Wooconf2017 – Curtain Falls – Here is what unfolded in 2-day extravaganza

Wooconf2017 – Curtain Falls – Here is what unfolded in 2-day extravaganza


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The Bell Harbor, on October 19 & 20, became the center of attraction of the entire Woocommerce community as 2nd Wooonf2017 was held there with a lot of fanfare and who’s who of the community and e-commerce industry in presence.





As all the great events have it, Wooconf2017 also was an amalgamation of brilliant keynotes – started by our very own – Todd Wilkens. And as the event unfolded the speakers mesmerized attendees with their intriguing insights and industry expertise.


From what’s going to shape the future of Woocommerce to basics like how to even purchase a woocommerce plugin, the event provided a 360-degree coverage to all the issues prevalent in Woocommerce and e-commerce industry.


But let’s take a look at “How the whole event unfolded” Wooconf2017 LiveFeed by Bradley Griffin




Bradley has explained all the things in the simple and awesome way. And if you didn’t go through the video, no problem! Just gaze through the following points as these were the ISSUES discussed and elaborated on by different keynote speakers.


WooConf2017 Agenda:


1. Paid Search for e-commerce by Elizabeth Marsten   



2. Enterprise e-commerce with Woocommerce at the center by Harbor David Lockie




3. How are we scaling woocommerce Core by Bay Kevin Killingsworth




4. Scaling Woocommere for International Sales Jimmy Rosen  and Richard Sweeney  

5. Giving Clients the Moon by Harbor Amber Hinds



6. Test Everything, or Just set money on fire by Brian Richards






7. Opportunities for Plugin by Aviva Pinchas



8. Fostering repeat Business by Cody Landefeld



9. Native apps talking to Woo by Andrew Reeve



10. How to Price your Products for Profitability by Kenn Kelly 



11. Using the Woocommerce API for data Visualization with JavaScript by Zac Gordon 



12. To sell more work, go for NO by Curtis Mchale




Mouthwatering isn’t it, for any and every avid woocommere follower this information is worth Gold dust.



Day 2 in Action:






But there was more to it:


Keynote speakers such as Rand Fishkin,  and partners, Beka Rice, Jeff Daigle, Zach Stepanek, added new dimensions to the richness of the event.


And Here is Core concerns they addressed –


Todd Wilkens


The event was kickstarted with the Keynote Speaker – Todd Wilkens, Yes our very own Todd Wilkens, the head of the Woocommerce. During the course of his speech, Todd shed a light on the journey of woocommerce, it starts, the current form and the future projections, I must confess listening to Todd speaking is both exhilarating and overwhelming for he brings plethora of experience and deep understanding of the core concepts to the board in the most simple manner.


Rand Fishkin


The Wizard Moz, as the Rand like to call himself, is one great guy to listen to for all your digital marketing needs. His understandings, logic and subject matter expertise can be paralleled by only a few. In this speech, Rand covered on what’s changed in SEO and how search behavior, Google’s updates and new laws are impacting the web and search marketing world. Also, his advice to marketers on how to adjust their marketing in the changed scenario is worth gold.




Elizabeth Marsten

The topic for her Keynote was “Paid Search for E-commerce, and having the hands-on experience of working with probably the biggest names in multi-Channeling, her information was both validated and priceless. Find the below link containing the presentation covering the points explained by in her keynote.




Jimmy Rosen & Richard Sweeney


This talk by Jimmy and Richard focus on steps to take to scale your business to match international requirements. The theme was “What to do if you develop a product which has gone viral, then what steps to take to take it to international market and marvel while doing it.


CedCommerce develops Mutichannel Plugins which connects your woocommerce store to the largest e-commerce marketplaces with great outreach and help you to show your great products to the millions of buyers worldwide. Check


Cody Landefeld


Cody is a true star. His tips and expertise opened up otherwise closed avenues, the approaches, the mode, and everything else spoken by him during the course of the Keynote was true worth Gold. No one better than me can say this as I’m the co-founder of one of the firm specializing in development of woocommerce plugins and provide e-commerce web development services. Even being industry for almost a decade many of the things were completely new and truly based on common sense. It will pinch you, how could i miss that!


If you’re working project to project or need to know how to better work with an agency you want to catch this talk!


Andrew Reeve


In this Keynote, Andrew Talked about his journey of building MVP/Beta app for HonestBrew where they provide a tailored beer subscription and to tell them story behind each of the beer how they, at HonestBrew” used a mobile app – built-in Reactnative and uses the WordPress, Woocommerce and Subsription APIs” to inform them about the beers picked for them, the story Being in the beta phase, the app is read-only, the users can login, browse each order and find out about each beer we’ve picked for them. The Keynote sheds light on the importance of Native app.


Want to develop a Native app for your Woocommerce store, Start Today – 30 Days Free Trial


Curtis McHale:


Common wisdom is that to get more work, you to sell a prospect on yourself. You need to take calls whenever your prospects want. You need to keep selling and tell them how awesome you are. Curtis will tell why working to convince a client that they shouldn’t work with you or even do the work at all will win you more work. Follow the link to get the tips and preparatory work before approaching a client.

Read Here: DropBox Link


However, the event was not the all nerdy boring stuff, it has its moment of creativity following is the tweet by Angel Bown depicting the main sessions of Wooconf2017.



And if you feel you should’ve been there – well you must’ve – however all is not lost. You can watch the streaming by paying $50. And don’t say 50 is too much, if you’ve earned using $50 using woo now is the time to give back.


Live Stream







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