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Ship without the eBay shipping labels now. Learn how

Ship without the eBay shipping labels now. Learn how


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This news is significant for the eBay sellers. Ship like a pro, without printing shipping labels yourself. As an attempt to simplify the shipping process for sellers, eBay labels are no more a necessity now. You can use a QR code at the shipping center. That will be equally good. As an alternate to eBay shipping labels, the marketplace sends QR codes to the sellers via e-mail.

“Now you can use eBay Labels to get digital QR codes that allow you to print shipping labels at participating post offices or shipping retailers,” eBay announced on Friday.

After you receive the QR code through the e-mail, use it at the shipment drop-off center. You can then produce the QR code on your mobile device. The carrier will print an eBay Shipping label for your shipment. Therefore, you can now ship without a printing device. This method is quick and also saves money.

The sellers who do not have a printer can pick the shipping labels at the Post Offices. This service is named “Click-N-Ship”. The USPS has come up with the idea in association with Label Broker.

According to USPS, “Now, when a customer uses Click-N-Ship to create an online shipping label, he or she will have the option to receive an e-mail that includes a Label Broker ID as a specially formatted QR code.” reports ecommerce bytes.

Further adding, “The customer can then bring their package and Label Broker ID — either printed or on a mobile device — to a participating Post Office. After presenting the ID to a retail associate, the employee will scan the QR code, affix the label to the package and provide the customer with a receipt.”, reports the official site of USPS.

eBay sellers will still be able to take advantage of eBay label discounts also that the QR code scan will provide all the shipment tracking related information to the sellers.

How eBay shipping labels worked till now

  • #1: In the Seller Hub/My eBay section, find the item and select the “Print Shipping Label” option.
  • #2: Fill in the physical details like the dimensions and weight.
  • #3: Select your carrier.
  • #4: Select the shipping method.
  • #5: Select the “Purchase and print label” option
  • #6: Paste the label on your shipment. Now you are ready to ship.

How to ship without the shipping labels on eBay

ebay shipping labels

  • # 1: Go to sold listings in “My eBay”.
  • # 2: Now from the “shipping label format”, select the QR code.
  • #3: Choose the “purchase and print” option. Now, you will get the QR code through e-mail.
  • #4: Find the QR code on your e-mail.
  • #5: Also, you can download this QR code from the confirmation page of eBay labels.
  • #6: Take your ready-to-ship package to the shipping partner. They will print the label for you. Note- The tracking information will upload at the time of scanning of QR code. You can trace your shipment through this information.

Final Thoughts on the eradication of eBay shipping labels (Benefits)

With the festive season approaching, this step is going to ease up things for sellers. This smart idea of eBay is expected to cut on the costs involved in printing the shipping labels. Also, the concept will save the time of the sellers who can go with the package to the Post Office and leave the rest for the shipping partners. Sellers can simply go to the postal offices with their shipments and the shipping partner will take care of printing the shipping labels. Beginning from USPS, eBay plans to extend the service to FedEx and UPS too.

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