Every transaction gets completed with the product delivered safely at the doorstep of consumers. It tells the importance of shipping in the e-commerce, also shipment comes with a cost. And this cost is borne by either customer or the seller. And the cost of shipping depends on several factors such as distance and mode etc. This is where Distance based shipping extension by Cedcommerce comes to the fore.

The Distance based Shipping Extension for Magento calculates the shipping prices by calculating the distance and mode of transport. This easy-to-install-and-use extension is extremely cost effective and automates the shipping rate calculation process. Once a consumer enters his/her address the shipping extension calculates rates and informs the customers using Google API. The app calculates rates only when there is road and logistics availability. Some the other features of the extensions are:

1. Set Minimum and Maximum Shipping Rates:

Vendors can decide lowest and highest shipping rates. After setting the rates, the orders which have shipping costs lower than Minimum Shipping Rates, to them minimum shipping amount decided by the merchants will be applicable, and similarly for maximum amount will be applied if the shipping costs exceed the upper limit.

2. Set Maximum Shipping Distance:

Here Vendors can set the maximum shipping distance. If the order exceeds the maximum shipping distance, the shipping method attached with it won’t be used i.e. some other shipping method will be used.

3. SET Minimum order amount:

The customers can set the minimum order amount above which free shipping would be applied.

4. Round off the prices to decades, hundreds or thousands.

The vendors can round off the distance and prices to the nearest decades, hundreds and thousands for standardizing the shipping process.

5. Ship to applicable countries

The vendors can select specific countries or all countries where they offer shipping services.

6. Customize Shipping Rate Calculations:

This facilitates user to formulate a strategy for calculating the price. For example, a product has to be shipped 200 miles away from the store. Vendor decided that for the first 100 miles the rate is fixed which is $10 and thereafter 50 cents/mile. Therefore now the total shipping cost would be ($10+ .5*100) $60.

The extension offers the comprehensive layout for standardizing the shipping process.

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Team CedCommerce

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