MageNative Launches New Shopify Drag And Drop App Builder
MageNative Launches New Shopify Drag And Drop App Builder

MageNative Launches New Shopify Drag And Drop App Builder


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Gone are the days when mobile app development used to be a tricky business reserved only for the coding nerds. With the advancement in technology, it has become possible for anyone to build and design a fantastic, appealing, and fully functional native mobile app from scratch.

Mobile app builders have changed the game of mobile app building forever. With a simple click of a button, you can add different components of a mobile app and view the appearance of the app in real-time.

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But, not all app makers are effective enough in giving you the desired look. Some come with inbuilt templates with little modifications, while in others, you can build your app from scratch. MageNative brings the best of both worlds.

An Easiest Way To Create An App Without Any Coding Knowledge.

MageNative’s Mobile app builder allows you to select from various in-built themes and give it your desired look or build your app from scratch. Whatever your choice, you get plenty of features and options.

Features of MageNative’s Drag And Drop App Builder

Available for Shopify customers, MageNative’s app maker comes with a bundle of features:

Fully Customizable Homepage

Fully customize the homepage of your Native mobile app without having to write even a single line of coding. Just drag different blocks onto the mobile screen and arrange them to your liking. Personalize the appearance of your app to reflect your brand color, purpose, or style.
You can choose from pre-built page layouts or create one from scratch. With multiple colors, buttons, and image options, you can be more creative with your mobile app than you imagined.

No Coding Needed

Build native app by simply dragging and dropping different components of the app. Absolutely no coding knowledge required. Edit elements of the block like color and buttons by clicking on the edit icon and making needed changes.

Upload product images from your desktop/laptop and link products/categories from your store. The app fetches all the details of the products/categories from the store.

Variety Of Blocks

MageNative’s drag and drop app maker comes with various blocks that you can arrange in any fashion. Some of the blocks are category Circle, Category Square, Collection Grd, Standalone Banner, 3-Product Layout, Product Grid, and Collection Slider.
Depending on the package you choose, you get the option to arrange different numbers of blocks in a variety of fashion. Users need to drag the pre-built blocks and fit them on the mobile screen.

Product Slider And Banner Slider

Product Sliders are moving images that movingly highlight the products. With Product Slider, you can highlight the latest product arrivals, trending products, or discounted products in your store.
Banner sliders are also moving images, but unlike product sliders, they appear in the form of a banner. They are used to attract customers’ attention to seasonal discounts, new arrivals, and other offers.

Quick Search Bar

Most shoppers are looking for a particular product in your store and want to reach it directly. A quick search panel or bar enables them to instantly get their favorite products without navigating through different products and categories.

A quick search panel appears on top of the MageNative’s app home screen with a visually distinct style and a magnifying glass icon. You can modify its appearance to your liking. Users can quickly enter the relevant product name or keyword to find their desired product.

Built-in Themes

MageNative’s drag and drop app builder offers you a variety of mobile themes. Each theme differs in appearance and functionality and serves the interest of different businesses.

Some of the most promising themes of the app builder include Fierrara, Plium, and Tridin. You can change app themes to your requirements to different colors and buttons. Depending on the plan you choose, you get to modify the theme of your choice.

Real-Time App Viewing

The app builder allows you to view how your mobile app will appear with the customization you have made in the app in real-time. You can check the look of your app every time you make changes to it.

With a single click, your mobile app appears on the right corner of the screen, and you see the look of your app and make suitable changes to it.

Upload Images And Link Products And Categories

Upload images of the store’s items on your mobile app and highlight your store’s products. Click on the edit icon and upload pictures of the products/items you wish to display on the app.

Likewise, link the products or categories in your store to the mobile app. The app will fetch the data from the store itself.


Wishlist enables shoppers to add products in their buckets, which they intend to buy, most probably shortly. The number of products added to the wishlist appears as numbers on the wishlist icon.

Wishlist icons appear on the top right corner of the mobile screen. You can modify the icon’s appearance with different colors, borderline to your liking.

App Publishing

You can choose to publish the app right from the panel itself. All you have to do is submit developer account details of Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once you have given the developer account details and submitted the app for review, it takes somewhere around 2 to 3 business days for the Play Store for app publication. For Apple App Store, it takes around a week. Alternatively, you can provide us your developer account details, and we will publish the app for you.

Advantages Of Using Mobile App Builder

Advantages Of Using Mobile App Builder MageNative app builder provides you complete freedom in designing your mobile app from scratch. Here you do not need to code for customization. Simply drag and drop your favourite components and see how your app looks in different colours, images, and styles.

No Coding Skills Are Required

App builders make the process of mobile app development relatively easy. Here WYSIWYG approach is followed, where users can build and customize apps without coding. So the most significant advantage of the drag and drop app builder is that it enables users to create an app as per their requirements by dragging and dropping the components.

Cost Efficient

Utilizing the mobile app builder will make your development process much cost-efficient compared to hiring a professional developer. An app created using a mobile app builder will cost approx 40-80% less.

Less Development Time

Another most prominent advantage is that it takes relatively significantly less time to develop an app than coding. Through mobile app builder, to can create an app within a few hours. However, a complete app development process can take several days or weeks or months to complete. The App development team spends several months to complete the process, but you create a within hours with the help of an app builder.

Ready Made Architecture

Mobile app builder provides a readymade architecture, where you do not need to think about the layout and elements. You just need to place the components, order-wise, as per your choice. Depending on your experience, you can start from scratch and utilize readymade templates as per your apps requirement.

Ease Of Support

The app development firm, which creates an app builder for you, also offers proper support. MageNative provides an app builder with complete support to its users.

Using MageNative’s Mobile App Builder

It is fun to use MageNative’s app builder software. With simple clicks, you can build your dream mobile app in no time.

Drag and drop your favorite block onto the mobile screen. After that, hover over the block, an edit icon will appear. Click on the edit icon.

A box will appear with a set of options, and you can choose and change color, buttons, fonts from there.

Upload images of your products and link categories from your store.

Save the changes. You can preview your mobile app’s changes by clicking on the preview button in the top right corner.

Add more blocks and make suitable changes in the same manner.


Drag and Drop app builder allows you to develop your own app with zero knowledge. You just need to simply drag and drop different components of the app. Enables you to easily modify the color, layout, and structure of different blocks, just by clicking on the edit button. You can upload product images from your desktop/laptop and link products/categories from your store. The app fetches all the details of the products/categories from the store. Its amazing built-in features lets the user design and customize the app in no time and gives them a better shopping experience.

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