Product Description on AliExpress – Best Practices to be a Pro Seller

Product Description on AliExpress – Best Practices to be a Pro Seller


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Often overlooked product descriptions end up being the last item in the list while setting up AliExpress dropshipping store. On the contrary, it is best for conveying the product value as well helps customers make informed decisions. Many of us feel it is mere facts about products but do you know what customers look into? Customers want a solution to his problem. This will help him know the worth of the product.

The easy customer understands the product means quickly he will make purchase decisions.

Try recalling when you bought last did online shopping. You probably had read the description to clear the doubts. Exactly the seller must leverage the description to answer customer queries in a conversational tone. Listings with product descriptions bring 78% more conversion in comparison to those without it.

product description importance


How to Write A Killer Product Description

An effective product description is not only informative but also short and simple.

Target Audience – It is very important to ensure you do not doubt about the target audience. Gather answers for the below question to find your target audience.

  • Is your product for a specific gender?
  • Which age group will you target?

Now browse Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit for finding out about their likes and language. This will help you write natural product descriptions in the most understandable language.

Problem Solved by Product – Elaborate the problem being solved by the product. It will act as the USP and increase sales chance multiple times. Keeping it short and using simple words will never bore the customer.

Using Bullet Point in Product Description for features. It will ensure it is easy to read and get attention from potential customers.

Watch Competitors – Read product description of competitor’s product and it will act as inspiration as well as reveal what features make the product sell more. Try reading product descriptions from all the competitors.

How Can I Turn Product Features into Benefits

It is easy. Simply ask the below questions

  • Who will buy the product?
  • What are the expectations?
  • Why does he need the product?
  • What are his primary pain points?

Answers to the above questions will be the foundation of an awesome and customer-oriented product description.

Customers are impressed when they read about what they will experience after using the product. Below is an ideal example using feature to show the benefits


item description

Image credit: Walmart

Pro Tips: Always try to present before and after the product condition to boost conversion rate. It will instantly.

The Product Description Checklist


product description checklist

Adhering to the above guidelines means you will help customers to make smart buying decisions.

Pro Tip: Keeping your product USP in the title will always work best for grabbing customer attention.

What if I Copy the Supplier’s Product Description?

Although it is not prohibited, it won’t fetch you any good in the long run. It is better to follow the best practices for writing a product description. Moreover, the supplier ‘s intention is not to sell to the end customer. It is also possible that if the supplier is not well versed with SEO then you have to change it for better.

Also, keeping in mind how competitors have framed up a product description, you have to be more creative and customize it.

Pro Tip: Either product description or images. No need to copy them as from the supplier especially fuzzy and blur images that won’t convert.

Is there Any Problem with Using Unchanged Product Description?

  • The original product description on AliExpress lacks optimization. Thus, the chances of ranking high on search engines are negligible.
  • None of the product descriptions follows some standard pattern. Lack of proper starting and ending makes your product hard to understand. There is no use of product description if it confuses customers instead of convincing.

Is there any Secret to Making Product Descriptions Sell?

The secret is to speak in customer language. The words in the description should be those used by the customers. This helps customers to easily find the product they are looking forward to.

Another secret is to add a recommendation at the end of the product description. This could be in the form of tips that can help customers use products more conveniently. Suggesting appropriate accessories is also a good idea.

Pro Tip: Product title with power words like “You”, “Now”, and “Because” are bound to get positive traction from the customer even if in hurry

Are There Any Important Guidelines to Follow for AliExpress Product Listing

  • Any type of contact information in the product description or image is strictly prohibited. Better leave the contact information in the message center.
  • A not so cool trick to get more product visibility is to knowingly place products in the wrong categories. Sellers will be strictly penalized for it. Place the product only in the most suitable category.
  • Incorrect product attribute description won’t fetch you the right customer. It is better to remain focused on all sorts of details and never go wrong with it. It includes color, size, material, and more.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing it won’t fetch you a high ranking. Simply adding loads of keywords in product description won’t work rather it will ruin the customer experience. Keyword stuffing upon discovery gets penalized.
  • Do not upload the same product from a different AliExpress seller account.
  • Decreasing the product price but increasing shipping fee. This will increase the final price. Customer is most likely to be deceived and ends up paying more than expected.

Pro Tip: Using words like ‘your’s’ and ‘you’ in product description makes customers feel you are directly talking to them. Thus making them feel the product is actually for them.


The importance of product description is not limited to convince a potential buyer. It also allows for targeting long-tail keywords. Moreover, long-tail transactional keywords are best fit for buyer journey when used in a product page. After all, they are more likely to get converted.

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