Thanksgiving on Shopify-Amazon
Thanksgiving 2022: Top Categories To Sell On Amazon

Thanksgiving 2022: Top Categories To Sell On Amazon


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The festive season is something that sellers on Amazon look forward to the entire year. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays in the year that brings out one’s most gratified self and a timeless appreciation for everyone. In essence, Thanksgiving’s all about the acknowledgment of the ‘blessings and harvest’ people bore in the respective year. This Thanksgiving Day, sellers can benefit from customers’ reasons for consecutive shopping after holidays like Labor Day.

The Holiday season is pretty hectic. Add to that, the high competition among sellers. Especially, when it comes down to creating a great customer experience. With over 60% of product searches beginning on Amazon, selling on Amazon just might be the solution to your selling ‘woes’!

As of February 25, 2023, the New and Improved version of Amazon by CedCommerce is now known as “CedCommerce Amazon Channel”.

Why Should You Sell On Thanksgiving Day?

The Holiday season attracts buyers from all over the world. It’s definitely one of the busiest seasons every year. Hence, a great opportunity to increase your sales and revenues!

Here are a few benefits that can motivate you to sell on Amazon this Thanksgiving at the earliest-

High Chances of ‘Impulse’ orders

As the holiday season closes in, people take days off and go on vacations. A family reunion might incite ‘impulsive shopping’ where different people want different things. As a retailer, this could be an opportunity for an exodus of bulk orders!

Thanksgiving-themed Shopping Trend(Turkey Feast and Parades )

A day to acknowledge gratitude and kindness, it’s more than obvious that shoppers will keep up with the holiday spirit! Hence, it might result in event hosting, parties, or even parades! Such ‘themed’ products might give sellers a chance to make more sales.

Proactive Holiday Season Preparation

Retailers should not ‘relax’ once Thanksgiving is over! A proactive approach to predetermine the strategies and objectives of the next holiday sales coming up. Holidays like Black Friday, and Cyber Monday are two of the many coming up!

Global Shoppers Engagement

A holiday celebrated worldwide, Thanksgiving brings in global shoppers together as well! Retailers should aim to make ordering easier, shipping faster for customers, and provide an overall better and more effective shopper experience.

Popular Categories to Target Selling this Thanksgiving

Traditional ‘Arts and Crafts’

A famous product line, holiday arts and crafts is a must for every household. Be it for kids, house decoration, or just for creative aesthetics. A seller can sell multiple items like different types of papers, colors, flyers, and streamers, to make Thanksgiving profitable and attractive to buyers.

Temporary Body Art and Tattoos

As the 2019 pandemic took over, the business of tattoos and body art was affected likewise. During Thanksgiving, shoppers will have the perfect (and urgent!) occasion to buy temporary tattoos and body art for events like Thanksgiving parades and masquerades.

Bird Accessories

Thanksgiving day 2022, like every year, brings in feasts and parties. A traditional and important holiday dish made with Turkey. Hence, its one of the most sold birds during Thanksgiving. Retailers can sell items,turkey-themed, for more sales. Some creative product ideas are turkey-shaped keychains, costumes, cookware, furniture, and house decorations.

‘Giveaway’ Within Niches

Another great way to increase sales, retailers can organize holiday-season giveaways which might attract more shoppers. It can also help to increase brand awareness! A Thanksgiving-themed bedroom accessory, for instance, might sell more when given extra pillowcases (either as ‘giveaways’, ‘upsellers’, or ‘combos’).

Mobile Accessories

An evergreen category in every Holiday season sale, Mobile Accessories are something that people are always on the hunt for. Shoppers may need to replace their old mobile chargers, buy new Thanksgiving-themed mobile covers or buy a new mobile! A holiday season demand surge for such items can be expected.

Thanksgiving Day 2022 with ‘Amazon by CedCommerce’ app

With the holiday season up and running, it becomes imperative for all sellers, irrespective of their business size, to make use of services from people who have expertise in integrating multiple marketplaces. For all you Shopify sellers planning to sell on Amazon, you must take a look at the Amazon by CedCommerce native sales channel app on the Shopify app store.

The ‘Amazon by CedCommerce’ app will assist and handle retailer operations. In addition, it’s right from the scratch! Some of the more nifty features of the app include:-

  • List new or link existing Amazon inventory with Shopify
  • Simplified order flow from Amazon to Shopify
  • Near real-time product data syncing
  • Smart bulk editing with predefined templates
  • Steady multi-account connectivity


CedCommerce services for Amazon sellers will help to escalate businesses and define a new standard in the market. With our amazon 24×7 customer services and dedicated account managers, selling on Amazon couldn’t get easier than before.

The Amazon by CedCommerce app, for Shopify sellers, makes business operations accessible and smooth.

Here’s hoping you have a great Holiday season ahead and Happy Thanksgiving!

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