How are demo videos helping in improving brand visibility?
How are demo videos helping in improving brand visibility?

How are demo videos helping in improving brand visibility?


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The struggle of brand visibility gives chills. The process is not only tricky but frustrating. Efforts often go for a toss, and the struggle seems never-ending. Be it digital marketing or video marketing, suggestions with them are many for attaining the visibilitay goal. But how are they helping today? And how are demo videos helping in improving brand visibility in this context?

Over time, demo videos have served as an effective tool for brands in improving their reach. The question put here is, what we are going to do in a detailed analysis. But before we begin, here’s a gist of all that the blog is going to address.

What is a demo video?

A demo video or a demonstration video is a type of video where viewers receive a practical explanation of a product or service on its usage.

That would be the definition in most simple terms. For example, when you look for a guide for using your new washing machine. The video that explains to you about the do’s and don’ts is what a demo video is.

When you make one, ensure it is easy to understand. As viewers look forward to these kinds. Solve their problems and address the issue at hand. That’s how your demo video should look.

To emphasize the importance of how demo videos help in improving brand visibility. Check out the following:

Top 3 effective video types

Image source: Yansmedia

From the above illustration, the emphasis put forward cannot be denied. Thus investing in demo videos/ product videos is bound to turn out to be effective.

Apart from this, what needs further attention is how people stumble upon videos. Demo videos are often searched by people to clarify doubts. The image here emphasizes the user practice of searching.

User browsing activity

There are also some types of demo videos, as per Vidyard’s finding making the most buzz:

  • Overview demo: Where a gist is presented rather than a descriptive explanation.
  • Live demo: Where demo is performed live over virtual mediums.
  • Recorded demo: Where an explanatory video is already recorded in a stepwise manner.

While indulging in demo videos, there’s a lot more to learn. Having expert guidance then helps.

Reasons for using a demo video

Almost 54% of the viewers now demand videos to understand. Their viewership then gets proportional to brand visibility and reach. In addition to this, addressing the same and learning how demo videos are helping in improving brand visibility. Here are a few reasons for your understanding.

  • Easy showcasing of product features.
  • Helps people in decision-making for a product.
  • Help brands in proper redressal of audience issues and doubts.
  • These videos save a lot of time and money spent.
  • Engage the consumers better about the products.
  • Helps brands create interesting videos.

Apart from these, they are helping in brand visibility at various stages of the marketing funnel. Brands consider these videos in the following ways:

Awareness stage: Brands use these videos as highlighters of the core context.

Consideration stage: At this stage, there comes an overview of the context, and then shared across channels.

Delight stage: When demo videos are used during this phase, they are descriptive to ensure better understanding.

Out of these, demo videos are helping in improving brand visibility the most during conversion.

The reasoning?

Ideal stage for demo videos

This image highlights the key attribute of the consideration stage and also demo videos. The purpose of demo videos is linked with solving issues and providing solutions.

  • Another key reason for using demo videos is demand generation. Studies show that 72% of people use videos to learn about a product/ service. Use shorter videos to capture attention, and you will see the response.

This will further add to the notion of demo videos helping in improving brand visibility and awareness.

Benefits of using demo videos

So far, we have emphasized what a product demo video is and the reasons for using demo videos. Now the focus will move towards the benefits of demo videos.

  • Easy explanation of product features-

    The best part about utilizing a product demo video is that it explains the viewers’ benefits without being too sell-oriented. It serves as a solution by explaining the functionality of each added feature. Besides this, it gives you the room to showcase why certain things have been done or added.

  • Provides help in introducing new products to your consumers-

    We have already learned that demo videos are beneficial in the consideration stage of the marketing funnel. Thus, these can be easily conveyed to brand loyalists. Sending them new product demo videos via emails or prompts on social media can help you win them completely. Due to this, their trust also intensifies further.

  • It’s the solid proof that it does what it says-

    Demo videos are the proof no one can deny. Marketing messages are no longer the sole driving force. 

    People don’t trust these messages until they have proof of what they see. First off, these videos show the live usage, and second off, they guide through every step. So people tend to believe these more when they see things happen in action.

  • Solves the hassle of in-person demonstrations-

Demo videos helping in improving brand visibility is now an undeniable fact. Let’s see this using an example. We all are familiar with the provisions of Urban Company that often adds demo videos/ pictures on how things will be in reality. This whole idea worked in their favor, and now we all know what it does, more so, how it does. And all this was done without in-person demonstrations. All thanks to the videos.

  • You can repeat these videos over time-

    The biggest benefit of creating demo videos is that you can repeat them over time. They are the perfect fit for delivering the brand message. All the platforms like YouTube to different social media/ websites can have them repurposed over time. These are timeless and relevant up till the product has an active life cycle. 

Product life cycle

These are some common and identified benefits of demo videos. But more can come your way when you try using them in your video marketing.

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How to make them interesting?

Demo videos might be monotonous at times, but you can make them interesting. Here’s something you can do to improve on the quality that you give out.

  • Make sure to give out a point-to-point and straightforward script. 90 seconds should be enough for you to deliver the message.
  • Always focus on giving out a solution through your demo videos rather than stating the features. Once you do that, you will see definite results. This being in agreement to the statement of demo videos helping in improving brand visibility.
  • Always question the purpose of your demo videos, i.e.,
    1. What- The demo does or what it solves
    2. How- The demo rectifies the issue
    3. Why- The demo should pull customers towards you.
  • The characters of your videos should be relatable to your audience.
  • Don’t give away too much. The videos should show the working but keep your ground and show that it’s you who is adding the ‘how.’ Show your value.
  • Always work on including a CTA. You sure don’t want to miss out on those prospects who come to you but don’t get a direction. You may have a look at the following video for the same:

  • Be very sure of what you are giving out. You should know your product/ service well before presenting it to your audience.
  • Indulge in creating a video hook for your narrative. People should be lured to watch what you present. Make sure to do that.
  • Please give them a personalized touch to make them more attractive to your viewers.
  • Conduct proper research before you give anything out to your audience. The best way to start, ask a lot of questions about anything and everything for your product. Try to see it from the buyer’s perspective.

These were certain aspects to focus on during the process of video creation!


With this, we have reached a conclusion of this blog and also demo videos. The purpose of these attributes covered here was to convey that if demo videos are taken up well, they can benefit your brand.

Product demo videos can be game-changers if used well in your marketing campaign. Demo videos helping in improving brand visibility is the most significant aspect emerging now. And it would stand alone and shine on if you seek the right expert help.

Approach a video marketing agency to have proper guidance on the same as they hold the expertise to guide you. You will learn about the appropriate type and strategy to put forward. I hope this helps you in the journey!

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