sell on top marketplaces
Earn Globally: The Complete Guide To Sell On Top Marketplaces

Earn Globally: The Complete Guide To Sell On Top Marketplaces


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What is it that emerges on your mind when you think to Sell On Top Marketplaces?


[Online store+Marketplaces]→ Huge Conversions


Sell on eBay-NOW Sell on Walmart-NOW Sell on Amazon-NOW
Sell on Etsy-NOW Sell on Jet-NOW Sell on Mercadolibre-NOW
Sell on Best Buy-NOW Sell on NewEgg-NOW Sell on Mano Mano-NOW  
Sell on Reverb-NOW Sell on Sears-NOW Sell on Lazada-NOW


How about expanding your online store and selling globally on top marketplaces?


Are you looking to sell on other platforms?

Yes! We do bring a variety of options for your-

Magento 1/Magento 2/BigCommerce/Shopify/WooCommerce stores..Don’t miss scrolling down!!


There is no denying in the fact that the advent of the Internet has completely transformed our lives!


Making money online has never been easier than today!


Let us quickly go through all that we will be covering today- 


Make Money via eBay Marketplace                                   Start earning with Amazon Marketplace

Earn more with Jet Marketplace                                         Make Money via Walmart

Sell globally with Etsy Marketplace                                     Make money from Sears Marketplace

Start selling on NewEgg                                                        Fuel up your sales via BestBuy Marketplace

Sell your music inventories via Reverb Marketplace       Go Global with Mercadolibre CBT

Start earning via ManoMano                                                A final Word


Believe us or not-

Making money online has never been easier than today!


Even the retail eCommerce sales have continued to grow since 2015 and are expected to continue its growth by 485.27 billion U.S. Dollars until 2021.


sell on top marketplaces


Considering the growing sales, a number of marketplaces today offer retailers an immediate access to large built-in customer bases along with all the credibility and trust that comes with their stamp of approval. Thus, increasing merchants confidence to sell on top marketplaces and boost their sales.


Are you thinking of selling online but not sure where to begin?


Interested in selling globally but not sure which marketplaces to go for?


The dilemma to sell on top marketplaces prevail you time and again?


It’s time to unveil your passion for entrepreneurship- earn globally and sell on top marketplaces.


No matter how vigorously your online store is expanding. It is imperative to sell on top marketplaces, and explore modernistic ways to make money online.


There is no denying in the fact that there are numbers of marketplaces to sell online. However, all it takes is hitting the right one and sell on the top marketplaces.


Well, its indeed the apt time to “Turn your desires into dollars!”


We will cover all the platforms viz WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify to sell on top marketplaces.


Sellers across the globe must consider to sell on top marketplaces along with our tips for how to double your earnings; grow your sales on them and make money online.


No matter where you’re selling today, sell on top marketplaces and multiply your income very efficiently.


Being a seller you must expand your online store to these giant marketplaces and double your profits- TODAY!

Are you a newbie and wish to sell on top marketplaces? 


Well, it hardly matters if you are a budding entrepreneur or a veteran- the arena of e-Commerce is open for all.


However, if you are already into eCommerce since years- Hey! That’s an additional perk- helping you sell on top marketplaces.


Let us go through a glance and acknowledge you with few terms before we proceed that would help you sell on top marketplaces-  


Let’s get started-


What are Marketplaces?


Marketplaces or rather a hub of sellers are the common platforms where merchants across the globe come together to sell on top marketplaces and manifest their products to a number of customers worldwide.


Types Of Marketplaces-


Vertical Marketplaces:

Vertical marketplaces sell products of the same type from different sources.

Horizontal Marketplaces:

Horizontal marketplaces sell different products sharing same characteristics.

Global Marketplaces:

Global marketplaces have no limitations, it sells all kind of products from different sources.


Why Must Sellers Sell on Top Marketplaces?


As per the Internet Retailer data, the sales record by two sellers on the giant marketplaces- eBay and Amazon were calculated to be about 27% of North American online retail sales.


Did you know?

63% sellers sell on top marketplaces.

Out of which a total of 55% sellers have a profit margin of 20%.

*These sellers have often been advising other online store owners to expand their business sell on top marketplaces.


Online marketplaces offer the sole platform for merchants to stand different from the crowd. Thus, to sell on top marketplaces today has become such an integral part of eCommerce sellers’ businesses.


Another set of data from the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide states- 26 retailers who used to sell on top marketplaces have reported their sales to be 14.4% of their total sales which accounted to a figure of- $3.1 billion.


However, this figure is same as 42.9% worth of goods sold through marketplaces a year before.



Retailers are often advised to sell on top marketplaces as they are proven to make payments, sales, and cross-border marketing, extremely easier.

Not only do marketplaces form easy ways for sellers. They also provide immense payment protections and transaction security.


Sell on top marketplaces, helping sellers grow their customer base with millions of products- start earning globally- TODAY!


A Glance At CedCommerce’s Top marketplaces-


Marketplaces Focused Niche
eBay-here Automotive, electronics, apparel, and one-of-a-kind collectibles
Amazon-here Amazon Kindle, electronics, apparels etc.
Jet com-here Grocery, home products, electronics, books, sports, and clothing
Walmart-here Electronics, home goods, tools, outdoor
Etsy-here Handicrafts and handmade products
Sears-here Appliances, automotive, clothing, and electronics
NewEgg-here Primarily computer hardware and software
BestBuy-here Electronic appliances, gadgets- smartwatch, doorbell etc.
Mercadolibre-here Beauty and personal care, food and drinks, games, and toys, home appliances etc.  
Reverb-here All musical instruments
ManoMano-here The complete DIY hub


Let’s go through the above-listed marketplaces one by one, thus guiding you to sell on top marketplaces in much effective way –


How to Sell on eBay and make money?

sell on top marketplaces


With 71.5 million monthly unique visitors, eBay is already ruling the world of eCommerce.


The beauty of eBay lies in the power of the marketplaces- you can get just about anything on eBay marketplaces.  


The prime mission of eBay is “to provide a global trading platform wherein anyone can trade practically anything”.


Sell on eBay and simply leverage the reduced pricing on shipping services. eBay is one of the prominent picks to sell on top marketplaces. 


Often sellers ask, “what sells on eBay?” or “What should I sell on eBay?” to be more precise.


Many sellers across try to find the best selling products, not giving much heed about what will bring most profit.


Items to sell on eBay with little to no investment:

  • Clothes
  • Household Goods
  • Collectibles
  • Electronics


eBay focuses on its customer satisfaction

eBay helps you become a top rated seller by every means. Thus, rewarding you with a top-rated seller notation on your listings. Hence, improving your search results.



Sell on eBay and leverage the first 50 listings for #FREE along with up to 12 pictures per listing.


However, in order to sell on eBay, you are supposed to pay an additional $0.3 per listing after the first FREE 50 listings.


The lucrative eBay features do not end here. Instead, it also offers “zero insertion fee listings”.


The zero insertion fee listing can be applied in the following categories-




Clothing, Shoes & Accessories

Coins & Paper Money


Dolls & Bears

Health & Beauty

Jewelry & Watches

Pottery & Glass

Sports Memorabilia, Fan Shop & Sports Cards


Toys & Hobbies


So that was about how to sell on eBay without paying fees”.  Know more about eBay’s category listings here.


eBay demands- No minimums; no setup fees; no long-term contracts.


Let’s have a glance at all the traffic-generating countries for eBay –


United States 58.54%
Russia 2.77%
United Kingdom 2.14%
Canada 2.03%
Brazil 1.72%


Integrate your WooCommerce/ BigCommerceShopify/ Magento 1/ Magento 2 store with eBay and start selling on eBay- NOW!


Looking forward to selling on Top marketplaces? 
How can you resist scrolling down– 


Earn More With Amazon Marketplace


sell on top marketplaces


Encountering a total of 2.34bn visits in the past six months. Amazon marketplaces successfully uphold the first position in its category i.e. all general merchandise including Amazon books, Amazon electronics, Amazon Kindle, Amazon movies, etc.


Amazon marketplaces need no introduction. However, the extravaganza feature to Amazon sellers is using the Amazon’s FBA(Fulfillment By Amazon) service.



The FBA service makes your(sellers) products eligible for Amazon Prime two day free shipping.   


On the other hand, Amazon sellers can easily avail the benefit from a high volume of shoppers. Amazon proves to another apt exemplar to sell on top marketplaces. 


Another key selling point on Amazon is its review- sellers provide excellent shopping services. In order to wow their customers and get great reviews in return.  It is where sellers compete despite standardized product listings.


Amazon holds the 20th position among various other marketplaces worldwide and 4th in the United States.


A glance at Amazon’s traffic-generating countries-


United States 70.14%
India 1.92%
United Kingdom 1.86%
Canada 1.81%
Japan 1.24%


How to sell on Amazon for beginners?

sell on top marketplaces

It hardly matters if you are a veteran or a budding entrepreneur. You must possess these five things to start selling on Amazon:


“A product to sell, an Amazon seller account, product listings, a way to manage inventory, and a process to ship orders.”


We bring you a wide variety of platforms to begin selling on- WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify.

You must give Amazon a hit if you aspire to sell on top marketplaces.

Integrate your WooCommerce/ ShopifyMagento 2 store with Amazon and start selling on Amazon- TODAY!


How to earn more with Jet marketplaces Integration?


sell on top marketplaces




A transformed “eCommerce disruptor” to “bona fide marketplace”– Jet com today has acquired more than 5 million unique monthly shoppers with only 3,000 sellers.



Although Walmart had acquired Jet long back. However, if you are one of those who look forward to sell on top marketplaces, you must heed in to Jet once!

As, these two are separate entities and being a seller you need to apply distinctly on each of them.  


A closer look at the perks offered by jet Integration-


Reduced Returns:

It’s not that Jet com does not offer the return policy. But it has limited its return policies hence making the rules more strict than before thus allowing fewer returns and sanctioning you to sell on top marketplaces rather effectively.


Only commission fees/Just minimal fees:

Unlike other marketplaces, to sell on top marketplaces (Jet com) does not bog you down with a number of fees- listing fees,  sign-up fees, monthly fees etc.


Jet com does not charge any membership fee.


Jet com handles “sales tax” for you– Unlike other marketplaces, Jet com figures out sales tax for you.


Simplifying the selling strategy-  The lowest price wins with Jet com-Removing all the complexities involved with the concept of “Buy Box”.


Did you know?

Jet Com offers free shipping over $35.


Easy customer access: Jet com leverages its sellers to see buyers’ contact information. Thus, allowing sellers to contact their prospects directly.


Open API: With CedCommerce’s Jet com marketplaces integration you (sellers) can easily keep a track of all the products on the site.


Some of the lucrative features of CedCommerce’s Jet com marketplaces include- bulk upload, inventory syncing, auto-acknowledgment of products and many more.


You must have a sound information of popular countries before you opt to sell on top marketplaces. 

Well, below is a list of countries where Jet com is said to perform.


United States 93.43%
Canada 0.57%
United Kingdom 050%
Brazil 0.36%
India 0.30%


We bring you a wide variety of platforms to begin selling on- WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify.


Integrate your WooCommerceShopify/ Magento/ BigCommerce store with Jet and start selling on Jet- TODAY!


How to Sell on Walmart Marketplaces?

sell on top marketplaces


With more than 1 bn products Walmart marketplaces firmly believe in “save money live better”.


Walmart marketplace’s prime goal is to provide easy access to customers.


Walmart without denial is one of the top marketplaces to sell on.


Which is very evident with the fact that what started small, with a single discount store has tremendously grown into the largest retailer in the world in past 50 years.


Walmart report around 260 million customers and members visit more than 11,000 stores.


However, with a revenue of $485.9 billion in the year 2017, Walmart employs approximately 2.3 million associates worldwide.


Why sell at Walmart marketplace?


Well, there is no denying in the fact that Walmart marketplace attracts “over 110 million unique visitors a month (and growing)”according to its website.

A closer look at the traffic generating countries-


United States 91.01%
Canada 1.94%
India 0.38%
Mexico 0.34%
United Kingdom 0.31%


Advantages to sell on Walmart marketplace-


Grow your customer base: Walmart has a huge existing customer base of over 80bn. Selling on Walmart marketplaces lets you display your products to a much wider audience which is

bound to result in increased sales and therefore improved conversion rates.


No advanced payments: Walmart leverages you with the fact that you pay only when you start making sales.


The credibility of Walmart marketplaces: Walmart marketplaces is known for holding immense potential for all the sellers around who seek to increase their sale and brand reach worldwide.


Advantages of Walmart API integration by CedCommerce:


Inventory Management Product Management Order Management
Real-Time Syncing Lowest Cost 24*7*365 Support


Integrate your WooCommerce/ Shopify/ Magento 1/ Magento 2/ BigCommerce store with Walmart and start selling on Walmart- TODAY!


How to earn more with Etsy Marketplaces?


sell on top marketplaces


Etsy marketplaces is another name for the hub of handcrafted and vintage products.


The graph of Etsy marketplaces’ revenue has always been rising.


Number of Etsy marketplaces members 54 million members(as of 3/4/15)
Number of active Etsy marketplaces buyers 31.7 million active buyers(as of 2/3/18)
Number of Etsy marketplaces sellers 1.9 million sellers(as of 2/3/18)
Listed sale items on Etsy marketplaces 45 million products(as of 2/3/18)
Percentage of women sellers on Etsy marketplaces 86% (as of 3/4/15)
Percentage of mobile viewers on Etsy marketplaces 65%(as of 2/28/17)
Etsy marketplaces Q3 2017 revenue $106 million
Etsy marketplaces Q3 2017 Gross Merchandise Sales $766 million


sell on top marketplaces


Having known such details about the Etsy marketplaces. It’s time to grow your eCommerce business and double your profit through CedCommerce’s Etsy Integration.


A glance at Etsy marketplaces traffic-generating countries-


United States 91.01%
Canada 1.94%
India 0.38%
Mexico 0.34%
United Kingdom 0.31%


Now instantly import orders; automate inventory updates; list products and feature bulk upload facility with CedCommerce Etsy Integration.

What’s new in the Etsy Integration?

It easily manages more than one ETSY shop from a single store.


sell on top marketplaces


Etsy marketplaces help you set your creations apart from others.


Since people who shop on Etsy marketplaces often look for more than a cool product.


Integrate your WooCommerce/ BigCommerceShopify/ Magento1/ Magento 2 store with ETSY and start selling on ETSY- TODAY!


How to make money from Sears Marketplace?

sell on top marketplaces


With 16 million unique visitors in six months. Sears Marketplace is yet another giant in the eCommerce industry ranking 55th in the general merchandise category.


Well, being a seller you can simply sell your products on Sears marketplace just as with any other marketplaces.

Why sell on Sears marketplace?


Of so many marketplaces, Sears Marketplace is probably the best platform to sell on.


However, there is no denying in the fact that Walmart is a huge marketplace, but then again they have some strict rules- not everyone can become a seller on Walmart.  


Neither does Sears marketplace makes you niche specific as in case of Best Buy which allows you to sell only electronics products.


Sears marketplaces- A perfect place to start- It brings you a lot of exposure throughout the country via their in-store kiosks.



Sears marketplace Costs

-$40/month as its subscription fees to sell on Sears marketplace.

A transaction fees up to 20%, depending on the product (most of the products’ fees costs around 15%)

An additional $40/month for Sears to fulfill your orders

Order-specific fulfillment fees


Sears marketplace comes with the brand value of awareness and trust.


Know the traffic-generating countries for Sears marketplace-


United States 91.01%
United Kingdom 7.63%
Canada 3.95%
France 3.69%
Germany 2.80%


Sears Marketplace provides a flexible sellers tool- the “sell on sears” tool which allows sellers to easily list their products on to sears Marketplaces.


Integrate your WooCommerce/ BigCommerce/ Shopify/ Magento store with Sears and start selling on Sears- TODAY!


How to sell on Newegg marketplace?

sell on top marketplaces


Well, we must say Newegg has very beautifully eradicated the stereotype of it selling only the electronics products.

Now when, Newegg sells almost everything ranging from small appliances, sports goods, apparels etc.


Demographics of Newegg Marketplace

25 million loyal buyers

Estimated revenues of 2.8 billion


Convert your dreams into dollars with Newegg marketplace-


Sell your products to more than 50 countries and reach over 36 million customers.


Well, as a matter of fact, it gives us immense pleasure in stating the fact that CedCommerce is the official partner of Newegg.


The exclusive Newegg Extension provides an uncluttered real-time inventory management.


sell on top marketplaces


The orders can be easily acknowledged or canceled via a centralized system.


Things to ponder upon before becoming a seller on Newegg marketplaces-


Newegg marketplace expects sellers to ship within 48 hours. However, they also facilitate sellers with their shipping policy.


Sellers with exceptional customer service are rewarded. Also, Newegg marketplace expects the inquiries to be responded within one business day.


A glance at traffic-generating countries for Newegg marketplace-


United States 73.35%
Canada 2.17%
United Kingdom 1.45%
Brazil 1.06%
India 0.93%


Integrate your WooCommerce/ BigCommerce/ Shopify/ Magento store with Newegg and fuel up your earning with Newegg Extension- TODAY!


How to earn more using Best Buy marketplaces?


sell on top marketplaces



Operating in nearly 16,00 stores with $40 billion annual revenue, Best Buy marketplace is one of the largest consumer electronics retailer in North America.


Best Buy marketplace is an American MNC which is one of the largest and most successful e-commerce marketplaces in Canada.


There is no denying in the fact that it is highly trusted and familiar with 99% of Canadians.


sell on top marketplaces


Five best reasons that state why Best Buy Canada holds its place among the top marketplaces to sell on-

  1. Does not demand any set-up fee.
  2. It offers you with the methodology of fraud protection.
  3. Best Buy Canada decides the region.
  4. It owns the shipping policy.
  5. Proves to be helpful for the sellers to grow their audiences.


Best Buy makes it way easier for sellers to make money online. All you need is to fulfill these requirements-

  • Products: The primary requirement in order to set your seller panel to sell on top marketplaces!
  • Packaging: An exclusive centric retail outlook of your product may attract so many eyes altogether if you are proceeding to sell on top marketplaces.
  • Logistics: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), forecasting, procurement, catering customers including the refund and return processes are the primary requirement in order to sell on top marketplaces.
  • Marketing: It is the most crucial stage for any business type. The amount of conversions lies here. You need to plan out some effective marketing strategies in order to sell on top marketplaces.


Did you know?

Best Buy marketplace has been ranked- 5th position category wise in the consumer electronics category.

It holds 77th rank in the United States (Country Rank) as well as it has been awarded the 416th position globally (worldwide).


Best Buy marketplace traffic

United States 85.25%
Canada 2.16%
Brazil 1.26%
Mexico 0.90%
India 0.85%


Are you looking forward to sell on Best Buy marketplace?


Well, there is this Best Buy Integration, which helps in “Profile-based product upload; inventory sync and easy debug”.


We bring you a wide variety of platforms to begin selling on- WooCommerce, BigCommerceMagento 2, Shopify.


Get your Best Buy Integration- NOW and start earning TODAY!


How to earn with Reverb marketplace?


sell on top marketplaces


With 21.42 million visits, Reverb marketplace ranks 49th in the arts and entertainment category.


Reverb marketplace is the pilgrimage for all music related products.


sell on top marketplaces

Image Source: Reverb


Make sure you are searchable i.e. double-check your listing and make sure you’re showing up in the right places.

In order to sell on top marketplaces, one needs to cross verify their presence time & again.

Reverb marketplace’s price guide- It certainly helps you in acknowledging how much to charge.


Reverb marketplace charges listing fees of 3.5% of the total value when an item is sold. Including $0.30 for Paypal’s cut, which is again a very small number as compared to other marketplaces.


Reverb always holds its position to be featured among the top marketplaces to sell on.


Below, we have listed down the major traffic driving countries for Reverb, which will surely help you by a large means.


Reverb marketplaces’ traffic-generating countries-


United States 60.25%
United Kingdom 4.94%
Canada 4.65%
France 3.13%
Germany 2.60%


Integrate your WooCommerce/  Shopify/ Magento store with Reverb and start selling on Reverb- NOW!


Earn more with ManoMano Marketplace

sell on top marketplaces


Sell on ManoMano marketplace and discover the top European marketplaces for DIY and gardening!


What sets ManoMano apart from other marketplaces?


ManoMano marketplace has a forum and tips section designed with the sole purpose to help you with your DIY dilemmas.   

ManoMano holds its credibility in standing high when the topic is to sell on top marketplaces.

ManoMano marketplace has managed to bring together more than 200 sellers with over 200,000 clients so far.


It holds the 18th rank in “home and garden” category.


A glance at ManoMano marketplaces’ traffic-generating countries-


France 93.79%
Belgium 1.88%
Switzerland 0.39%
Tunisia 0.34%
Algeria 0.27%


Integrate your WooCommerceMagento/ Magento 2 store with ManoMano and start selling on ManoMano- TODAY!


Is selling on MercadoLibre marketplace a good fit?

sell on top marketplaces



MercadoLibre marketplace is the #1 e-commerce site in Latin America.


Wherein the marketplaces of Brazil and Mexico represent 60% of the total MercadoLibre GMV.

When the discussion is to sell on “top” marketplaces- How can Mercadolibre be left behind-


With the record of 38.39 million visitors who spend 1 minute 55 seconds on an average.


MercadoLibre known for its shopping category ranks on 176th position.


sell on top marketplaces

There are certain prerequisites for selling on Mercadolibre marketplaces-


Initially, review the Mercadolibre Cross-Border Trade Program Description.



Being a seller on Mercadolibre marketplaces, you do not pay any listing fees or sales commissions for listing and selling your products on Mercadolibre CBT.


List of traffic-generating countries for Mercadolibre marketplace-


Argentina 33.94%
Mexico 22.17%
Venezuela 19.50%
Colombia 7.10%
Chile 4.62%


Integrate your WooCommerce/ Magento/ Magento 2 store with Mercadolibre and fuel up your earning with Mercadolibre Extension-Today!


A final word to sell on TOP Marketplaces-


So now you can easily gear up and make up your mind to sell on top marketplaces, as well as on your online store too!


We expect your products not to get lost in the shuffle of giant marketplaces.


With this, it is imperative to-


Choose your marketplaces wisely-


No! We do not ask you to get lost in the ocean of product listings offered by a number of marketplaces.


Don’t just opt for any marketplaces because it is dominant, as they may welcome you with their rising slope of competition every now and then.


Being said that, we believe you are on your way to double your profit.


All it requires is a little effort and the right decision.


However, if you put in the time and build it all the right way, you’ll eventually start meeting your targets.


It’s high time to think, we value your dreams. We help you shape it the right way- start making money online today!


It’s time to double your earnings with any of the listed marketplaces.

Are you a success fanatic?


Hey! We would love to know which of the marketplaces fascinates you the most..Are you ready to sell on top marketplaces?



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