Lazada: An audacity that turned into South East Asia’s #1 eCommerce player (Infographic)

Lazada: An audacity that turned into South East Asia’s #1 eCommerce player (Infographic)


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Lazada, one of the biggest eCommerce group in the South East Asian Marketplace, has been setting a milestone every year since 2012, from the time its foundation was laid by Rocket. Expanding over the years, Lazada has attracted the big names around the world to put in their shares into the business.

Alibaba, owned by Jack Ma has it’s controlling share (83%) in the company and backed by such a huge marketplace firm, Lazada is doing quite well.

Like every startup, Lazada faced obstacles and difficulties in the way but managed to overcome all of them.

Lazada has been moving in pace breaking records after records and setting capping limits for its competitors in the South East Asian marketplace.

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The story of Lazada’s success is quite interesting and is a benchmark for all the new businesses opening up in the South East Asain marketplace.

With around 300 SKUs, Lazada provides a vast variety of products to its customers covering all the categories like Beauty products, Groceries, Homecare, Mommy and me, etc.

With the Lazada seller app, Lazada has allowed multiple benefits to the sellers who sell their products on its platform. Opening up a store on Lazada is just as easy as working on fingertips.

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Let’s have a look at how Lazada has grown over the years and became the number one shopping and selling destination over the South East Asian marketplace-


lazada success story


With Alibaba, backing up the support, Lazada has spread its arms to various platforms. Whether it be the Lazada website or the Lazada mobile app, the traffic is huge and is constant.

Alibaba’s Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) also benefitted Lazada’s sellers in many ways and have created an urge in them to sell more on Lazada.

With the South East Asian Marketplace firing on all the cylinders, there is still a huge headroom for growth and opportunities.

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Now, is the right time to invest in the South East Asian market because who knows, when the next Lazada takes birth. It could be you too!

All The Best!

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