The extremely popular Jet Magento extension of the CedCommerce is going to witness the boost in its popularity further with the launch of the Jet Magento 2 extensions. Launching the Jet Magento 2 extensions, CedCommerce founder Abhishek Jaiswal and Director Himanshu Rauthan expressed their confidence that Jet Magento 2 will take the operating experience to the whole new level and further bolster the already-strong ties with its client.

“Not only Magento 2 is developers favorite, it makes navigational experience and management of the online store more enriching,  said ecstatic Abhishek Jaiswal. Adds Himanshu “The Flexibility offered by Magento 2 is reflected in the Jet Magento 2 extensions and will streamline the operations to the greater extent”. The event was witnessed by the company employees, the developers, and its promoters.

With the introduction of new structure, new layouts, CSS preprocessing in place of Bootstrap, Magento UI Library and Under the hood, Magento 2 offers improved performance and stability. Further, it reduces upgrade efforts and costs. The UX is more intuitive and Product Manager Interface more polished. It has been largely welcomed by the developer community as its makes coding experience more enriching.

The features of Jet Magento 2 are synchronisation of products between Magento stores and becomes easier, easier uploading, archiving, unarchiving of bulk products, immediate transfer of orders from to Magento 2 stores, and moreover easier navigation and management experience which makes the control hassle free.

The CedCommerce is confident of replicating its success of Jet Magento extension which saw large scale acceptance from the merchant/seller community across the lengths and breadths of United States. The extension is popular for its easiness, effectiveness, economic, efficiency and endurance. And the company hopes to revive the success with Jet Magento 2 extension.

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