5 tips to increase your holiday season sales using social media

5 tips to increase your holiday season sales using social media


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The holiday season is about harnessing the special times of the year to promote your business in favor of increasing sales. And with the buyer’s journey taking new turns in 2020, no other platform as powerful as social media to bridge the gap between your customers and your products.

Social media gives you space to advertise your business right in front of your target audience. During the holiday season, social media comes alive with all the more festive content. Moreover, the consumer behavior starts changing during the same time. And you as an advertiser or a business person have a chance to bring you some profitable share out of this holiday or seasonal sale, not to mention you’ll grow your audience size by planning your strategies in advance.

To keep up with the changing trends and surge your holiday season sales, here are some tips you can adopt in your Holiday season Social Media Marketing:

#1: Create a Festive mood 

You might have heard this proverb earlier by Saint Augustine “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This same proverb applies to your business too. So, when there’s a festive season, you must plan out a customized theme for your social media. It helps you create a vibe on your social channels to give your audience the feel of the upcoming festival.  For instance, If there’s Halloween upcoming in the next 15 days, you can change your profile picture and cover photo. You might want someone from your staff to wear a Halloween costume and upload it to your cover. Or it can be a graphic based on Halloween theme.

Another most important thing is your post content “ it should also reflect the same as your profile and cover does” you might have to plan your content prior. Moreover, you can bring up social media campaigns around the festive days. For instance, You can plan a campaign around ‘Self-love’ for the singles day sales. As Facebook’s latest report states, Singles day (11/11) is a ‘must participate event’ for all brands who are planning to reap maximum sales during the Mega Sales season. The Mega Sales season kicks in from Black Friday onward. So, you need to plan your campaigns accordingly in advance to meet your Holiday season sales target.

The ultimate message is that you’ll have to revamp your handles and profiles in such a way that it creates a vibe of the upcoming seasonal sale or festival so that your audience can better correlate with your offerings.

Let’s plan your marketing strategy for holiday season 2020!

#2: Offer Holiday season giveaways

Running giveaways is another major role player during a festive season which can bring you new followers, draw engagement and eventually add up in generating more sales. In order to delight your followers on various social channels and attract new visitors massively, you might consider hosting a giveaway.

An appropriately conducted giveaway can help you establish your brand on Social Media, thus enhancing a loyal fan base and sharing your target and most likable products with a broader audience base than you could organically.
Prefer choosing some of your products while conducting giveaways as a winning prize, when you choose winners usually they’ll end up posting them on their handles tagging your official social channel, which results in generating brand loyalty & adding up more such lookalike followers.

To conduct Giveaways, consider following points:

  • Choose the Prize
  • Decide the criteria for entry
  • Establish an objective for your giveaway
  • Choose a unique yet trending campaign hashtag
  • Put a Time Limit
  • Launch and Promote on a regular basis.

Let’s plan your marketing strategy for holiday season 2020!

#3: Collaborate for co-promotion

Collaborating with other brands who helps you in gaining new followers as well as an increased visibility on social media. Moreover, brand collaboration gives way to building up good relationships – an important part of your marketing plan. You can engage in a co-promotion activity where you can promote each other’s products on respective social media accounts.


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Also, with increasing product demands, another approach people tend to follow is Influencer marketing. You too can take advantage of this for your business. All you need to do is get in touch with some top influencers in your niche who can promote your products on their social handles. This increases your brand awareness and also urges people to consume your products or services.

#4: Let people discover your products

And in the last comes “the king of all social media marketing approaches” paid ads. With more than 2 Billion user base and targeting strength you have the flexibility to target an audience segment for your business & show them your ads.
All what is needed is:

  • A better understanding of your audience, what they’ll like is more important than what i am selling. There always has to be an option to understand audience behavior towards your product and improvise your product accordingly
  • State of the art creatives.
  • And in the last a budget that you allocate for running the ads. Facebook and Instagram are one of the best platforms to advertise your products/services. 

With paid ads you have multiple objectives from brand awareness, consideration to conversion. It is very important to understand the funnel your audience is going through. So before you spend a penny, create a strategy on how you will entice people to buy your product. And if you’re successful in doing so, you’ve hit the head right on the nail.

Let’s plan your marketing strategy for holiday season 2020!

Pro tip: Create a holiday landing page where you showcase all your festive deals and offers. Drive your audience on these pages through social media ads.

#5: Go live with your audience

In the times when Coronavirus is restricting people from moving out, people expect every bit of experience online. As a brand, you can enhance the shopping experience of your customers by connecting with them virtually through Facebook/Instagram live. You can even rope in experts to talk about your products and its specification along with the holiday offers in live sessions. Share your product experience with your audience in the form of live sessions on social media carried out by experts. During the session, the speaker can encourage the audience to buy the products in creative ways. Later on, you can re target the viewers by publishing the same session in the form of short video ads for the holiday season.

#Bonus tip: Join in a cause

With the COVID-19 outbreak around the globe, the world has come closer. And in the current times, people expect even the businesses and brands to focus more on social causes. Audiences are preferring brands that stand out as being thoughtful toward society at large. And social media is the best way to show your audience that you care beyond selling your business. For instance, this holiday season you can come up with digital campaigns spreading awareness on how to have a safe in-store shopping experience. Moreover, you can be a part of online charity campaigns on the occasion of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can even engage your audience in charity campaigns. Being a brand, your goal is to win people’s heart and increase your brand awareness, and being human as a brand is the best way to do it.

To wrap it up…

To make your product relevant to the audience you’ll have to put some research while you’re creating your products. Holiday season sales can either end up making or breaking your business success. Not just fall or Christmas but you can increase your sales all year round as soon as you succeed figuring out what your audience needs and when they need it also figuring out product relevancy at the different times of the year.

With time, you’ll see your sales curves growing significantly more than any of the tactics discussed above in the blog.

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