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Effective Metrics To Track Spotify and iTunes Podcasts in 2020!

Effective Metrics To Track Spotify and iTunes Podcasts in 2020!


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To be honest, it’s a painstaking task to track the performance of iTunes podcast and Spotify podcast. Podcasts are a little different from other social media platforms.

If you are a podcast listener, you might be using applications like iTunes(for Apple users), Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, and other apps to download, store and listen to whatever Podcast you prefer!

Anyhow, with these platforms available, you might be downloading the Podcast so that you can hear them by clicking the play button in your music library rather than again accessing the app and searching for the same.

So, when the Podcast gets download, then the issue arises on how to track it?

Because once it gets download, then it can be shared over the local network, and it is Out Of Your Reach!

Once a Godmen said, “There’s always a path for everything!”

And Yes! You must have faith in our advanced technology.

So without wasting much more time, let’s go towards the point on how one can track his/her Spotify or iTunes podcast.

So, herein I will brief you on

> The metrics to track your iTunes Podcast 
> The metrics to track your Spotify Podcast.

Metrics to track iTunes podcast:-

iTunes podcast

As of now, Apple has its analytics tool wherein you can check the performance of your iTunes Podcast.
A step-by-step process to track podcasts goes like:-

  1. First of all, go to the iTunes Podcast.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID (the same ID you used for publishing your Podcast).
  3. Your Dashboard appears!
  4. Now, on the top-left corner, a dropdown would be visible.
  5. Select Podcast analytics in the dropdown menu.
  6. Get ahead to the listener’s data.

Once you have gone through all these steps, then you will be able to get the results for your specific Podcast, which will be containing.

  • Where the listeners got off listening to your Podcast.
  • Listener’s location.
  • The device used by the listener

Further, you can extrapolate the information into charts to make it an easy-read or through tables where you can compare each of your episode’s performance with each other.

But, this is not enough for you to track the performance of iTunes Podcast.
Some Extra measures which need to be considered are:-

  1. The Number of starts:- You must take a measure of how many times does the podcast listeners started your Podcast to listen.
  2. The Number of downloads:-
    This helps you to know how many times does your Podcast gets downloaded.
    Yes, the tracking of the downloadable content is next to impossible. Listeners tend to make various actions after the podcast download. They can be:-
  • It might be possible that the Podcast is downloaded but not listened to.
  • Downloaded and heard once.
  • Downloaded and listened many times.
  • Transferred to other devices over the local network.

Well, there’s a possibility for everything. So, anything which can bring a STEP

CLOSER is the Number of downloads on your particular Podcast!

IAB introduced a particular option and recommended ‘unique downloads’ which enables us to download the Podcast while continuing to listen to your Podcast.

This is different from the traditional and also from the stream!

Metrics To track Spotify Podcast:-


  1. Unique Downloads:- Previously, I mentioned what are unique downloads.
    They are a must measure because it is challenging to establish clear KPI’s, but following the Number of unique downloads, you can grab far better results.
  2. Listeners Detailscomprising of the listener’s gender, age, and demographic location will help you to track the performance of your Podcast.
  3. You can easily find your target audience from this measure as you can know what age group is preferring your Podcast to listen and also where across the globe your Podcast got to listen to a and streams a maximum number of times.
  4. Devices Subscribed:- You should track from which device your Podcast got subscribed. So that you can find the segmented audience on the available podcast platforms present and pay more focus on them.

Individual Podcast Performance:-

You should track the performance of each of your podcasts published to verify the audience’s engagement. Every Podcast should be tracked, based on

  • Podcasts starts and streams
  • Number of unique downloads
  • Subscribers
  • The point where listener left the Podcast
  • Device used

That’s a Wrap!

Each of these metrics is used to track the performance of your Spotify Podcast and iTunes podcast. These are proved to be very effective in gauging the growth and success of your Podcast.

 All The Best!

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