10 BUSINESS IDEAS that can Sky Rocket you to MILLIONAIRE club in 2017

10 BUSINESS IDEAS that can Sky Rocket you to MILLIONAIRE club in 2017


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From License Raaj of 90’s to Government’s initiatives of ease-of-doing-business, India has covered a long distance, yet a lot is still needed to be done.


However, one thing is for sure, these policies will go down a long way in propelling the growth of fast rising Indian startup ecosystem. There STARTUP INDIA STANDUP INDIA and DIGITAL INDIA policies aimed at eliminating hurdles that plague businesses can truly become a game changer.


Albeit of the hardships faced by entrepreneurs, their imaginations and aspiration know no boundaries. For them, hurdles are the opportunities, and they consider starting early not as hunting in the wilderness rather taking head-start. Entrepreneurs are working relentlessly, and hustling day-and-night to realize their dreams.


Each day is a new opportunity for them. And if you’re one of them, 2017 can be totally yours. But they don’t follow their aspirations blindly, there is an element of pragmatism in each of their decisions. No wonder, it is that makes them stand out from the crowd.




And talking of pragmatism, if you’re one heck of decision maker and hoping to start your exciting entrepreneurial journey this new year; you should be looking for Ideas that are best suited for the Indian environment.


Since, 86% of India is still unorganized, no other problem, or should we say opportunity can be bigger than this. Starting a venture that reduces the unorganized sector is the way forward. From Oyo to Ola, and Grofers to Taskbob, each and every business has capitalized the huge unorganized sector too. And if they can do that, there is no reason why can’t you!



The best way to start is to bring different small retailers to online and STARTyour own marketplace. The marketplace can consist of professionals offering their services, retailers offering deals or conglomeration of niche services and products. You just have to look around.


All you need is strike the core problem plaguing the industry and with the most relevant technical solution.



In the wake of Demonetization, the country slowly moving towards the cashless economy, and for some other obvious reasons, marketplaces are considered among the safest option to start your business.





Following are the examples of 10 industries where you can successfully start your marketplace in the new year.






From Dry Cleaning to starting service hiring, and from boutique to florist, there are several vertical where you can START your marketplace business. First start at intra-city level; reach out to the small retailers. Get them onboard your marketplace website and charge commission or any other marketplace business model you like to. And, there you go!


A study from Statista says that 14% retail is online, and the global e-commerce retail sales in 2016 were over $1.9 trillion. Imagine what bringing the offline service providers online can do!


The combined M-Commerce and E-Commerce sales for the year 2016 in India are over staggering $30 billion. The M-commerce contributes for $15.27 billion and E-commerce for $16.08 billion dollars.


The Indian dream is becoming more real every day, and the best that you can do to realize this dream is the start. Yes, the entrepreneurs’ journey is riddled with uncertainties; there are numerous hardships to face and the fear of failure looms over all the time. But it’s the taste of the success that is worth everything else.



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