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Why Singles Day is Best Bargain to Mind-Blowing Sales?

Why Singles Day is Best Bargain to Mind-Blowing Sales?


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Holiday Season Sales unleash alluring offers, enticing promotions and tempting opportunities to woo plentiful shoppers to your Stores.

Bagging up to $1billion sales in the first 1 min & 25 secs of the Singles Day 2018.

The Alibaba Singles Day Sale or rather the lucky charm of all the sellers out there- 11.11 sale (11th November) turned out to be a massive success for all the Southeast Asian online retailers (emperors) once again.Singles Day

It was only a decade ago when it was just a day of singles to celebrate their singledom. However, the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba turned it into their nation’s version of Black Friday.

Wondering why is the 1111 Sale event a.k.a. the Singles Day so sensational? Well, you need to scroll a little more!

The breathtaking sales record from these Southeast Asian eCommerce tech-giants’ event has almost doubled up from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US combined.

Giving more power to WooCommerce Sellers, CedCommerce enables retailers to outreach their products’ in the SEA market.

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Speaking of sales record, the netizens helped Alibaba bag 213.5 billion yuan ($30.7 billion), forming a massive record even before the festival season (here).

sales record

Source: Statista

Revealing Insights:

Here is a quick go through of Singles Day past years’ generated revenue (in dollars):

Concluding the 10th Singles Day blockbuster sale event, Alibaba and other related tech-giants broke yet another record. With the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) rising 27% year over year to RMB 213.5 billion ($30.8 billion), leaving behind last year’s record of $25.3 billion

Furthermore, reports suggest more than 1,80,000 brands took part. Besides, the native and small eCommerce store owners also leveraged considerable benefits in terms of capital.

Well! that’s not enough, you will be more than shocked with the next one.

Sometimes, even 24hrs is less when it comes to the Singles day Shopping. Shoppers around the world get the best of the best deals not just from Alibaba and its Subsidiaries but also from the other famous markets of the Southeast Asia Marketplace.

Keeping in mind the Singles Day 2018 insights, Alibaba’s number of orders reached to the whopping 1000 million in just 24 hours.

No. of orders on alibaba

Source: Statista

That’s Gross! So many Numbers

Here’s something different

Alluring Promotions like Free Shipping, Mega Discounts, Freebies, & Get 1-on-1 are also a significant driver for the shoppers to make most of the purchases. Sellers of Southeast Asia tend to go for promotions on different product categories.

A clear comparison between how Singles day impact the sales of the product category reflects the opportunities for you to Start today!

product category sales

Source: McKinsey&Company

Exploring Prospects

What Netizens proclaimed about Singles Day 2018?

The 1111 sale day fever was on even before the clock ticked midnight, and so did the netizens had their plans ready beforehand. In case you missed witnessing the hilarious experience, below we have captured some for you:

Some were seen recommending their favorite stuff of their Singles Day Shopping.

While some, celebrating their Singledom through-out the Singles Day 2018 — Shopping for their most awaited accessories.Singles Day 2018

How can You Bargain Huge Sales by Selling on SEA eCommerce Giants?

The 1111 sale was no doubt a massive success for all the tech-giants viz. Alibaba, with its subsidiaries Lazada and Taobao, AliExpress, PrestoMall, Shopee, and much more last year.

Having crossed 1 billion yuan- $155 million GMV in the first 20 seconds and 10 billion yuan GMV in the next 2 minutes, the Single day Shopping Festival was a complete hit. Hence, propelling online sellers to sell even more and integrate their eCommerce stores with these marketplaces.

Are you the one who couldn’t make it till now? Well, well, there’s this good news- pull your finger out and prepare your stores for the Singles Day 2019 sale lined up, followed by 12.12  in the coming months.Singles Day

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