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Email Marketing guide for the Holiday season 2021!

Email Marketing guide for the Holiday season 2021!


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The holiday season is the time when businesses get their marketing efforts into full swing. Businesses start utilizing different channels of marketing to draw results or sales they desire. In the times we are living in, digital marketing becomes all the more relevant. And in this article, we shall talk about an integral branch of the digital marketing world – email marketing – with respect to the holiday season 2021.

So, let’s get started…

How does email marketing work in the festive season?

Email marketing in the holiday season is a great opportunity to boost sales. We cannot deny the fact that this is the peak time for any online businesses.

The efficiency and high ROI of email marketing keep on improving its reputation among holiday dealers. It is more important than ever to understand strategically how your email campaigns will stand out in the holiday messages season while driving on a shopping season.

Email marketing on holiday is a massive source of seasonal revenue increase. As per Shopify, 24% of holiday sales during the 2018 holiday eCommerce season were driven via email marketing.

It will help you grow your business in the following ways:

  • The holiday season is considered as the best season to capture the leads.
  • This time you can also send emails to your lost customers with hot deals to bring them back, get their interest back.
  • The festive theme, appealing offers, and splendid deals work as a fuel in the midst of the boom of the sale in the online market.
  • It’s a well known season for conversions, resulting in increased sales, happy customers, and to stand out from the competition.

Source: Shopify

Top five channels for existing customers

  1. Segmented email offers: 80.4%
  2. General email offers: 74.5%
  3. Facebook retargeting for general site visitors: 64.7%
  4. Facebook retargeting for pages or products: 62.7%
  5. Instagram retargeting: 51.0%

We can see from the stats that email marketing is booming for the holiday season. If we take an example of any festive event, like Cyber Monday, which is an online shopping event for 24 hours, Or we can say Biggest Online Shopping Day of the Year!

Email marketing generated 23.1% of online orders overall the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Meanwhile, free search – 19.4%, and paid search – 17%. Source: Omnisend

Cyber Monday originated in the US but now celebrated globally. Even many eCommerce companies and big giants use the occasion to promote their services and products.

Looking at the stats, we see how email marketing has a huge share in the revenue generation as the shoppers through email are likely to spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers.

This way you see how it becomes the best way out to increase your Cyber Monday sales as well as on this day, customers get to shop for some amazing deals without any chaos. And as many stores now being capable of delivering free shipping for purchases on Cyber Monday, online shopping is becoming more tempting for the consumers.

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Email Strategy for Special days sales

Let’s plan together for the festive season special days like Halloween, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and more

Pre-plan the strategy

It’s usually better not to research during holidays because the audience volume, mind-makeup, and intent are not usual and can affect the performance. So It’s better to strategize beforehand rather than just hitting in the holiday season with no time left. It is a smart idea to arrange an email marketing strategy in advance to get the most out of the holiday season, giving ample time to organize all of the details.

Decide the goal

While strategizing, you must decide the goal of your campaigns, so as to analyze later on- if we have achieved or not, so where we lagged behind. Obviously a goal gives direction to move forward with a zeal to achieve it.

Make schedule

Know your holidays and make a proper schedule defining the day-date-time!

The research part will include the:

  1. Best Day of the week
  2. Best time
  3. Offer Period
  4. Offer deadline
  5. Last-minute deal
  6. The urgency of the Offer

You can mold it as per your business plan, like what all the things you should keep in mind while scheduling any campaign. Based on business and goal targets, the best timing for emails will vary widely. decide when to start sending emails using your normal time to shop by coming back from your holiday. Then let yourself go through it for a week or two.

Analyze the last year trend

The best way to start is to check the previous years’ data, Who will tell you better than your own audience what strikes through them?

Look back on holiday engagement and conversion metrics worth the last few years to recognize improvements and areas where you can fix it.

Make the structure beforehand

Now you know the festivals/ holidays, trends, get the structure planned of the email template early, to make the things hassle-free and more smooth. It will also let you give them time to nurture the leads instead of just dealing with the structure things

Measure the results

Well, analysis is the major part of any marketing strategy, so measure the results in terms of your goals. See where you stand as compared to last year’s results, what more can be done to it. Monitoring the success of the campaign and working on a realistic target is equally critical. respect with previous years, your initiatives would be helpful to learn how your campaign has succeeded and to guide future plans. Not only will help you recognize and resolve any problems but also your campaign metrics.

Grab a 15-days free trial of Email Marketing Services for Festive Season 2021!

Email ideas for the festive season

Here are some tips which you can adapt during Holiday Season:

Offer attractive deals

Your Customers are looking for deals on the holiday season, Modify photos and messages to talk about holidays so that customers are put in the mood of holiday and offer.

Reevaluate the intensity of the discount on offer if you’re running an e-mail sign-up incentive on-site.

Consider premium incentives for new users, such as:

  • Enhances free shipment or distribution.
  • Collection of gifts.
  • Yet another percentage of holiday discounts is still impressive.

You can give various discounts, it can be of any type:

  • Percentage Discount
  • Value discount
  • Multiple discounts
  • Pricing Tier Discounts
  • Special discount
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Free Shipping

Use creatives around the festive season

Take a glance at how you should adapt your email template to the holiday season. That does not mean you can quit your brand completely. Instead, it is an opportunity to experiment within your usual model and draw the interest of your subscribers. Give a Jolly, humorous touch to your regular email.


Source: Omnisend

Reveal fresh deals

This is the season, where you should bring a deals package, for different occasions, not to let the customer feel bored of the same. Shuffle up the deals.

Make different deals for different segments. Understand what your audience is used to. Try utilizing the concept.

Segment your audience

A personalized and tailored holiday email is far better than a generic mass email. The most efficient way to adapt messaging to the unique preferences and purchasing habits of a client is to segment the contacts. Check your data and segment accordingly.

Treat VIP customers different

In the holiday season, give exclusive discounts or prior access to offers to your VIP consumers, encouraging them to accept your brand first.

To further establish loyalty among this already dedicated community of consumers, use VIP messages to look different from others in the inbox, and include extra discounts or offers during holiday sales.

Last-minute deal

Plan for the last-minute deals, show them the urgency of the offer. The holidays are busy in every way, so you can organize your marketing campaigns from welcome mail to deals and updates by automating it through various email marketing software.

Refer a friend

Make your emails appealing in such a way so that your customer can share your email with their friends. Provide offers on referring to a friend, this will increase your reach and engagement and also will give enthusiasm to your customer to avail of the offer.

A slight change in your existing emails as per the event

Create Holiday-themed abandoned workflows: In the competitive holiday season, the abandonment of the cart makes it much more necessary for abandoned cart emails to secure the orders.

Target warm leads with lead scoring: Using customer experience information and scoring connections contributes to building user profiles to notify segments.

Also, use your seasonal welcome email: Create a personalized email with the unique sale or vacation themes during the holidays, to optimize your subscription. This helps to encourage the customer to buy your business. Rather than just a normal email. Try giving a festive touch to your regular emails, e.g., For Halloween, we can use Halloween font and a bit scary visuals depicting the spooky theme.


Source: Stripo

Post-holiday Plan

Don’t miss out on the off-season sale, people wonder and don’t shop in the holiday season, they expect an after season sale, so give them a reason to remember your brand by pitching them at the time when others are enjoying holidays.

Last but not the least, Content, Subject line, and CTAs

In your campaign, call to action (CTA) should be highly relevant because it clarifies just what you want to do for your reader. However, keep in mind how to use them to ensure that optimum outcomes are obtained. Get your subscribers to open your holiday email using catchy subject lines.

Final Words

Here you go with the trends, ideas, and a few suggestions that can surely help you in the email marketing campaign for the holiday season. It will allow you to create exciting and appealing campaigns that can bring a boom to your business. So start planning your email marketing beforehand with these tips and your experience as a competent marketer, you’ll be able to have a fantastic email marketing holiday season.

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