10 video marketing ideas you need this Christmas
10 Video Marketing Ideas You Need this Christmas!

10 Video Marketing Ideas You Need this Christmas!


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How fulfilling would it be to see your business grow to your desired leaps and bounds? And what better occasion than Christmas to meet your plans! Where your happiness of success meets our video marketing ideas!

Now buckle up and freshen up your orbs. Now is the time to absorb it all. While we unfold some tested and, of course, result bearing marketing ideas.

But hold up, before the narrative starts, why not have a quick look at what lies ahead! So here it is:

Bringing back the holiday nostalgia

What better way than riding on people’s nostalgia. It is a wholesome feeling both on and off camera. Plus, it connects with the audience and builds their trust in you. A bonus add-on would be the element of personalization where your brand offers them a chance to connect and do something as a unit.

Let’s say a rollout of holiday Christmas-themed jingle for your brand. That rings in all the grounding emotions and urges people to connect and share their version of Christmas jingles. While you harp on the nostalgia, you are also tapping on the potentials of user-generated content.

Following this thread, it prompts us to another major idea, where the touch of personalization can come alive with,

Customized videos

How would you like it when someone sends you a holiday-themed product that communicates to you? And how rich the experience becomes through a medium that improves your understanding by 98%! Yes, videos can do just that. They are more expressive and more connected. Here’s an example of a video for helping you connect.

Pushing off customized Christmas videos to greet your target audience can speak volumes about your brand value. Sharing it across your loyal base and one-time users can make them feel more attached to you.

That’s when you discharge your best stuff in the most engaging style of,

Sales and offer promotion

People wait round the year only for days like these. Why not make yourself happy by making your consumers happy? Giving out referrals and offers can improve your interactiveness and engagement by a large number.

When done with the visually rich videos along with a creative hook, there’s nothing like it for you. And everything looks enticing when done with a bang! So leverage this aspect of videos with sales and offer promotions for Christmas.

Keep your best “product forward”

Season sales need stocked products at all times. If you promise to give them something, they have been waiting for a really long time. Give them that. You need to keep your brand promise. So make sure if you run a Christmas campaign circling your comfy woolens, showcase them in the best yet crisp light to keep the message clear and distinct.

How about a short bumper ad? Or a non-skippable ad? Or something that showcases you in the best possible light. Maybe explore more with the types! After all, a lot lies ahead to keep your best product forward.

Here’s an example for the same;


If I can do it, you can too! The core around DIY’s revolves around these. But what can you do with Christmas marketing and that too DIY! Styling up with your products to the regular Christmas rituals or highlighting your products in a different light for the season.

Assistance needed?

If you look for ways, a lot can be unearthed and discovered. And also won’t give your customers a chance to say, “This is what every Tom, Dick and Harry comes up with.” Remember, it is about giving them an experience.

Use storytelling narratives and interesting demo videos to work around DIY. While giving your viewers the valued and cherished Christmas!

Include your workforce

How about making people know you a bit beyond the cliché brand name? Sounds fun? Or maybe go the extra mile and have a greeting shared with your entire workforce frame!

Well, it is psychologically an overwhelming experience for any viewer who receives a warm greeting from a happy bunch of folks. So why not spice up your holiday greeting with your team!

And why not leverage them for,

Social media presence

Didn’t you hear it? Haven’t you seen that? Which world are you in? Everything’s now up on social media. These questions are bound to hit you when you remain elusive. Social media is a platform known to all and accessed by a whole lot of people. So ensuring your presence there has its perks. Be it Instagram or Facebook, everything. Here are a few ideas on why people indulge/ follow over social media.

Social media and consumers

Anything you do on the platform can either be a huge hit or a huge miss. It all depends on you. From creative images to gifs and videos, everything has a reception. But hold on, with videos, your shareability swells beyond 1200%! And to top it, a proper optimized video can bring you the desired traffic and viewership. Thus promoting your Christmas specials with a great creative video can do wonders!

Sharing customer experience

You owe it to them! Their presence and their word-of-mouth matter. Today, tomorrow and always. So why not win over the new ones with those who already had you? Testimonials and customer reviews lay the strongest foundations of trust.

And when the same is shared in a video format, people associate it with more trust and reliability. As there comes a human face representing a brand, the viewer is about to try. So if your Christmas plans include looking for a new consumer base, use the existing ones and their testimonials as your brand proof. Let’s hear it in this example;

Well, no worries, we get you if you cannot create that “oh so good” review video. Connect with agencies if you like. They can add your desired Christmas flavor and help you market it as well!

Collaborating with businesses

I make cupcakes, and she makes the packaging! Why not collaborate and give the consumers a wholesome experience?

That’s exactly how a business collaboration would sound like. And trust us, if the niche you and the fellow business is targeting although with different products is the same. Then it’s absolutely worth it. Your season’s greetings can get bigger and better. While also multiplying your reach.

Get more creative with video ads and promote them all over. Cause it is indeed that time of the year!

While you can also spread the horizon and connect more by,

Collaborating with creators and influencers

I like it. I will promote it for you! And yes, your strongest word-of-mouth is set right there. All you had to do was convince that creator/ influencer.

That is a tricky part, but your brand engagement is set to swell once you do. And why not? People believe people. So connect with the creators that appeal to your target audience and express your name innovatively. Once you sort that out. There’s nothing to stop you.

What can you do now?

The reason why we are suggesting creators/ influencers is simple. People have a tendency to look up to certain people if they fit their mental narratives. That’s what creators/ influencers mean to them.

If you can get them roped in to share a video featuring your brand or product. People add more importance to the same. So go on try this out!


You are reading this because you made it so far, and we are glad. All of this, the incoming suggestions were to make your Christmas merrier too! After all, businesses do need a rollout of marketing ideas time and again. If you have any queries or wish to discuss things with us at length. We are happy to serve you.

Connect with us either on WhatsApp or Skype or drop us a comment below with your questions on our video marketing ideas . After all, the purpose is to help readers/ businesses like you. Connect with us for more marketing insights. We hope this blog helps you well—best of luck.

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