How can i fulfill Shopify orders using fba
CedCommerce’s Multichannel Importer App now extended to become FBA compatible

CedCommerce’s Multichannel Importer App now extended to become FBA compatible


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Portland, Oregon (August 12, 2019):Realizing the stress inventory storage and order fulfillment can cause to online sellers, CedCommerce has extended its multichannel Importer App to multichannel Importer-FBA Shipping. This extension of the app connects the seller’s FBA account to his Shopify store. This connectivity is to help the seller fulfill orders created on Shopify from FBA. The solution is dedicated to making selling on Shopify with Amazon FBA easier.

About Amazon FBA:

Launched in 2006, Amazon FBA is a service that sellers use to shed all of their burden related to Inventory Storage & Order Fulfillment on Amazon. To put the scope of FBA into perspective, Amazon delivered more than 2 billion items for other sellers in 2016, and active sellers using the service increased by about 70 percent that year.

If a seller chooses to use FBA, his transaction & fulfillment process using FBA looks like this:

1) A business ships its inventory from an FBA storage facility.

2) A business lists its inventory on an eCommerce platform.

3) A customer purchases the product and schedules delivery.

4) The order processes and Amazon packages & prepares the product for shipment.

5) Amazon delivers the product to the customer while providing frequent tracking updates.

6) Amazon handles customer service issues with the product or shipment.

Selling on Shopify with Amazon FBA:

The multichannel Importer App by CedCommerce is designed to import products from various Marketplaces & upload them on Shopify. The FBA compatible multichannel Importer allows sellers to fulfill orders created on Shopify using Amazon FBA.

The app checks whether the inventory and the SKU of the orders received are available on Amazon FBA or not. If the inventory is available, the orders will be listed in the “FBA order section.” The paid orders will be readily shipped from Amazon FBA, and the orders with hold time will be shipped from Amazon when the hold time finishes.

The app also provides the sellers to cancel the orders, from Shopify if it gets canceled from Amazon FBA for any reason.

What details does the app convey from Shopify FBA?

i) Product Details

ii) Shipping Address

iii) Whether an order is paid or on hold

What details does the app convey from FBA to Shopify?

The app conveys order shipping status:

i) An unpaid order, designated as Pending order

ii) A shipped order, designated as Shipped order

iii) A fulfilled order, designated as a completed order

iv) An order can  also be in a canceled state

Where can you avail the app from?

You can get the multichannel Importer-FBA conveniently from:
Official Shopify App Store
CedCommerce’s Product Page

Readers can use CedCommerce’s multichannel Importer App-FBA, to cut down the stress involved in inventory storage & order management. You can use the time & efforts saved in generating more leads to have a better conversion rate.

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