How to get more view on eBay listing
How to get more views on eBay listings?

How to get more views on eBay listings?


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The eCommerce industry saw a big transformation with the onset of Covid-19. It leads to the migration of retail stores to online shopping, including the popular marketplace eBay. As a result, the challenge for sellers on eBay and other platforms has always been to optimize their listings. It helps them increase product visibility to attract potential buyers and generate sales.

However, the real challenge on eBay and other selling channels was never the migration of sellers. It has always been the visibility of products. It requires optimizing the listing to garner much-needed attention and view counts from potential buyers on eBay. One of the biggest unanswered questions includes, “How can I get more views on my eBay listings?”

You may wonder about “eBay listings” and “eBay SEO.” The most common problem that still exists is “How to increase product visibility and get more views on your eBay listings?” Don’t worry. We’ve covered you with the best and most effective solution to optimize your eBay listings and increase view counts.

How to get more views on eBay listings?

When selling on eBay, listing your products is only half the battle. The other half is getting those products in front of potential buyers and making sales. Your listing must rank highly in eBay search engine results to achieve this. And to attain a position on the first page to increase eBay views and attract more buyers.

So, how do you optimize your eBay listing to get more views and ultimately generate more sales? The answer lies in good SEO management on eBay. You can increase traffic to your eBay products with a good SEO strategy. Improve your ranking in search results and ultimately boost your sales.

And to get that done, good SEO management on eBay is necessary. It’ll help increase more traffic and views on your eBay products, resulting in more sales. You can achieve it through good product descriptions, clear and attractive product images, and competitive pricing.

#1. Increase eBay Views with Keywords

As an eBay seller, you want to increase your visibility and attract more customers to your listings. One of the best ways to do this is by optimizing your eBay listings with the right keywords.

You must understand how to use keywords effectively to get more views on eBay. The keyword is one of the most important SEO factors to get more views on your eBay listings. The Title for your eBay products must contain the keywords the customer searches as a listing query.

Using relevant search terms and accurate product related keywords helps a listing with the search results. And it helps in increasing your eBay product views.

Using Keywords for eBay SEO

However, do not mislead customers with unrelated keywords or titles that don’t match the item you’re selling. It won’t help you get more sales on eBay. Selling Tank Tops under the title T-Shirts will not help. It won’t help even if you make it rank for the Search Results on eBay.

eBay allows the title length to be up to 80 characters. When optimizing your eBay listing, you should take advantage of the 80-character title length allowed by eBay.

It gives you ample space to include all the essential keywords customers might use to find your products. Thus, the title can be long enough with all essential keywords. But you need to satisfy eBay SEO to get your products in the eBay search engine results.

An optimized and effective keyword strategy is crucial to get more views on eBay listings. Optimizing your listings with the right keywords can improve your search result’s visibility and increase sales on eBay. So take the time to research and include relevant keywords in your eBay titles. You’ll see an increase in views on eBay listings in no time.

#2. Images & Gallery for eBay SEO

Optimizing your product images is a must if you want to get more views on eBay and increase your sales. High quality images catch customers’ attention and make them click on your listing. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the world of eCommerce. Optimizing listing with high quality images is important. It boosts your eBay SEO to improve the conversion rate.

Using images for eBay SEO

eBay allows you to add up to 12 images per product. Take advantage of the images and include as many high quality images as possible. It’ll help you showcase your product from different angles and give customers a better idea of its look and feel.

Including six to eight photos per listing is ideal. By doing so, you’re providing potential customers with more information. And it increases your chances of making a sale. Your customers get a better idea of the product’s look and feel.

Unsure how to get the perfect images for your products? Here’s a valuable resource for you – the eBay Photo Guide.

#3. Opting For Integration

If you want more people to see and buy your stuff on eBay, there’s an intelligent way to do it! You can connect your eBay account with your store, and CedCommerce can help you. By doing this, everything gets done automatically, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Opting for eBay Shopify Integration

The App that works for you is on the API model. It means you get fast, secure, and constant synchronization for stores and orders. With the app, you can ensure your eBay listing has the right words, information, and pictures to get people interested.

So, if you want to get more people to see your stuff, connect your eBay account with Shopify. With the help of CedCommerce, it is the way to go!

How does it help you with increased visibility for your products?

When you search for something on eBay, it’s more than luck that decides what you see first. eBay takes a lot of things into account before showing you a search result. Customer Feedback and Ratings are one such criterion.

Integrate eBay with Shopify

Integrating your store with eBay can help you in many ways. It means you do not miss out on any orders and never oversell. It also helps you enable easy fulfillment and ensure timely shipping and refund. Above all, also make your handling time much faster. All these factors work together and give you a boost in search results.

#4. Proper Description Template for eBay SEO

The PRODUCT DESCRIPTION is the other important thing that makes the product stand out and get more views on eBay listings. The description you use for the product must be effective, efficient, and appealing to the customer. The description’s look and feel are as crucial as the Images and Product titles.

An aptly crafted product description states the trivial details about the product and carries much weight in shoppers’ eyes. It is a gateway that builds trust, which drives a potential buyer to purchase from your store.

Using product descriptions

#5. Price 

To get more views on your eBay product listing, performing competitive research and setting competitive prices are essential SEO aspects. This will increase visibility and attract more buyers to your products on eBay.

Research your competitors’ pricing before setting the price for your products. Doing so lets you understand your products’ market value and set a competitive price.

Using proper pricing

eBay offers product price recommendations, which can help you optimize your listings to get more view counts and sales. It’s also a good idea to follow eBay’s store price recommendations. These are based on market trends and can help you set a price that is more likely to attract customers.

Optimizing your eBay listings with competitive pricing strategies can increase your chances of getting more views and sales on eBay. It will ultimately boost your Views on eBay listing.

#6. Get Your eBay Listings In More Than One Categories

eBay lets you optimize your eBay listings and get more views on your products. It can be done by listing in 2 categories for an additional listing fee. This strategy can increase the chances of product visibility on the eBay search engine results page.

You increase the chances of your products being found by potential buyers by optimizing your eBay listings with multiple categories. This can boost sales on eBay and ultimately help you get more sales in the long run. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your views on eBay listings and reach more potential customers.

Lisitng in more than one category for eBay SEO

#7. Promotions

Once the product is listed on your eBay store, you can also try the promoted listings. You can spend some amount on ads to get more product clicks. Start using eBay’s Promotion Manager to get the promotion campaigns done.

You may also use some free medium for advertising your products through your social media profiles. eBay, a name in itself, imbibes the merits of trustworthiness and versatile product variety. Promoted listings on eBay are a surety to start getting more views on eBay listings when done right. Which, in turn, will get you a reasonable conversion rate.

using promotions to increase views


While you might think selling on global eCommerce giants like eBay is simple and easy, the accurate picture is different.

The marketplace brings millions of new prospects and cutthroat competition you must surpass. Offering free shipping, a good return policy, and a great experience is a part of it as well. Once you become the undisputed king in your niche, you get views and clicks on your products.

Optimizing your eBay listing to satisfy the SEO requirements opens doors to immense potential. You’ll start gathering views and improving your ranking in eBay search engine results.

Have you experienced a change in the results of your product visibility, impressions, and position after optimizing your eBay listing? Please share with us in the comments section and let us know.

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