How to Optimize Shopify store
Ultimate Shopify Store Optimization Guide – Rank Your Store Better!

Ultimate Shopify Store Optimization Guide – Rank Your Store Better!


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Store optimization is all about staying ahead of other eCommerce stores in your niche. This Shopify store optimization guide is all you need if you’re trying to optimize your Shopify store. The higher you rank on search engines, the more traffic your store is going to have. Shopify store optimization is all about reserving a respectable position in the SERPs. You can also hire a Shopify store optimizer – Shopify Experts (we’ll talk about it later). 

The answer to How to rank your store lies in Shopify SEO! 

Don’t worry. We have prepared an SEO checklist for you. Throughout this article, we’ll talk about Shopify store speed optimization along with SEO parameters and suggest what all you can do in order to rank your store better than your competition. 

A Step Towards Shopify Store Optimization –

You don’t need to flick any other web page to optimize your Shopify store. We have done the research part and curated some ways to do that.

  1. Optimize Your Site’s Structure – When visitors are able to quickly find the things they’re looking for, they tend to spend more time on your store. A simple site structure it the very first step towards Shopify store optimization. 
    Even if you decide to hire a Shopify store optimizer, they’ll look out for your store’s structure. This is what a user-friendly site structure looks like – 
    shopify store optimization
    To be able to come up with a great site structure, it’s necessary to have a customer-first attitude. Every time you come up with a structure, think from the customer’s point of view and assess if the structure is easy to understand. 
    shopify store conversion
  2. Improve User Experience – Apart from site structure, there are some more ways through which you can enhance user experience. Your store’s speed is one of them. 
    You’re definitely irritated when a web page takes time to load (more than 5-8 seconds). To optimize your store’s speed, you can do the following things – 
    2.1 -Use a fast, mobile-friendly theme. 
    2.2 – Use smaller, optimized images. 
    2.3 – Remove any unused apps. 
    2.4 – Avoid using sliders. 

    You can hire a Shopify store optimizer to get a closer look at your store’s speed and user experience. 

Optimize Your Shopify Store with This SEO Checklist –

Below are some ways through which you can optimize your Shopify store by taking SEO parameters into consideration. 

  1. Keyword Research – Any Shopify store optimization guide is incomplete without mentioning keyword research. The best way is to make a list of 10 topics that your customers care about and that are closely related to your product. 
    To do Shopify SEO correctly you need to step into your customer’s shoes and figure out the following things – 
    1.1 – Buyer personas. 
    1.2 – Searching forums and subreddits related to your products. 
    1.3 – Social media hashtags related to your products. 
    1.4 – Competitor research. 
  2. Optimize Product Pages – After keyword research, the next step towards optimizing your Shopify store is to maintain your product pages. Start with the homepage, then product collection, and then top-selling product pages. 
    shopify optimization
    Writing product titles and descriptions are an important part of your store optimization. Your keywords should fit into the copy naturally. 
  3. Link Building – For better results, link building is a crucial point. It’s like word of mouth for SEO. Link building is an off-page optimization strategy that relies on establishing your credibility and trustworthiness. 
    store optimization
    But link building can be expensive. If you want to save yourself from the extra burden, you can hire a Shopify store optimizer for better understanding. 
  4. Maintain Blog Section – Content is king and it applies everywhere! If you want to optimize your Shopify store, then you’ve got to provide valuable content to your customers. Product description, titles are just one facet of it. 
    Deciding what to write is the greatest barrier. Make a list of all the things your customers ask you and prepare a content plan around it. 
  5. Use – is a markup language that tells Google about your store. It can be used to tag up a product price or its reviews. 
    Using structured data means that people searching for your product will be able to get a better image of what you’re trying to offer without even navigating your store. 

Last But Not the Least – 

Before we wrap up, here are some more points that you can apply to optimize your store and see the magic happening. 

  1. Split Test Your Pricing – Split testing is a great way to figure out what’s working and what’s not (That’s right, it’s also called A/B Testing!). 
    Pricing is an important component of your store. Wrong pricing would ruin everything. Even a small price increase can mean the difference between a loss or breaking even. 
    Split testing is not restricted pricing. You do it with your store’s design, CTA layout, theme setup, and much more! 
  2. Think Outside Shopify – Usually sellers relax once they have come up with a great Shopify store. They think that by their minimal approach, they will be able to grab some sales. 
    But that’s not going to happen (until you have luck in your favor). To optimize your Shopify store you need to start thinking outside Shopify. 
    You need to make your social media presence strong and integrate your social media pages with your store. 
    Then there are marketplaces spread across the globe! Marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Shoppe, etc have millions of customer base. You can start selling on marketplaces and attract millions of shoppers to your store.
    shopify store optimization 

    Selling on marketplaces made easy by CedCommerce – Click here to know more!

We can go on adding points on Shopify store optimization, but we don’t want to flood random points and baffle you. If you follow the above 9 points for Shopify store optimization, we are sure your store is going to escalate on the SERPs like never before! 

Summing Up – 

So, that was all from our end. No Shopify store optimization guide can be a complete set of universal practices due to dynamic SEO and search marketing. 
But with the above points of optimizing your Shopify store, you can make sure that you’re taking all the vital steps that are going to contribute towards your Shopify store optimization. 
If you still feel that you’re lacking somewhere, or you need another helping hand, then you can always hire a Shopify store optimizer to do it for you. Here’s where you can hire one!

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