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Celebrating Veterans & Singles’ Day 2022 on Amazon with CedCommerce

Celebrating Veterans & Singles’ Day 2022 on Amazon with CedCommerce


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Veterans Day and Singles’ Day are here! What it means is the prime time to cater to the wide audience scattered over different regions of the world and on different online platforms. Where on one hand, Veterans Day is prominent in the US with retailers and brands offering insane discounts to veterans; Singles’ Day is one of the popular festivals celebrated in China. Read this blog to know what sells the most on Veterans Day and Singles’ Day on Amazon and how can you manage your multichannel business with high-class integration solutions on upcoming festivals.

What sells the most on Veterans Day?

Since Veterans Day is just 10 days before Black Friday, it is the most opportune time to sell clothes, accessories, and furniture, and offer deals on home decor, mattresses, sports, outdoors, etc.

Many brands and online platforms offer huge discounts and offer to veterans and their families. However, civilians too can leverage these offers. Amazon offers 20% and more discounts on selected items for veterans.

Here is how you can honor Veterans on Veterans Day:

Give discounts

You can give discounts to Veterans and families along with Coupons for the next time purchases.

Collab with Organizations

Many brands collab with organizations working for veterans and extend their products as gifts of honor. As a retailer, you too can collab with organizations and promote your brand amongst groups of veterans and families. By offering coupons for the next time purchases, you invite them to become your repeat customers.

Promote Black Friday Sales

Black Friday comes next in the list just after Veterans Day and holds a most prominent sales day throughout US and Canada. As an online retailer, investing your resources and marketing skills with long-term sales strategies can bring in more profits this holiday season.

Singles’ Day is celebrated enthusiastically throughout China and Alibaba attracted as many as 900 million shoppers in 2021.

Recap: Singles’s Day sales 2021

Singles’ Day sales hit records in several aspects, let’s check out the highlighted ones:

  • Singles’ Day 2021 sales attracted 900 million shoppers.
  • Singles’ Day sales in 2021 exceeded $139 billion USD (889.4 billion Yuan).
  • Chinese consumers spent an average of $38 USD per order (272 yuan) during 2021’s Singles’ Day sales.
  • A record 200 luxury brands participated in Singles’ Day sales in 2021, including many newly participating brands like Hermès and Saint Laurent.
  • China’s Gen-Z consumers accounted for 31% of the total Singles’ Day spending in 2021. Those over 40 accounted for just 23% of total sales.
  • Chinese consumers’ top reasons for shopping on Singles Day included: looking for specific items or discounts (61%), wanting the latest product releases (50%), and supporting/exploring brands (36%).
    $11.8 billion USD (73.8 billion yuan) was spent on live commerce platforms during 2021 Singles’ Day sales.
  • 11% of Chinese consumers planned to participate in Singles’ Day just to watch the live streams.

What sells the most on Singles’ Day?

As per 2021 stats, iPhone and electronic gadgets sold the most. Did you know that even European online platforms sold to Chinese consumers and that the sales during singles’ day in 2021 rose up to 80% in Italy, 68% in Spain & 57% in France?

What this implies is that it really doesn’t matter who you are and where you sell from, if your marketplace is open to a huge customer base all around the world, you have the best of both worlds.

Now you can sell in multiple countries on Amazon with Amazon Global. Managing inventory, orders, returns, and refunds has now got simplified with Amazon by CedCommerce, an all-in-one app to sync all feeds between multiple AMZ accounts and the Shopify store.

All about Amazon by CedCommerce

The App ensures seamless connectivity between the Shopify store and Amazon Marketplace. Easily figure out how to sell on Amazon from Shopify with this app. Create and synchronize Shopify and Amazon listings and reach 200+ million unique visitors per month on average by selling on Amazon. The app supports selling on Amazon for merchants in almost all parts of the world right from the Shopify store. The countries currently excluded from the list are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt.

Link Shopify store to Amazon to allow the selection of suitable promotions and pricing, range of products and categories to sell, choice of fulfillment model, etc., through the app. Explore further to figure out how to sell products on Amazon Marketplace from the Shopify store:

  • Connect Multiple Amazon Accounts
  • Support all Categories
  • Product Template
  • Create Listings & Offers
  • Sync & Track Inventory in near Real-Time
  • Manage Orders & Shipment
  • Free 24×7 Support

Hope this blog helps!

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