Importance of app ratings and reviews for ecommerce
Top reasons why app ratings and reviews are important For E commerce

Top reasons why app ratings and reviews are important For E commerce


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Mobile app marketing is now gaining a lot of popularity and attention. App ratings and reviews are doing a great job building online credibility in this cutting-edge business environment. Regardless of whether you review online food delivery or rating any Ecommerce application, a good rating will help in the growth of your online business. It is seen that about 60 percent of users check app ratings before they install the app. Positive app store reviews can reduce acquisition costs and increase organic installs.

How App Ratings And Reviews Are Essential For Overall App Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to page optimization on the app store, there are several factors to consider. This incorporates app icon, selection of keywords, app description, title, etc. But what most developers and marketers fail to realize the importance of app ratings and reviews for overall app marketing strategy.

1. Increased Number Of Installations

A report by Apptentive shows that app reviews can influence about 70% of users to install the app on Apple devices. And 75% of people read the reviews and downloaded them. App ratings and reviews matter very much when it comes to user acquisition. They play a significant role in user’s decision whether to download or don’t download the app. A survey by Appentive shows that mobile does not want to download the app with a rating lower than three stars. Moreover, users read at least a single review before installing the app.

2. Improved User Retention

The success of any app largely depends on user retention. The retention rate can be increased with the help of a few techniques such as easy navigation, seamless user experience, and interactive user interface, among others. If users are satisfied with your app, they will provide positive reviews and ratings as well.

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3. Increase In-App Revenue

Being a marketer or app developer, your main goal should be app revenue. App reviews are very effective and can affect app revenue directly. However, with positive app reviews, you can captivate the maximum number of paying customers. Overall all positive ratings will influence visitors to download the app. Moreover, it will likewise attract more marketing opportunities for customers. A report by Statista shows that top-rated apps are anticipated to grow global revenue upto $935.2 billion by 2023.

4. Increases In-App Visibility

As already discussed, positive app ratings can have a significant impact on app searches. If you check app download stats, you will find that mobile apps in the top 50 have numerous app ratings and reviews. This shows that good app ratings make it easier for visitors to find your mobile app. The main advantage of app ratings is that they will help your app rank higher on search engines.

5. Better Conversion Rate

Nowadays, users are much cautious before installing anything on their smartphones. First, they search about the app they are going to install on their device. People first check the reviews from visitors before installing the app. A report by Apptentive states that “about 90% of users read the reviews and ratings before installing an app.”

The above infographic shows how essential app ratings are. From above, it is clear that top-rated mobile apps with 5-star ratings have largest number of users downloading the app. And the mobile app with a 1-star rating has the least number of downloads. App reviews help in building the social credibility of the app.

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Important Tips To Improve App Reviews

App reviews are important for both app development companies and developers equally. Despite offering quality services to your customers, some of your customers might be unhappy with your products and services. Or some of them may forget to rate your app. So there are some points to consider to improve your app store ratings.

1. Integrate With App Review Plugins Or Platforms

Review plugins/platforms like Ali reviews, FireApps are very effective and helpful in acquiring reviews from users. It helps users get genuine customer reviews via email, fully customized pop-ups, display ratings, and reviews.

2. Offer An Excellent Customer Service

Customer service and satisfaction is the main factor behind the success for any business. You have to make sure that you are offering complete assistance to your customers. Offer your customers complete assistance from experts, 24 hours customer support availability—proper customer support help in gaining positive reviews from users and helps build brand image. A recent study from sprout social reveals that about 47% of users complain about customer support service.

3. User Personalization For An Enhanced User Experience

To survive in this competitive market you need to be different from others and offer your clients more than what they are expecting from you. Now most mobile app development companies are using user personalisation for an enhanced user experience. Users are finding products and services easily via apps through user personalisation techniques. It can be the major factor for your app in getting positive reviews and ratings.

4. Be A Quality Oriented Businessmen

Rather than focusing on the number of products, you should focus on the quality of your clients’ items. Focusing on quality will let you provide good quality products to your users and help build an image of your brand. If you produce quality products, satisfied users will automatically rate you positive, thereby building social credibility for your brand.

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5. Ask Customers To Rate Your App

Your app store or google play star rating is made up of all the previous ratings that your app has received. Generally, the primary step in improving your store rating is to get more of them. The more positive rating you have, the higher will be your app rank on the app store. The best way to receive more ratings is to ask your customers. Send them pop-up or push notifications while they are engaging with your application. Happy and satisfied customers are more likely to receive positive reviews.

6. Release Frequent App Updates

Your mobile app ratings should reveal the progress each time when you release any update. Improved ratings and reviews after an update will tell you that the issues you have sorted are working.

Meticulously track your mobile app ratings. If your ratings decrease or get worse after an update, you need to react quickly. Check through your latest reviews to know what users did not like about the recent update and work fast to sort the issue.

7. Quick Response To Reviews

A report shows that app owners who respond quickly to their reviews experience a +0.7 boost in their mobile app rating. Even quickly and properly answering to review can change negative customer reviews to a positive ones.

Negative app ratings and reviews can dishearten any business owner or developer who has put a lot of effort and time into creating and publishing an app. So for the success of a mobile app, it is imperative to respond quickly and efficiently to customer reviews. And in case of negative feedback, try to understand and sort the customer issue as soon as possible.

Why Most Of The Users Prefer Top Rated Apps?

The general tendency of most human beings is that they trust the opinion of the people around them. In this era of digitization, the word of mouth marketing floats from family and friends to strangers over the network. It helps visitors to know the view of other users about the app they are going to download. Other users’ positive reviews about the app build up buyers’ decision to purchase the item. In contrast, the negative reviews weaken the buyer’s decision to buy the item.


Reviews And Ratings Can Affect your app store And Google Play Ranking

Reviews and ratings largely impact the app ranking on app stores and are an essential factor in app store optimization. Apple and Google tend to rank the app higher on the app store, which has maximum positive reviews and ratings. All the number of reviews on the app matters. The more reviews on your app, the higher it will rank on the app store.

Important Facts About App Ratings And Reviews

So it is clear from the above factors that how crucial are the customer reviews for the success of any business. Here are some facts about customer reviews you should know

  • A Report by Spiegel reveals that about 95% of users check online reviews before making any purchase
  • According to Testimonial Engine about 72% of customers won’t buy anything without checking reviews
  • According to Spiegel, chances of 5 star-rated to be purchased increases by 270%

In A Nutshell

Mobile app ratings and reviews are a helpful word of mouth marketing technique in this digital business era. While positive feedbacks and ratings can acquire revenue and build brand image. Negative feedback or reviews can ruin your online reputation if not treated quickly and efficiently. Understanding the significance of reviews and how to leverage them to boost an online business is a great way to stand out in this competitive environment. So to provide our users an excellent platform to acquire reviews from their clients, MageNative is teaming up with fire apps. This integration lets you showcase all your client reviews more elegantly. Start your online journey with a feature-rich mobile app by MageNative.

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