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A WooCommerce Seller’s guide to cracking holiday e-commerce- 2023 Edition.

A WooCommerce Seller’s guide to cracking holiday e-commerce- 2023 Edition.


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Since e-commerce has shown such tremendous growth since the pandemic, it can be concluded that multichannel selling with WooCommerce is the new way to celebrate the festive season 2021. With another transformative year coming to an end you can easily maximize your trade outreach with CedCommerce’s WooCommerce integrations for different marketplaces. We present to you – The ultimate guide to multichannel selling for the holidays of 2023. 

Before we delve into the nitty-gritties of holiday selling, Let’s have a quick look at why we’re talking about it.

Why is the festive season the best season for your e-commerce business?

Before jumping on to conclusions, it’s crucial to look back at the eCommerce statistics of the 2022-2023 festive season. The holiday season drives some of the highest sales of the year and has increased throughout the years, despite the pandemic outbreak.



The above stats clearly convey that festivals are a great opportunity for kicking your sales up a notch. Pull up your socks and make your way into the market before the season hits your store. 

Why multi-channel approach is right for your business?

  • Firstly, multichannel selling will push your business to newer potential customers. Meet the shoppers where they already are. Tap to a new audience base and new possibilities with a new marketplace. 
  • Secondly, you get to diversify your income source. The phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – describes it well enough. Generating revenue from several different marketplaces not only brings diversification but also is the best defense against the risk of selling on a single platform. 
  • Thirdly, you can get experimental with the new product line, pricing, and other promotional strategies. Use your secondary channel for extra insight into e-com trading and bring them upfront to a larger audience.
  • Last but not least, increase your brand awareness on several channels all at once. As shoppers browse through the different marketplace, you get to put your brand’s name in several shopping carts simultaneously. 

Why WooCommerce is the answer to ‘How-to-sell on multiple channels’?

First and foremost let’s have a look at some outstanding WooCommerce statistics: 

WooCommerce's Amazing facts.

WooCommerce’s Amazing facts.

WooCommerce is a powerful, yet very flexible and versatile tool to sell online. Working alongside WordPress, it is capable of integrating your e-commerce with a perfect content management system. Depending on the niche of the product you are selling you can easily build and customize the site. In addition, it tries to keep everything lean so that the sellers can modulate the options as per the requirements. On that account, you can build, promote and start multichannel selling with WooCommerce with the following attributes: 

Diverse payment Gateways:

Accept payments through various gateways with flexible payment options. You can accept secure payments via Stripe and PayPal, allowing the customers to opt from debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, and cash on delivery.  

Updating product details:

Advanced features allow you to easily update products features such as name, description, price, and much more using CSV files.  

Geo-location support:

Auto-detect your customer’s location using the respective IP. Henceforth, the feature ensures the availability of your products in the different regions of the globe.

Flexible shipping option and shipping rates:

Explore different pickup locations for your orders. Use an advanced shipping option for setting the shipping price depending on the product category and variation. 

Automated tax calculations:

Make use of hassle-free tax supervision and management for your online store embedded within the WooCommerce store. 

 CedCommerce’s Products and Services:

Needless to say now that if you are looking to start an online store or just want a little razzle-dazzle of selling during the holidays- multichannel selling with WooCommerce is an excellent choice.

We, at CedCommerce design, refine, and redefine e-commerce practices. With our high-functioning marketplace integration for WooCommerce, you can sell on various marketplaces, simultaneously. So make the most of the festive rush with features like:

Complete Automation:

Enjoy friction-less synchronization of your inventory and control the procedure from a single WooCommerce dashboard. 

Product Intelligence:

Bulk Upload:

Potentially save hours of manual edits on product edits. Upload and update the details of the n-number of products with the Bulk action. 

Category Mapping:

Categorize and map your products to the respective marketplace standard with an intelligent category mapping tool. The feature increases visibility and makes product navigation easy for your customers 

Product data validation:

The feature ensures that the format of the product update/upload is well aligned with the provided guidelines from the respective marketplace.  

Order Management and Regulation:

Avoid the hassles of manual order regulation -Automate, supervise and manage your orders, sales, shipping, and returns easily from a central dashboard.  

Features of WooCommerce Integration.

Features of WooCommerce Integration.

What’s more, you ask?

Along with cutting-edge integrations, our motto is to support your business 24*7, round the clock without a glitch.

Our dedicated account manager will work with you from the beginning till the very end- managing and supervising the entire process.

With 90 days of free support, you can reach out to our team anytime. 

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