mautic integration for prestaShop

Portland, Oregon (18/1/2019)– With a delightful approach to help the sellers personalize their Marketing Automation tool, CedCommerce Mautic Integration Module is now live on PrestaShop marketplace.





In a conversation, Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr. Himanshu Rauthan stated –



CedCommerce’s main aim is to help the sellers sell on various platforms seamlessly and therefore, CedCommerce has come up with Mautic Integration Module for PrestaShop.
The add-on aims at paving a way for the sellers to customize their Marketing Automation tool and generate more leads and even nurture the old ones.



Key Features of the add-on:


1) Contact Property Mapping- The add-on tracks the PrestaShop contact properties and maps it with Mautic Contact Properties.

2) Customer Sync- You may sync contact between Mautic and PrestaShop with all the customer details.

3) RFM Segmentation- The add-on provides easy customer segmentation based on Recency, Frequency, and Monetary parameters.

4) ROI Tracking- The add-on makes the evaluation of Return On Investment on each lead easier so that the follow-ups can be uninterrupted and well structured.



Quick Torch lights on Marketing Automation-


Marketing Automation is the process of automating the tasks of lead generation, lead follow-up etc, with well planned and scheduled marketing campaigns.


Marketing Automation tool such as Mautic helps to achieve seamless marketing with planned marketing strategies.



Product Availability, Version and Compatibility-


1) The product can be availed from-



2) Product Version- 1.0.0 (11/23/2018)


3) Product Compatibility- The add-on is compatible with the following PrestaShop versions-

v1.6.1.0 – v1.7.4.4



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