Roadmap to Success for 9.9 super shopping day
All in One Guide to Hassle Free Selling on  9.9 Super Shopping Day 2020

All in One Guide to Hassle Free Selling on 9.9 Super Shopping Day 2020


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9.9 Super Shopping Day is an annual shopping event by Shopee. Since its inception in 2015, it has witnessed significant growth in profitability due to innovative approaches for engaging customers to the fullest. It has experienced a high level of enthusiasm among customers in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. In 2020, despite the pandemic, Super Shopping Day seems to be bigger and better than previous ones.

Interesting Statistics from Super Shopping Day (9.9)

  • Stats reveal the number of orders during 2019 Super Shopping Day was 3X that of 2018.
  • In 2019, Shopee sold 1,87,606 products in the very first minute as the sale kickstarted.
  • One hundred thirteen million deals were offered that grabbed attention of millions of customers from countries.
  • Shopee live organized by Shopee to gain traction from customers. It resulted in a total of 50 million views.
  • Interview by Christiano Ronaldo on Shopee Live on Sept 9, last year fetched a mind-boggling 35 million views.
  • It might sound too good to be true, but top-performing brands experienced a 5306 times increase in online traffic and 480 times more sales.

most searched during super shopping day


In the quest to make the event as popular as Single’s Day, Shopee live was hosted by charismatic Cristiano Ronaldo (world-renowned soccer player)

What Do These Stats Reveal?

  • Smartphones have been sold in surprisingly huge quantities during the 9.9 super shopping day and are highly likely to see demand surge in the upcoming years. After all, Xiaomi is the only top-selling brand for Singles’ Day and during Super Shopping Day.
  • As far as the product category is concerned, beauty and personal care will continue to grow at a good pace. It is the only category that secured a spot in top categories during Super Shopping Day and Singles’ Day last year.
  • It was also observed that customers were worried about products being sold out and were sad about server errors that didn’t allow them to purchase the products on sale.

Sellers must consider the above points to better plan for amplifying the sales opportunity and lift the customer experience.

Glimpse into What Will be New on Super Shopping Day 2020

Lazada (a subsidiary of Alibaba) drives engagement by helping users slash prices using the app, slash it, and invite friends. No customer would like to miss an opportunity to grab products at a reduced price.

Shopee is planning to help sellers and brands by boosting their post-pandemic recovery rate in 3 ways.

  • Super Ecosystem: Shopee plans to streamline the selling and buying process by ensuring secure payments and reliable logistics support during the 9.9 Super Shopping Day.
  • It partnered with leading payment gateways and improved integrated mobile wallet ShopeePay.
  • Warehouse operations are optimized to enhance logistics capabilities. It will result in a highly efficient order fulfillment process even during peak hours of 9.9 Super Shopping Day.
  • Launch of Google Ads in partnership with Google to amplify sales opportunities. Using it, brands will create, manage, and measure Google Ads campaigns on Shopee mall.
  • Google ads with Shopee will result in engaging customers at a deeper level, easily promote products, and drive more sales.
  • Customers will experience the most awesome shopping experience with diverse collections and deals. Best of all, in-app games, live streams will keep customers entertained.
  • The participation of 10 million sellers and 15,000 brand partners will make the event exceed the expectations.
  • Shopee Live will keep entertaining as well as connect customers with favorite brands, sellers, and celebrities. There will be rewards on Shopee Live and Shopee’s in-app games like Shopee Farm.

Top Performing Brands During 9.9 Super Shopping Day


top performers

What To Sell During 9.9 Super Shopping Festival

  • No doubt, smartphones will top the list of most sold products.
  • Clothing products like shawls, socks, and make-up pouch.
  • Skincare products, especially for skin whitening. Korean skincare products are very popular among Filipinos, and as expected, this year, customers from the Philippines will participate in large numbers during the 9.9 Super Shopping festival.
  • Baby diapers will be most sought after baby products by parents.
  • Game console and Kindles will also gain a huge amount of customers.

Pro Tip Using Google Ads with Shopee (a specialized marketing tool in collaboration with Google for Shopee sellers) will help sellers forecast products’ sales potential. Thus, it gets easy to predict the best selling products in the near future.

How is CedCommerce Ensuring Hassle-Free Selling During 9.9 Super Shopping Day?

Well, it seems quite apparent that Super Shopping Day 2020 will turn out to be a more significant event than before , and your store will receive tonnes of traffic on that day. If you opt to handle thousands of orders manually, it means you are limiting the opportunity to amplify your sales and boost brand awareness.

It is highly recommended to act like a pro online merchant and use marketplace integration solutions. CedCommerce offers marketplace integration solutions that enable stores built on various platforms to sell seamlessly on all marketplaces.

Empower your store with integration solution means below benefits

  • Bulk upload products, including variants, in a single click.
  • Real-time inventory synchronization to avoid overselling or underselling.
  • Smooth order processing.
  • Set the most competitive pricing to boost conversion rate.
  • Personal manager to guide you step by step on how to use the solution.
  • 24/7 tech support team means no tech glitch can hinder your selling process.

Therefore, it helps in easing online selling and allow serving your customers better.

Discount for Sellers

Avail 15% discount on different marketplace integration solutions by CedCommerce using  the Coupon code: SEAOFFER15 . It is valid from 7 sept to 9 sept (till midnight). Explore the details and get connected with our experts to amplify your store performance with power for automation. 


Super shopping day’s success is attributed to tonnes of discounts, free shipping, interesting games and ease of app use. The popularity of the 9.9 shopping event can be measured by considering the fact that #SuperShoppingDay had 7694 engagements. It reflects a high amount of enthusiasm and expectations among customers.

Entertainment oriented innovation techniques have worked quite well. The Shopee Live event was pumped with Shopee Dance performed by Cristiano Ronaldo. It was done to inculcate an element of entertainment. After all, an extra dose of entertainment will always work in favor of marketplaces.

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