Expand your business in Mexico with Shopee
Expand your business in the Mexican market with Shopee

Expand your business in the Mexican market with Shopee


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Here’s some exciting news for you!

You can now sell in the Mexican market with the brand new launch of the Shopee eCommerce platform for the Mexico region. Shopee is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the Southeast Asian region. It was launched in 2015 in Singapore. It is a social-first, mobile-centric marketplace where users can easily browse, shop and sell. Having a massive presence in the other Southeast Asian countries, Shopee is all set to expand in Mexico.

With the new Shopee platform for the Mexican market, it is ready to offer free shipping throughout Latin America’s second-biggest economy. Consequently, you can leverage cross-border trade by listing your products and growing your business in Mexico. It supports a vast product category ranging from items such as electronics, clothes, toys, and home goods. Shopee recorded its revenue growth to US$ 842.2 million for the fourth quarter of 2020. The given data certainly gives an idea of how ideal this moment is to expand in the American market.

If you already run a WooCommerce store, you can easily connect with the Shopee marketplace and reach a wider audience topped with mobile-driven shoppers in Latin America.

Shopee aims to offer a shopping platform similar to its existing ventures in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

A quick look at Shopee Integration for WooCommerce

You can now sell on Shopee in the Mexico region by integrating your WooCommerce store to Shopee. With Shopee integration for WooCommerce, you can save time and sell flawlessly. Automating your stores will reduce your workload and allow you to focus on growing your business. Let’s have a brief look at the features of the plugin.

Automated and Simplified Listings – Uploading products one by one can be very tiring. The plugin’s bulk upload feature helps in uploading products in a single go. You can also set different pricing, fulfilment rules and product details for Shopee listings.

Product Preview Option – You can preview your products and its description before making them live, as inaccurate data can affect your product rankings. The product preview option lets you make the necessary changes before going live.

Real-time and regular sync of product data – Above all, regular synchronization of your products will let you avoid overselling and keep a check on your inventories in real-time.

In-built Product Importer – You can import products from Shopee to your WooCommerce store with all the information regarding title, description, price,and image. In addition, it reduces your manual involvement and facilitates automatic creation of all your Shopee products on the WooCommerce store.

Centralized order management – With the plugin’s help, you can bring all your Shopee orders into the WooCommerce store and manage orders, cancellations and other updates centrally from one place. Enjoy hassle-free sales by receiving direct order updates from the Shopee marketplace to your WooCommerce store.

Submit Shipment – Moreover, boost customer loyalty and trust by providing shipment and fulfilment details to your customers.

Sum Up

With Shopee extending its reach in the Mexican region, it opens up a window of opportunities for you to expand in Latin America and hike up your cross-border sales even more. With CedCommerce, you can automate your stores and grow your product’s visibility in Latin America with the Shopee marketplace.

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