[Announcement] CedCommerce Launches new vidaXL Prestashop Dropshipping Extension!

[Announcement] CedCommerce Launches new vidaXL Prestashop Dropshipping Extension!


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Portland Oregon [September 04, 2021]: CedCommerce has come up with another plugin for the dropshippers. And it is, vidaXL Prestashop Dropshipping extension! This launch is exciting for anyone who is using or wants to use dropshipping services from vidaXL.

This innovative extension connects the seller’s Prestashop store with the vidaXL B2B marketplace. In addition to this, it offers many features like centralized order management, bulk product import, and more. Above all, this extension enhances the dropshipping experience by converting most manual tasks into automated ones!

Here is what co-founder at CedCommerce, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, said about the launch,

“We, at CedCommerce, aim to help sellers sell easily and more efficiently on the famous marketplaces. So, we keep coming up with ideas and solutions for our sellers. Recently, many of our sellers requested a solution for vidaXL dropshipping. So, here it is – vidaXL Prestashop Dropshipping extension!”

vidaXL is one of the leading marketplaces that gets over 190,000 visitors each month. So, if you are already using or want to use dropshipping services from vidaXL, here is how to download the extension.

Download the vidaXL Prestashop Dropshipping extension from –

Features of vidaXL Prestashop Dropshipping extension

The vidaXL Prestashop extension is developed by CedCommerce and comes packed with many features. And, major features of this extension are listed below:

Bulk Import Product:

The dropshippers can use the vidaXL dropshipping extension and import products in bulk. Moreover, they can do this with a single click using this extension. So, it saves hours of effort in importing products one by one manually.

Category Mapping:

This feature allows sellers to map the vidaXL category with their Prestashop store category if they don’t want to create a new one. This feature further helps them to import products in their existing categories rather than creating many new ones.

Centralized Order Management:

Another innovative feature of the vidaXL Prestashop extension is that it offers a centralized platform to sellers. So, they can utilize it to manage all their orders from the Prestashop store to the vidaXL marketplace.

Price Markup:

The sellers can use the price markup feature of the vidaXL Prestashop dropshipping extension to change product prices. Furthermore, they can change the product price either by a fixed amount or a fixed percentage to earn a high commission.


Cron Scheduler is an effective feature of this dropshipping extension. And, it is responsible for updating information regarding inventories, products images, orders, and more regularly. So, every detail remains uniform across the channels.

Text Removal on Fly:

The dropshippers can also use this dropshipping extension for Prestashop to remove unwanted words from the product description as per their requirement. Also, they can use the same for product titles too.

Additional Features by CedCommerce

  • 24 X 7 Customer Support
  • Step by Step User Guide for Installation and Configuration
  • Dedicated Developer for seller’s account

About vidaXL B2B

vidaXL B2B is a leading marketplace with over 80,000 high-quality branded products. In addition to this, it offers shipment in many countries; including, Australia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Greece, Sweden, and the United States.

About CedCommerce

Established back in 2010, CedCommerce has now become a renowned name for providing eCommerce solutions. The new vidaXL Prestashop Dropshipping extension is one of them. Moreover, it has touched many milestones under the guidance of wise leaders who have been working towards providing a better platform for sellers worldwide. Along with Prestashop, it provides solutions for other frameworks like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Opencart, and more. The services provided by the organization other than Integration extension are – website development, PWA solutions, customized extensions, migration services, and many more.

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