CedCommerce Announces the Launch of New MyDeal Magento Extension!!

CedCommerce Announces the Launch of New MyDeal Magento Extension!!


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Portland Oregan[July 28, 2021] – CedCommerce has announced the release of the MyDeal Magento Extension for sellers. It is for everyone, whether one is selling or looking to sell on the MyDeal marketplace!!

CedCommerce is the leading eCommerce solution provider and has been in the industry for 10+ years. In simple words, CED works for the welfare of the sellers who face daily challenges while selling online. To help MyDeal sellers sell smoothly, the company has developed the MyDeal Magento Integration. This extension will help sellers manage products and orders easily while saving time and effort.

Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal, the founder and director at CedCommerce, remarks,

“We, at CedCommerce, believe in providing value to our customers. And our customers are ambitious sellers who want to sell on the leading marketplaces effortlessly. MyDeal is Australia’s most trusted and renowned marketplace. So, we have developed MyDeal Magento Integration for our sellers to make their selling process easier.”

MyDeal Integration is an API connector that connects the seller’s Magento store with the marketplace. It provides a centralized platform from where the sellers can view and manage everything. For example, their products, orders, stock, and update their information in real-time. Above all, this Integration extension saves many hours for sellers by making manual tasks automated.

Here is what Magento Development Lead at CedCommerce, Mr. Deepak Gupta, said about the product,

“The MyDeal marketplace is the leading and most trusted marketplace in Australia. But it can become challenging to sell on this marketplace while selling on other platforms. So, to overcome the challenge and make selling easier, our developers have developed MyDeal Integration for our sellers.”

To download MyDeal Magento Integration from the CedCommerce store – click here.

Features of new MyDeal Magento Extension

Product Data Validation:

This Integration makes sure that the product details are up to marketplace standards and values. So, the MyDeal sellers don’t face any errors later.

Bulk Product Upload:

The sellers can upload products in bulk with just one click. Hence, it saves sellers time and effort that they otherwise would have wasted doing the same one by one.

Product Category Mapping:

This feature of the MyDeal Magento extension allows sellers to map multiple product categories into a single category.

Synchronized Inventory and Price:

This Integration offers real-time synchronization of inventory and prices among the connected platforms.

Order Management:

This feature automatically imports the new order from the marketplace and transfers it to the Magento store. So, the seller never misses the new orders.

Order Automation:

This is again an important feature that automatically acknowledges orders in the online MyDeal marketplace. Moreover, it makes order management easier for the sellers.

Cron Scheduler:

Cron scheduler is a helpful feature that updates all the information regularly. So, it keeps every detail uniform across the connected channels.

Shipment Tracking:

MyDeal Magento Integration starts tracking shipment-related activities when the order is created. Hence, it keeps sellers updated with all the activities in real-time.

Additional Features by CedCommerce

  • 24 X 7 Customer Support
  • Step by Step User Guide for Installation and Configuration
  • Dedicated Developer for seller’s account

About CedCommerce

Established back in 2010, CedCommerce has now become a renowned name for providing eCommerce solutions. The new MyDeal Magento extension is one of them. Moreover, it has touched many milestones under the guidance of wise leaders who have been working towards providing a better platform for sellers worldwide. Along with Magento, it provides solutions for other frameworks like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, and more. The services provided by the organization other than integration extension are – website development, PWA solutions, customized extensions, migration services, and many more.

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