link woocommerce to ebay
Why Should You Link WooCommerce to eBay

Why Should You Link WooCommerce to eBay


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CedCommerce announces the release of WooCommerce eBay integration. WooCommerce vendors can now easily link WooCommerce to eBay marketplace. You can find the plugin on the official site of WooCommerce. Furthermore, the seller API has an automatic, real-time inventory sync feature. It provides a centralized control panel and hassle-free product management. You can connect WooCommerce to eBay with the plugin that supports the handling of multiple accounts too.

Around 171 million buyers trust eBay since its emergence in 1995 as an auction marketplace. Later on the demands of buyers and sellers, it also introduced a fixed price format for selling. Keeping in mind the demand of refurbished products, eBay has also launched its Certified Refurbished Program, late November 2020. Selling on eBay with the WooCommerce Integration will ensure a wonderful selling experience.

Manage Multiple Accounts with the eBay to WooCommerce Plugin

Supporting multiple accounts usage, this new plugin will automatically update the inventories with the help of schedulers. The plugin also allows you to make bulk changes/actions to your product listings, therefore saving your time. This new plugin is focused on enhancing your experience as an eBay seller.

Why should WooCommerce Vendors connect the store to eBay with the WooCommerce eBay API?

If you wish to start selling on eBay from your WooCommerce store, the following features can help you.

woocommerce ebay api

  • Product Upload & Management– You can upload the products on eBay from your WooCommerce store seamlessly with a few taps and clicks.
    You can also manage your product listings. The listings are available on a centralized panel for product listing management. You can upload, update, or remove a product listing or its variations or other details.
  • Order Fetch & Management– Fetch the eBay orders right on your WooCommerce store. From here, (i.e., your WooCommerce store), you can manage the eBay orders. Also, you can update the order status on the WooCommerce store and track details of the order right from here. This means that the updates done on your WooCommerce store will be automatically updated on the eBay store. Or the changes happening on eBay will also be updated on the WooCommerce store.
  • Centralized Inventory Management– You get a centralized panel. On this panel, all your inventories are available. As soon as a sale happens, the inventory will be updated on its own and you don’t need to stress about this.
  • Bulk Actions– Whether you need to upload, update, or delete products, you can do it from the WooCommerce eBay integration app. You can also select the products based on their category and then take collective action on them.
  • Multiple Account Support– In case you own multiple stores on eBay, the new WooCommerce eBay integration can help you. With the help of the API, you can manage more than one eBay store.
  • Schedulers– These help you with automatic updates of the inventory. The schedulers update the stocks from time to time without your need of doing so manually.

Added Benefits When You Link WooCommerce to eBay

We are there to guide you on each step. The integration has hidden benefits for you.

Dedicated account managers

We will assign you an account manager for your WooCommerce store soon after you purchase the eBay-WooCommerce integration. Your account manager will help you right from the installation of the app to sell like a pro. The trusted account manager will help you with every step involved in selling till you learn to do it yourself.

Free Upgrades

Get access to free upgrades as soon as a new version of the integration arrives. We keep you updated with the same.

Why consider selling on eBay

eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces for WooCommerce vendors. It gets around 167 million users monthly from the US. Around 25 million sellers trust eBay, out of which seven million are from the US itself.

For beginners, selling on eBay is simpler than other marketplaces. Everything, right from onboarding and then listing the products is easy. eBay also guides sellers with the marketplace best practices to ensure the best selling experience. Also, eBay is careful towards its sellers. The eBay sellers are protected by various means. eBay has seller supportive seller policies and a transaction monitoring facility. Sellers can also Report the buyers who do not follow the marketplace rules. The eBay resolution center will then help you.

Selling on eBay is beneficial

  • Firstly, eBay supports sellers of both new and used products to sell on their platform.
  • Secondly, eBay has both fixed price and auction listing formats available. So this means that one can sell both stock items and rare collectibles.
  • Thirdly, eBay believes that no matter if a product on their platform is old, it should always work like new. To ensure this, they have come up with a Certified Refurbished Program.
  • Fourthly, you get 200 free listings on eBay, and when you make a sale, you have to pay only 10% of the item’s sale price to the marketplace. You can find the additional fee conditions of eBay Here.
    And to ensure the best selling experience on eBay, the WooCommerce eBay plugin is all set to help you with its exceptional features.

For more queries do connect with our marketplace experts at CedCommerce. You can also find us to your assistance via Skype, WhatsApp, and e-mail.

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