Why Italian Grandma success story is inspiring?

Why Italian Grandma success story is inspiring?


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Above Short Summary

The Problem

Livio Minervini, the Italian grandma owner, an Italy-based online store for food and beverages, decided to take his business up a notch with eBay. However, Italian grandma had to face a few significant hiccups when they tried their hands on the eBay marketplace despite having the best products. Their biggest concern was with the eBay settings. Importing and uploading Shopify products to their eBay was not going as swiftly as they expected it to go.

The Solution

The experts from CedCommerce came to the rescue and made sure Livio knew the issues he faced and instantly provided a solution to those problems. Meanwhile, the eBay marketplace integration application minimized the efforts when creating a listing on eBay, eliminating the hard work team Italian Grandma was putting in.

The Outcome

With proper guidance and perfect integration application to help import products from Shopify and upload the same to eBay marketplace, Italian Grandma saw an increase in their store traffic by 50%. Also, they witnessed a massive 2x hike in their sales within one week. They’ve never looked back since then!

Italian Grandma: e-Commerce of Italian Food

Livio Minervini is the proud owner of Italian Grandma, a year-old, budding eCommerce site based in Puglia, Molfettathat in Italy, with fewer than ten members that came into existence in 2020. It caters to its customers’ needs by providing them with the best Italian food online. The eCommerce store was born out of Livio’s love for Italian gastronomy traditions, inspiring him to share their culture with everyone.

Italian Grandma

On Italian Grandma, you can find delicacies that range from Spaghetti to Taralli, and not to forget the sparkling wine boxes that just set the perfect gatherings’ tone.

Italian Grandma Meets CedCommerce!

Not knowing what to do with the problem of products upload on eBay from Shopify, Italian Grandma turned to the internet and dived deeper into the worldwide web. Searching for a viable solution to their problems, they stumbled upon a blog from CedCommerce. It inspired them to contact the team of our experts to find a solution to their issues.

After conducting the Shopify app store’s due diligence about the eBay Marketplace Integration, Livio Minervini, the business owner, was convinced that CedCommerce could help him out of his troubles. The positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers who found an eBay solution encouraged him to make his mind up for the same.


Initiating contact with the team of Cedcommerce was very simple as they are available on a vast array of communication channels. Once Livio established the connection, the problems found their respective solution.

Helping ITALIAN GRANDMA: App Features and Functionalities

The problems faced by Italian Grandma needed intervention from our eBay marketplace Integration app. Among the various difficulties faced by the business, uploading products to the eBay marketplace was the biggest.

The integration app and regular interaction with the dedicated account manager made the task pretty easier for everyone. The app features that helped Italian Grandma to calm waters include

#1. Simplified profile-based product upload

Shopify eBay Integration app lets the sellers group and uploads their products based on different product properties supported by eBay. Above all, the feature paved the path to a seamless product upload process.

It was a much-needed breath of fresh air for Italian grandma. The app solved their troubles in uploading products to eBay from their Shopify store. The Profiling helped them select policies & templates as per their need.

#2. Impeccable Customer Service

The most awe-inspiring experience that the Italian Grandma owner shared with us was how he was honored by the professional and timely resolution to his queries. Furthermore, the dedicated account manager was with him in all the steps making sure he understood the functionalities and the workflow of the application.

What sealed the deal for you when you chose to work with CedCommerce, and How do you rate the customer service?

“It was the Customer care, and I’ll give them 5/5 for the excellent customer service.”

#3. Excellent User Experience and User Interface

The app layout is comprehensive and straightforward, making the workflow easy and flawless. The app has been designed to provide a familiar setup that is available on Shopify. It gives the user a similar layout to work with.

#4. Managing Templates and Business Policies

The app makes it easy for users to manage the templates and the related details essential to the products when transferring them from Shopify to eBay. You get to create templates for Pricing, Inventory Category, and Title, respectively.

The business policies are a mandatory part of any eBay account. Moreover, the app lets you fetch your pre-existing business policies from eBay or create and sync a new policy based on your requirements.

#5. Inventory and Price Management:

The app lets you manage and cap your inventory limits by setting a Threshold limit for your products. The threshold limit is a numerical limit that retires the marketplace’s product once it reaches the product inventory. It means once the threshold limit is reached, the product goes out of stock from the market.

Also, real-time synchronization helps you change and update the price of respective products from the app to the marketplace.

Final Words

Constant support, satisfying results, and happy faces are the outcomes in the given scenario. App resolved the errors with the product upload on eBay swiftly. It resulted in a smooth and efficient selling process for Italian Grandma.

Livio, the business owner, has started selling like a dream with the eBay marketplace Integration. It automates the entire process of selling on eBay. If you are facing issues, no matter how big or small they seem to be. Or are willing to expand your business beyond Shopify, do contact us. Connect with us on Skype, WhatsApp, or drop a mail. And our team of experts will not only guide you through the process but make sure you get the desired results through our services and application. If you’re willing to expand your business, the sky’s the limit!

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