stations on their Shopify store. Aspiring to achieve great heights, they decided to extend to eBay and start selling electric generators using integration options for Shopify. Let’s find out how their leap towards selling portable generators on eBay turned out to be one of the most instrumental decisions ever for Voltyc.

Voltyc: An Overview

Voltyc is committed to serving and providing access to electric power in a stable, affordable, and constant way. It has constantly evolved and produced a significant and positive social impact. Carlos Serrano, the owner, started the store in July 2020. He strives to bring electrical energy to people who need it. The portable generators provide a great present and a brighter future.

The green power source that serves as an alternative to diesel generators is an excellent addition to the home generators for anyone. These portable home generators come packed with state-of-the-art components to enrich your experience with the best and premium quality products.

Before selling on eBay, selling through their online store had been an extraordinary experience for the voltyc team. So, with a good product bound to attract buyers in the eBay marketplace, Voltyc started its sale operation.

The Hurdles of Multichannel Selling

However, a few days after initiating his venture on eBay, Carlos found out that creating a perfect listing for all his products was time-consuming. In addition to this, the team found it very difficult to maintain the inventory status when managing sales on two fronts, i.e., eBay and Shopify. Furthermore, the orders for selling electric generators they received on eBay also suffered greatly, as managing orders was problematic for Voltyc.

The entire operation faced severe repercussions because of improper order management and overselling in the initial phase of starting on eBay.

The Solution: Finding CedCommerce

Carlos jumped into action and decided to find a solution to the problem at hand before things escalated, affecting his business model. So, he reached out to the Shopify App Store in his quest to find the optimum solution. The app store is home to innumerable apps developed to simplify the selling process by providing the best integration and other solutions. Upon conducting thorough research and going through various apps, he stumbled upon the eBay Marketplace Integration app.

The client reviews and the app’s overall rating caught his attention, followed by a rigorous analysis of the features on his part. Once impressed, he installed the app and initiated contact with our team of experts to get insights on the registration and working of the eBay Marketplace Integration app.

Once Voltyc installed the app and initiated contact with the support team, the team of experts from CedCommerce sprung into action and ensured the proper aid in the given problem was provided within a shorter period. Carlos scheduled a demo of the app, and the entire app panel explained to clear any doubts related to creating a listing and the selling process.

How did it work out?

The introduction of the eBay marketplace integration in the operations of Voltyc resulted in a 180° turnaround for them. Today, they are getting seamless integration and selling experience.

The application has helped them garner a 10% increase in their traffic and a 5X increase in their sales within 6 months.

eBay marketplace Integration results

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App Features

Apart from helping Carlos with the inventory syncing and order management, the eBay Marketplace integration helped the team of Voltyc in many different ways. The easy-to-navigate user interface and the app’s workflow were easy to understand with the guided assistance of the experts.

#1. Profiles

The app helps you create a listing based on the selected policies & templates as per your need. Here you can group the products based on their specific product properties.

#2. Templates

Sellers get to create templates for Pricing, Inventory, Category, and Title. It keeps them from filling in the same information repeatedly for a range of products having similar attributes.

The feature helped Voltyc a lot as they could list a large number of products similar at once.

#3. Order Management

The feature lets you create the orders received on eBay to Shopify to complete the fulfillment process. Once done, the app then fetches the updated shipment status from Shopify and reflects iron eBay for the buyer to see.

The feature worked wonders. It helped team Voltyc automate selling by creating orders of generators on Shopify from eBay. Removing manual process completely.

#4. Inventory Management

The app synchronizes the data between eBay and Shopify in almost real-time. It makes the inventory levels on both places the same. It gives you a real-time stat of your inventory and keeps you from overselling your commodities.

#5. Price Management

The pricing option lets you set the prices for Auction and Fixed prices when creating a listing. One can change the pricing for a commodity by a fixed value (by entering a numeric value to change the original value). Or by percentage (reflects a change in percentage on the actual price).

The app is also compatible with GSP (Global Shipping Program) that eBay offers to its sellers.


Expanding the operations beyond the Shopify store is the best move one can plan to experience the much-deserved growth. But what must be kept in mind is proper planning to manage everything on multiple channels in total synchronization.

Incorporating an integration application like the eBay Marketplace Integration in such cases can do wonders by automating almost everything. It leaves you with ample time dedicated to other tasks such as promoting listings or planning customer retention strategies. So, are you ready to expand and start selling on eBay? We’ll be more than happy to be a part of your epic journey!!

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